14 Ways How to Make 200 Dollars Fast

You urgently need money but you do not know how to make 200 dollars fast, do you? In the article below you are sure to find 14 ways, which will definitely help you.

People are pretty often in need of getting a small, but a very significant sum of money.

For example, they need to square the accounts with the bank and return the loan, or they require getting the treatment in the hospital or simply want to buy a very necessary thing.

That’s why we offer you to learn how to make 200 dollars fast.

How to make 200 dollars fast by selling?


  1. Sell things, which you do not need anymore.

    One of the quickest ways how you are able to make money fast is to sell personal things, which are in demand.

    Think what things you do not need anymore.

    As a rule, you can rather quickly sell the following items:

    • CDs;
    • DVDs;
    • Books;
    • Musical instruments;
    • Collectible toys;
    • Electronic equipment (computers, tablets, TV-sets, speakers and so on);
    • Smartphones;
    • Video games;
    • Jewelry;
    • Handicraft things;
    • Unused gift certificates (in some countries such cards may be even sold on different websites and used in specific shops).

    In order to sell the unnecessary things you may want to learn how to do it over the Internet.

    • Craigslist and eBay are the perfect places to trade the unnecessary items and make some extra money.
    • In order to sell used cell phones, IPad or Mac and other electronic equipment in good and excellent condition you may use the website

      Besides, you may get the gadgets’ evaluation.

      The higher it will be, the faster and more expensive you will close the deal.

    • Amazon is very similar to eBay, where you’ll easily get rid of such entertaining things as books, music, films.
    • If you are able to do handicraft, Etsy is a perfect place to trade them.

      If creation of handicraft is your constant hobby, you might have a good and regular income from this website.

      If you simply have plenty of different handmade things, which you are eager to get rid of, and there is a customer to buy them, this is a perfect opportunity how you could make 200 dollars fast.

    Apart from the Internet you can also sell your personal things to people that you know and to the strangers as well.

    Depending on where you live, every single method may teach you how to make profit fast.

    • Organize a garage sale;
    • Make sales on the flea market;
    • Offer the goods through the advertisements, including online selling boards;
    • Use the pawn shops’ services in order to sell jewelry or table silver;
    • Try to sell your things to the shops.

      This is how you can make 200 dollars fast on selling designer’s clothes, CDs and books.

  2. Make money fast by giving your blood or plasma.

    Plasma is a component of blood, and the process how you give it is similar to the blood donation: they take your blood, extract plasma and return red blood cells back to your organism.

    In some countries the law forbids to sell plasma, but you can get the compensation for the wasted time.

    For example, in the USA you are able to make 200 dollars per month, if you donate your plasma.

    • In order to donate your plasma you must be healthy and your age must be from 18 to 65.
    • In some countries you get the previously loaded gift certificates for donating the plasma.
  3. Gather and sell scrap metal.

    If you have a light pick-up car or a rather good trailer, you may gather scrap metal in your neighborhood, construction plants and dumps and then sell it to the dealers.

    Check the prices of scrap metal and ask Google “where (or how) can I sell scrap metal in (your town or city)”.

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  4. Make extra dollars on the metals of value, which you got from the old computers.

    Computer’s components contain valuable metals, such as steel, aluminum and gold.

    Take to piece the old computers, pick the valuable metals and sell them to the special points of sale.

    • At first, you should gather as many old computers as possible in order to make good money.

      For instance, you may offer to dump the old computers to the schools and various organizations, which renew the equipment, or simply look for the old computers via the Internet or advertisement boards.

    • Do not take to piece working computers.

      Such computers can be sold as a whole unit and you are sure to make even more money this way, than by selling the metal from them.

  5. Sell the found objects.

    If you have a metal detector or just an excellent sight, you can walk in public places, where people often lose their things (such places include parks, beaches, shopping malls).

    Look for money, jewelry and other valuable items.

    This method may not be very reliable, but you might be lucky and you’ll find something that you will be able to sell fast, get cash and this is how you make 200 dollars fast.

How to make 200 dollars fast by working for cash?

  1. Do the unskilled work.

    Place the advertisement on the Internet or on the advertising board that you want to make extra dollars by unskilled work.

    Besides, some employment services offer stop-gap jobs.

    Another opportunity is to go where day-to-day workers gather and wait for the potential employers (house builders, landscape architects, house owners and small businessmen).

    In most case stop-gap job includes:

    • building;
    • the simplest work in the office;
    • the work around the yard (cleaning leaves, cutting the lawn, cleaning the snow, sewerage and so on);
    • buying products or running errands instead of the elderly people;
    • routine work (cleaning the house, attic or garage, etc.);
    • washing cars;
    • packing and transporting.
  2. Become a baby-sitter.

    This is how many people make extra money.

    Sign up on the special website in order to find people, who need a baby-sitter.

    Such work will show you how to develop your talent and get some experience at entertaining children.

    Nevertheless, you are able to make money much faster, if you work as a baby-sitter with people that you know well and ask them to recommend you to their friends, who have children and may need you.

    In some places, you are likely to make in average 10 dollars per hour for baby-sitting.

    This way, 20 hours will bring you 200 dollars.

    Is not it fast?

  3. Make money fast by walking the pets and taking care of them.

    Busy people, who have dogs, are ready to pay money to somebody who will walk their pet.

    Put the corresponding advertisement on the Internet or on the advertising board.

    In your contacts put your mobile number, so that you were able to close the deal wherever you are.

    Look for the friends, who leave town for some time and are ready to pay you, if you take care of their pet.

    Pets’ hotels are, as a rule, rather expensive (needless to say, many pets are very scared to stay there), and that’s why your house or flat will become a perfect alternative.

    During the holidays, pets’ hotels are booked and you may even ask to get a higher payment.

    In order to make 200 dollars fast, you can look for the several employers at once and properly make your schedule.

How to make 200 dollars fast by offering your services?


  1. Start tutoring.

    Nowadays, tutors can easily make 30 dollars per hour.

    Organize several classes and you will easily make the desired sum of 200 dollars.

  2. Start teaching English.

    Millions of people think that learning English is very topical.

    That’s why you may offer your skills and teach people speaking English.

    Even if you take 15-20 dollars per class and you have several pupils, you will make 200 dollars very fast.

  3. Teach people software packages.

    If you freely know how to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and similar software, you are able to share the basic knowledge with other people, who actually need it.

  4. Write articles for different blogs and websites.

    If you are really good at some topics or you are a fast learner and you are able to process new materials easily and quickly, why not write a couple of articles for a separate payment.

    Though the cost of one article may be from 10 to 15 dollars, if you type fast and have really good knowledge, you will make 200 dollars fast.

  5. Offer the services of the graphic designer.

    Surely, this method to make money will fit only those, who know a lot about this matter. Still, not many people will take it.

    Look for those, who need such specialists on Craigslist.

  6. Do the scientific-research activities for money.

    There are plenty of organizations and private individuals, who need suchlike services.

    Once again, Craigslist can help you or you can walk in the local colleges and find clients.

    If your work is of high quality, you will make 200 dollars really fast.

Here you see the whole list of methods how to make 200 dollars fast.

Relying on your skills, you can choose what you like and make money!

Good luck!

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