How to Make Money in Your Sleep: 5 Pieces of Advice

Are you eager to find out how to make money in your sleep and have the regular income? Our article is sure to give you 5 pieces of advice.

Many people wonder how to make money in your sleep.

Such income is quite possible if you do the usual work and if you work on the Internet, too.

Let’s discuss all ways how to make money in your sleep.

1. How to make money in your sleep selling photos?


If you are a photographer or an illustrator, you have a great possibility to sell your works in the photobanks.

A photobank is an agency, which sells photos, vector images, 3D graphics, and videos.

A photobank is a mediator between the photographer and the customer and gets a certain percentage of every photographer’s sales.

Every photobank has definite specifics. Conditionally they may be divided into 2 categories:

  1. The first one includes the banks, which as a rule sell simple images for low and medium prices but many times.

    The examples of such photobanks will be Stuhhetstock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime, 123RoyaltyFree, BigStockPhoto, DepositPhotos and others.

  2. The second category concerns the expensive photobanks, which are focused on the Rights-Managed images or selling the pictures for much higher prices which are sometimes even two times higher than on the microstock.

    Here belong Alamy, Corbis, Getty Images.

The peculiarities of selling on the photobanks as a way how to make money in your sleep:

  • Most photobanks sell the works with Royalty Free (RF) license, which allows selling photos plenty of times;
  • After the sale, the rights on the photos stay with the author, while the customer gets the limited rights.

    It means your works will be used in certain limited ways;

  • The prices of the images vary for the customers from 1 to 10 dollars and depend on the size of the downloaded picture;
  • Another advantage of work with photobanks is that even if your stop displaying your new works for sale, the old popular photos will continue to be sold and bring you passive income in your sleep.

2. How to make money in your sleep by writing?

If you are an aspiring author and wish to find out how to make money in your sleep, you may try to publish your book on the Amazon.

The Amazon Company offers the equal possibilities for publishing e-books, which opens you the door to the wide circle of the readers.

Publishing on Amazon implies browsing an electronic version of the book for the Kindle devices, computers, smartphones and other gadgets which have a special program for reading, such as Kindle for Android.

It’s very easy to publish your e-book on Amazon if you stick to the step-by-step instruction described below:

  1. Type your book in Microsoft Word and save it in *.doc.

    Do not save your work in *.RTF or *.DOCX because these formats are not compatible with Kindle.

  2. Pay attention to how your text is formatted.

    You may use semi-bold type, italics, and using the HTML filter.

  3. Convert the book using Mobipocket Creator.

    Mobipocket Creator is software developed to convert your filtered HTML-document in the book for sale on Amazon.

If you are completely satisfied with the received book you can browse it. In order to do it, you need to pick the *.prc file and browse it.
ive 70% from the sales.

The payment is done in check after you reach the minimal sum of payment – 100 dollars.

3. How to make money in your sleep on Android?

In order to start making money, you must create your app and publish it on Android Market.

3 ways how to make money on your app:

  1. Create a unique app and receive money when other users download it.

    In order to achieve it, your application must be topical and work flawlessly and without mistakes.

  2. Create a free app and you’ll receive money when you place the advertisements there.
  3. Add paid “specialties” in the free application.

Nowadays there are several services which let you gather your app like erector:

  1. Ibuildapp is the tool you can use for free if you pick the “free version”.

    A user can create and publish the programs without limits.

  2. Appsgeyser has generally one function – to “sew in” the site in their app.

    As a result, you’ll get the converter of the website’s content in the app.

    Besides, you can create applications not only from the websites but YouTube as well.

  3. Theappbuilder allows the users to create their apps simply by choosing a model and remaking it according to their taste.

    This service works like erector.

  4. Appsmakerstore has a significant advantage; using it you can create the apps for six different platforms at once.

    Just like the rest of the similar tools Appsmakerstore has the free version, too.

4. How to make money in your sleep on the apps?

Aside from creating your programs, there are many other ways how to make money on Android in your sleep.

There are 4 kinds of apps which let you make money in your sleep:

  1. Photoapps sell your photos from the smartphone and provide you with extra money.

    A user may receive the theme orders and also sell photos to the accidental customers.

  2. The apps to watch and get the advertisements.

    In such programs, you can mark your location in various establishments, shopping malls, and supermarkets, scan the barcodes of the purchased goods, watch the videos with advertisements.

  3. Apps which gather information.

    Participating in the surveys and answering quizzes a user gets some additional money.

  4. There are also apps which pay if you install other programs and games.

The income from the created applications directly depends on the number of downloads and popularity.

The more different ones you create, the easier it will be to compete with the other users.

The sum of money you make on the applications for Android and the received commission from these products can be measured in thousands of dollars.

5. Open the online store to make money in your sleep

You are “sleeping”, while the online store is working.

You must agree that every businessman dreams of getting a 24/7 store, which will work all the time (in the morning, day, night, on holidays, without breaks and days off), which can show the potential client the goods, prices, and complements, explain the terms and conditions of the sale and delivery and so on.

You won’t have to pay the rent, heat, electricity, water, i.e. all bills which unmercifully consume your income.

Let’s discuss the main stages which you must pass to open your own online store from scratches:

  1. Pick the goods or the group of goods you are going to promote.

    This stage also includes the search of partners and suppliers.

  2. Choose how you’ll deliver the goods.
  3. Search and buy a domain name and pick the name of the store.
  4. Solve some technical details: buy hosting, create the site and set the system of how to accept the payments.

    The most popular format of payment is using e-money, bank cards, and transfers, cash (if a customer chooses the messenger delivery or the customer pick-up), and pay on delivery.

  5. Fill your site with the content: the general information about the shop and the offered goods (with photos), about the possible delivery options, special offers, discounts, etc.

There are plenty of ways how to make money and how to make money in your sleep is only one of them.

If you find out article interesting, you should definitely try at least one of these ways of how to make passive income.

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