How to Make Money in the Music Industry?

Tips and tricks for both amateurs and experts for making money in the music industry.

As a rule, young musicians combine their creative work with a traditional job. In the morning they hurry to their offices and stores, to factories and schools, and in the evening, after their main work, they do what they truly enjoy.

At that, many of them dream of making money in the music industry and devoting their whole life to music. But very few of them know how to sell their works.

Even professional musicians don’t always know how to make more money on their talent.

If music is your life, then this article will show you how to make it richer.

How to start making money in the music industry?


  1. Record your music.

    Modern equipment enables rather quality recording even at home.

  2. Register on specialized social networks for musicians and music lovers.
    Upload your records for free access.

    A huge advantage of such services is that they are frequently used by popular artists.
    They might hear your tracks and get interested in them, what can lead to success in your music carrier.

  3. Select your most impressive composition and send it to all regional radio stations of your country.

    If you produce “format music” and it appeals to listeners, then some stations are very likely to put it on their playlists.

  4. Send the same record to key radio stations of your country with a necessary remark: this track has been on airtime of such regional radio stations… (and specify them).

    After that, your track might be played all over the country and you could receive commercial offers.

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How to make money on music selling it online?

Composers need to be heard, noticed, and acknowledged. In other words, it’s great when your records aren’t hidden in a drawer or “covered with dust” on hard discs. Thus, a wish to reveal your oeuvre to the world is natural and logical.

The question is where and how to do it? Fortunately, Internet offers such opportunities and every day makes them more available and real.

But to have people buy a disc with your music, you need to make your records known to as many potential customers as possible: they must be advertised.

The first way of billing yourself and your records is creating your own website.

Temporarily, social networks will also do, but this platform won’t give you as many opportunities as the World Wide Web.


  • Create your website and present it wherever you can.

    Print it on CD-covers and on your business cards, insert it in your email signature and the one on Internet-forums.
    Such methods effectively attract target traffic to your website.

  • Create email delivery.

    This is the best way to communicate your music to the world.
    Email delivery is such a means of communication by which its author informs about all news and releases occurring on his website.

    If you have such delivery and subscription database, you’ll be able to contact your audience anytime, share your new records with them, present them some of your works, and build trustworthy relations.
    The subscribers that like your music can become your buyers.

  • Selling such supplementary products as T-shirts, hats, badges, and the like is an additional way of making money with your website.

    Such items usually have low-cost production, but, unlike musical tracks, are unavailable to customers online for free.
    However, consider the fact that most music is now bought online in a digital format. That’s why I wouldn’t rather you to focus on large circulations of audio CDs.

    Consequently, another option for making money on the Internet is uploading your music for further sale in major stores with the similar content (ITunes, eMusic, and so on) and sharing the link to these resources among your fans so that they could purchase your music.

Alternative ways of making money in the music industry

  1. Being a musician, you can create a group engaged in staging various music performances, organization of all possible entertainments and celebrations.

    You can also offer your service and become a member of such group specializing in event-management.

  2. Create a wedding group and become leaders in your area.

    Wedding have always been and will always be, and if your music is popular and your group – in demand, you’ll have your orders and, consequently, your income.

  3. Knowing main principles of arrangement, you’ll be able to create your studio and record phonograms or other multimedia products.

    This is one of the most promising directions.

    Create a blog on arrangement specifics and issues and use it for offering your professional service.

    This option is perfect for musicians having a fine sense of music and knowing how to work with track structure.

  4. Compose music for other, less gifted musicians.

    If you succeed as an author, you’ll be able to make money by only writing music for others.

  5. You can be a soundman of a group from your town or city.

    Of course, for such big changes you’ll need some time to key into every detail of this business.

  6. If you can play some musical instrument, you’ll be able to give private lessons.

    Besides, don’t worry if you find no vacancies at local music schools.
    Curiously enough, but though parents don’t consider musicians to be well-paid, they still want their children to grasp at least some basics of music education, and kids also often demonstrate such interest.

    So, where there’s a will, there are students.

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If music is your calling, try to beat your path with your talent. Perhaps, you’ll also have to polish some other skills of yours, so that your gift, like a diamond, could shine brighter and get deserved attention.

Probably, you’ll reveal some additional skills too, but all this tremendous work is worth it, as you will not only be able to make money in the music industry – you will remain who you are, develop, and it will certainly be financially rewarding.

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