How to Make Money Selling Cars?

How to make money selling cars, what to begin with, and what to take into account? This article has guidelines and tips for you!

Many people dream of starting their business and making money with it. Private business allows not only increasing your income, but also grants a possibility to do the job of your dream.

As any endeavor or enterprise, selling cars has its tips and tricks, thus, to make this activity profitable, you’ll have to know every detail of car resale. The core of this business is very simple: you buy a used car as cheap as you can and then resale it the highest price possible.

The prices for used cars are set by their owners. There are no strict limits in this domain: every owner goes by their own wishes and needs. This causes and explains a wide price range.

Making money on selling cars won’t be a big problem for those who possess startup capital and a strong wish to launch their own business.

The essence of making money on selling cars and its peculiarities


The essence of this activity is in purchasing a car in a good condition at a favourable price, tuning it to perfection and selling it more expensively. The difference you make will be your profit.

Such type of business is quite rewarding in case you approach it reasonably. It is important that a dealer (person making money in such a way) be well-versed in car models and technically savvy.

All in all, it’s almost impossible to make any money in the car sphere unless possessing such qualities. Without them, you will only lose your investments and, at the best case, break even.

Car trade will suit those who wish to start their own business, have some savings for purchasing a car and, what’s most important, are knowledgeable in the car sphere. You don’t need to have any specific qualifications; self-education will suffice in case you possess entrepreneurial skills.

But beware of the hidden hazards:

  • Buyers of used cars are usually well-versed to, so don’t expect to set a sky-high retail margin.
    To do this, you’ll have to wait for an inexperienced amateur that will be hooked on the offer of buying a supercar for a song. But such amateurs aren’t very often to meet.
  • After having wound one or two buyers around your little finger and having successfully avoided their reclamation, you will still lose your reputation of a fair car seller.
    And a good name in this business is crucial.

The main thing you’ll have to avoid is selling cars in a deplorable state.

Maybe, your first buyers will not notice anything. You’ll sell several cars and make some extra thousands.

But such business won’t last long, and soon you will lose all your partners.

Inspect your cars thoroughly, offer your customers only the best options, and expect lines of loyal clients!

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What should you know to start selling cars?


  1. Start with some familiarity with the car market and a startup budget.

    Yes, this type of business necessarily requires at least minimal investments.
    Though, the minimal sum can differ for various vendors.

  2. Decide upon the models of cars you are going to sell.

    Investigate which brands of vehicles enjoy the greatest popularity in your area.

  3. Learn to estimate the real value of an acquired car.

    You’ll need to have a clear understanding of the car’s maximal selling price.
    Its key determiners are option packages, mileage, and the vehicle’s technical condition.

  4. Take into consideration the seasonal factor of demand.

    In winter and fall it will be easier to sell an off-roader, while spring and summer are better for selling a sports car.

  5. Find a good mechanic or be a skilled repairman yourself.

    Thus, you will be able to buy battered and old cars, fix them cheaply, and sell them at the highest price possible.
    Just remember that it’s really important to fix cars not for checking the box, but for a real quality result.
    Your customers will appreciate it and, probably, next time will buy a car from you.

  6. Learn prices at the market via Internet or advertisements, specializing in selling used cars.

    Popular services can differ region-wise and city-wise.
    Today it is better to work with popular and promoted websites.

  7. Familiarize yourself with legislative basis.

    You must know legal specifics in order to avoid accidental purchases of stolen or pawned cars.
    Thoroughly analyze all these nuances, as one subtle mistake can deprive you of a snug sum.

Guidelines for making money selling cars

  1. Before selling a car, you’ll have to buy it.

    Your key information resources are media ads on car sales as well as stories and offers from your friends.
    Bear in mind that this business hates prolongation. While you are contemplating and repeating calculations of all selling options, someone will buy your car and that will be it.
    Immediately contact the owner and make decisions upon buying later – when inspecting the vehicle.

  2. Prepare the car and photograph it.

    The car needs to be neatened, fixed up, washed, and cleaned.
    After the car is polished, spic and span, and ready for sale, the important moment of taking quality pictures comes.
    Find a suitable spot and take as many pictures from different angles as possible. Thus, you will be able to choose the best options. These images can be slightly edited in Photoshop, but please, don’t overdo it. Customers don’t like seeing the signs of excessive retouching.

  3. Place the advertisement.

    After preparing the photos, make a brief description of the car and place the announcement on advertising bulletins and websites.
    The price will depend on the desirable terms of sale. It is also important to compare your car with similar models from other offers. Afterwards set your price and wait for calls.

  4. Communicate with potential clients.

    Be polite and friendly with every client as they are interested in purchasing a car and own a certain sum of money.
    The successfulness of the deal depends not only on quality characteristics of a vehicle, but on your ability to negotiate and bargain as well.

    Later, as your business develops and the flow of exactly your prospective customers grows, you might need:

    • A car lot.
      If for selling cars you need to rent a closed or an open space lot (and the second option is much cheaper), its size will depend on the number of your vehicles. Not vice versa! You can always change the lot when the sales increase, but it wouldn’t be smart to overpay for the unused space.

      Your best lot could be found within the precincts of the city, contrary to its suburbs or outskirts – locations usually chosen by young car traders trying to save money. The client will always prefer proximity.

      The lot must be equipped with a technical service room and a stand, an elevator and an inspection pit, as no-one is going to by a pig in a poke. The eventual customer will be very likely to inspect the car and will appreciate your service.

    • Hired assistants.

      When reselling cars, you won’t do without assistants. You’ll certainly need a car mechanic, a car electrician, a bodyworker, and a painter.

      At first, you’ll also occasionally invite a lawyer for drawing up and concluding agreements, as well as arranging “sensitive” matters frequent for this business.

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How much money can I make selling cars?

The profit might differ depending on how much you are ready to invest in buying cars.

If you work with cars of a low-price segment that don’t require extensive contributions, then your average profit from a deal can constitute around $ 400. It can be higher if the car is tuned up.

And then expect growth: the more you sell, the more you earn.

Cars costing $ 100 000 can bring you up to $ 7000 in case you find a client ready to pay such money. Consequently, the condition of a car for such a deal must be flawless.

Also, you can mark up the price for several hundred dollars at large-scale deals, but always keep it within reasonable limits. Why do that? A potential client can bargain and in order to save most of your money, lower the price by means of preliminary additions.

To win the trust of your customers and to gain regular buyers, to make your business well-grounded and respected, be ready to work with your sleeves rolled-up and, what’s most important, play fair.

Visualize the future of your business and you will certainly succeed, as now you definitely know how to make money selling cars.

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