How to Make Money as a Student?

You study at college and don’t know how to make money as a student, do you? This article will provide you with few options where you can work.

Students are those people, who need money more than the rest.

It’s the age, when you want to live beautifully, to drive an expensive car, to wear the expensive clothes, to rest and entertain yourself, while you are still young, beautiful and energetic.

This article will come in handy to those students, who want to learn how to make money as a student.

If you feel you are able to combine business and pleasure (work and studies), you must not waste time and start acting right now.

How to make money as a student: underworking without leaving the studying


1. Cafes, bars or restaurants may provide you with a job.

Many students work in cafes.

Some of them are bartenders, others are waiters and the most silent ones wash the dishes or work in the cloak-room.

It is not well-paid, but quite funny.

The staff is usually young, and due to this it will never be boring there.


  • waiters and bartenders often get tips, and there is a chance how you can make real money;
  • you come to work as if on a party;
  • there is a possibility to get acquainted with plenty of people.


  • bars and clubs are open at night and the chronic lack of sleep is guaranteed;
  • for the broken dishes and other misdemeanors – fines, which may eat all your income.

2. Try yourself a promoter.

You are to stand in the special outfit in the public places and speak about the advantages of this or that product.

When the employers hire staff, they often pay attention to how the person looks like (because the appearance is rather important) and how loud and correct he is able to speak.


  • the job is usually done indoors and with good conditions;
  • nobody is standing over your shoulder;
  • if you deal with food, there will be no need to buy lunch.


  • you must work outdoors sometimes, regardless of the weather conditions;
  • constant communication with many people, who are not always polite and adequate;
  • sometimes “raids” may happen and if you are caught on drinking tea or “standing idle”, you will have to pay the fine or will be fired at all.
  • the job is not stable – from one special offer to another.

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3. Working in the call-centers.


You need to spend much time talking over the phone and conducting surveys with the accidental people, whom a computer chooses, and then, based on the received information you fill in the forms, which a company gives in order to use them in different marketing and social researches.

You must know how to work with PC, have good communication skills and speak without any betacisms.


  • the possibility to have a job in the big companies (banks, information centers of huge cellular providers, etc);
  • career opportunities in the perspective;
  • internship and training.


  • very flex-time. As soon as a company gets financing, the customer defines the terms for the survey – it may be a week, a couple of days or even a month.
  • a work in the noisy atmosphere;
  • sometimes the reaction of the subscribers is improper;
  • you must be ready and aware how to react on the responses, which come to the wrong door;
  • the job is quite monotonous for a creative personality.

4. A working place connected to the fast food.

The duties of a staff member may include the work in the kitchen (cutting, the gathering of readymade products, packing and frying), hall service (taking away the dishes, washing the tables and the floors), cleaning the barn and the surrounding area.

Cashier has his own working place and directly serves a customer: takes the order, gives it to the kitchen and so on.

He is able to choose his working schedule how he wants, but up to 8 hours, which is mentioned in the contract.


  • free drinks and lunches for the employees;
  • uniforms;
  • free vouchers and picnics;
  • the possibility to build the career – become an instructor or a manager;
  • the system of bonuses and awards;
  • the possibility to pick up the operating schedule.


  • for being late, disturbing the process, client’s complaint you’ll have to write an explanation note, or even pay the fine.
  • after working in the kitchen during rush-time (when there is an influx of customers) a member of the staff may be sent to clean the toilets.

5. Underworking as a gardener.

For the next half of the year you’ll have to clean from the leaves and snow the whole territory, bring the garbage to the containers, and look after the equipment.

The flowers and garden are usually looked after by the professional agrarian who very often needs physical help of the student.

They mostly hire young men, who seem visually healthy, and in the private houses – only after the recommendation of an adult (lest been robbed by him).

The advantage of such job is that if there is much work on the territory, you will be allowed to live and even eat there.

The disadvantage, however, is how you bear everything physically: bringing, burning, cleaning and doing other things a student will probably have no power and energy to go to the studies.

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6. A delivery man.

You must deliver the goods by the public transport or on the motorbike, know how to handle documents and bring back to the office the checks for payments or money.

That’s why such work demands great responsibility.

You must also know how to find your way in the city, be responsible, disciplined and be capable of great endurance.


  • you can make your own clients’ database of reach customers;
  • you can use monthly tickets on different kinds of transport;
  • you have a flexible timetable.


  • constant moving around the city may end in the damage or the theft of some goods, for which you’ll have to pay on your own;
  • this is a hard physical labor.

7. Work as a tutor.

The peculiarity of the job is that you will have to deal with both children and adults. It happens very often that students have to drive to the pupil’s home.

Surely, among all demands we should single out responsibility, reserve, punctuality and, of course, the knowledge of the subject.

Positive sides:

  • there is a possibility to plan your working day in the most comfortable way;
  • you constantly widen your knowledge and repeat the material (together with the pupil);
  • there is no boss, who is constantly controlling you;
  • you work how you want and according to your own system of

Negative side:

  • it’s very difficult to find the first pupils, but then they will recommend you to others.

How to make money as a student: work on the Internet

  1. The content exchanges as a possible way how to find a job.

    Plenty of students are successful copywriters – they write the unique information articles or selling texts.

    Copywriting is a separate kind of activity, which sometimes is even singled out as a separate profession, which brings big income.

    It includes rewriting, advertising copywriting and SEO-copywriting.

    These are the three level of text writing.

    • Rewriting is the simplest remaking of the source text by changing the words on their synonyms, paraphrasing and changing the order of the sentences.
    • Copywriting is writing the text from scratches.
      The report of the scientist about the newest discovery or the fiction can be the considered as the examples of the real copywriting.
      It means that the text must be unique not only by its structure, but also by its sense.
      That’s why this profession will suit those students, who have definite “mental furniture” in a certain field.
    • Finally, SEO-copywriting – is the writing of texts and their optimization to the searching requests.
      This is, probably, one of the most complicated (and valuable) kind of copywriting, but the newcomers shouldn’t take the most profitable orders.
  2. Writing computer programs.

    Engineering students can practice computer science and make money on writing made-to-order computer programs of various levels of difficulty.

    Just as in the case with the articles, the customers may be found on the freelance exchanges.

    Nowadays, programmers make much money on making apps for the mobile phones.

    This is a separate, developing and promising market.

  3. Make money on a personal site or blog.

    Surely, there is some sense in creating a blog or website, but only if you are really good at SEO and promotion on the Internet resources.

    Otherwise, your chances to make money on it are really small.

    Besides, this way to make money will not be successful without money investment.

    You’ll have to buy a domain (the name of the site) and regularly pay hosting, on which it will be located.

    If you are not capable of writing unique and qualitative articles, you’ll have to turn to the copywriters’ services and pay for them.

    Modern CMS (content management system) makes the work of the web-specialist much easier.

    You’ll only have to write (or buy) content (articles, photos, videos) and put it on the pages of your blog.

    Surely, it’s easier to make themselves familiar with this sphere for the students of information-technological departments, but if there is a will and talent, every humanist can cope with the website creation as well.

    To more or less well-publicized site (about 200 visitors per day) one can add contextual advertisements – it will be the main resource for income.

    You can also put in the text banners or affiliate links and make some money on it too.

Now you know how to make money as a student.

This was only the small list of possibilities, which the student can use without interrupting the studying.

If you want to make more money, start looking for work today!

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