How to Make Money Selling Avon?

About making money selling the production of Avon. It’s easy to make money for a rest, beauty and clothes.

In today’s article I’ll tell how you can make some money selling Avon. You must have faced this word while living your life.

Having surfed the Internet I’ve read a big quantity of forums so I consider that people don’t really respect this company. I made a statistics and came to the conclusion that 50% respect this enterprise and 50% don’t. Personally I can’t say anything bad about it as my acquaintance use this cosmetics, she’s pleased and looks by the way very good!

As my topic is how to make money while selling Avon, let’s make heads or tails of it hereafter…

What is Avon?


Avon is a cosmetics company working on the principle of direct sales. This line of selling includes perfumery, decorative cosmetics, hair and skincare products, bijouterie and accessories are also available.

So we have learnt the ropes.

Here the next question comes on: what is the principle of selling this production?

What is the principle of work and makings at the Avon company?

To begin with we should understand what we need and for what we’d like to work. Avon can’t be called a stable income it’s rather a side job.

How much money you will make depends only on you. The more deals you’ll make, the more products you’ll sell and consequently the more money you’ll make.

So you need to sign in on the Avon website or if there is an office of the company in your town you can come and sign in there.

Let’s examine the principle of the sign-up on the Internet

You should find the website of the AVON company and then fill up the login form.

So you filled up the form and sent it to the moderators. In the nearest time an Avon representative will get in contact with you and explain everything.

So you waited these 3-5 days and finally became a sales representative of AVON. Further we should work according to the next principle.

As a present you receive a catalog or even a few of them. Then you are to promote this production to people. That is to go through the shops, streets selling different lipsticks, shadow palettes, nail polish, mascaras etc. to your acquaintances, friends and relatives.

So you found people who needed this production. Then you should go to the post-office or make your orders on the Internet and in few days you receive your order from the Avon Company.

Then all you need is just selling this production to the people who ordered it.

Where does the revenue come from and how to make money selling Avon production?

The price in catalog is higher than that one for the orders so here is from what you make your money.

Having become an Avon representative you get a discount. That is the price in catalog is higher than the one for the production you buy.

Having gathered different orders from people, about 15 orders, you receive a 30% discount. That is so you send an order for some production then you receive this production per post and sell it at the price pointed in the catalog. That means you’ll make money due to discounts. You buy cheaper and sell more expensive. I hope you get it…

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You may also make an order on the Internet or by SMS. And I want to add that if someone didn’t like the order it may be returned for money or exchanged for some other product within 3 months.

What advantages do you have selling AVON?

It’s an easy start and you should pay no money for the execution of the cooperation agreement.

  1. The catalogs are provided for free.
  2. A free training with the clients.
  3. Different discounts, gifts, sales for all the production.
  4. Any payment gateway.
  5. Your own account on the website where you’ll find out the specialties.
  6. The delivery is free for you.
  7. Varies delivery systems: by dispatch or per post.

Tatyana Pronina

My story in Avon has begun in the last century 🙂  My friend brought me and my sister to the Avon company.

Seeing her success we didn’t doubt for a second whether we had done the right decision. As I already had a constant but to tell the truth not favorite job – I toiled in a government institution, – I started selling the goods and became an AVON Representative without a moment’s hesitation.

After a while I became a privileged Representative – a member of the “President club” and an active participant of incentive programs conducted by the Company.

Therewith I had a lot of spare time to spend with my family and for entertainments! As far as I got an opportunity I became an Avon Coordinator and now I coordinate a few groups of Representatives!

I can say that it’s the Avon Company who helped me to settle a housing problem and then to make home improvements. The interior of my flat is decorated with the gifts given by the Company – a TV-set, a wall-mounted clock, a phone.

The Company helps me to look modernly and stylishly – a gold watch, a cellphone – all this is due to selling Avon as well! Further I have a lot of creative plans, achievements, discoveries and a lot of worthy examples! Also I found many friends in Avon!

Results of work and earnings from selling Avon

The work in Avon resembles a multilevel marketing. That is a piecework, you need “to flog” the production to people. And the amount of money you make here depends only on you. Here you need to be able to sell and to promote the goods.

The advantage of this selling is that it allows to make money without any problems. Selling the production you don’t pay for rent and don’t have an accountant or other employees.  Nothing makes you to sweat your guts out to cover recurrent expenses. You can make an order whenever you want. If your clients are on vacation and you have no orders it’s not a problem. They will come back and the orders will restore. No one will deprive you the Representative status.

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