How to Earn Money at 13?

Do you want to know how to earn money at 13? This article will enlighten you with several methods, among which you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Many teenagers want to learn how to earn money at 13. Some people start working when they are still at school.

Some of them continue the started career for the rest of their lives.

I guess, it’s quite possible to start making money at the age of 13.

One can earn the first money different ways.

Everything depends on the inventiveness and dedication.

It’s high time you learned how to earn money at 13.

How to earn money on the Internet when you are 13?


  • Earn money doing researches.

    You are able to earn money or gift certificates by doing researches on such websites as

    Other websites, like Pinecone Research, SurveySpot or Toluna, pay money for researches as well.

    In some cases, when you do researches, you are going to receive points.

    As soon as you earn a definite number of points, you will be able to convert them into money.

    Sign up on several sites of such kind (five and more).

    If you are chosen to take part in a research, you are sure to receive a letter by e-mail, that’s why you should remember to check your e-mail account every day.

  • Earn money by your skills.

    You might earn extra money providing online services (for example, it might be creating logos in Photoshop, posting news or creating videos).

    Think what you really enjoy doing and establish your own enterprise on the corresponding site!

  • You are able to create your own site.

    You won’t face any difficulties making your own web-site with the help of such services as or

    They suggest you to choose from the plenty of templates, which you may use creating your personal site.

    Add the link of your site to your business cards and ask your clients to leave feedback about the quality of your work.

    On this site you should also add information about yourself and the services you provide with. Moreover, you may add prices on the services.

How to earn money at 13 by selling goods?


  • Creative approach to how you can earn money.

    If you are really good at handmade, you will easily open your own shop on the Etsy site and sell your crafts online.

    You can learn how to make jewelry, maps, bags and other things.

    The most important is to know how to count the expanses on the materials and time you need to make an item.

    Do not work to the bad!

  • Selling unnecessary things.

    You are able to sell your things on sites like Amazon or eBay.

    It may be various things, which you or your parents do not need anymore (such as the books that you have already read).

    Another way to earn good money will be to sell antique things at the auctions.

    Such things are most likely to be found on the sales of personal things or in the second-hand stores.

    If your parents have some free time on the weekends, they could help you a lot by looking for the antique things with you.

  • Sell collectable items.

    If you collected Lego or action figures and now you do not play with them anymore, you are likely to sell them on the Internet, for example on eBay.

    Ask your parents to set reasonable prices and honestly describe the goods’ condition.

    For example, if there are scratches on the toy, you can say it is in rather good condition.

    In case you did not even open the toy, do not do it: collectors will pay you much more if it’s new and still packed.

  • Learn how to organize sales.

    If selling on the Internet does not suit you, you are able to sell unnecessary things right in your yard!

    You need time to prepare the sale at your backyard.

    Ask your parents which things they could donate to your sale and do not forget to ask for their permission to organize such sale.

    Advertise your sale.

    You can stick corresponding advertisement nearby (do not forget about highways, which pass near your home).

    It won’t be excess to post your advertisement in social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and on the special sites.

    Make your neighbors interested.

    Offer them percentage from the gain, if they give you their things for the sale.

  • Sell cold beverages and earn money this way.

    The idea of selling lemonade might seem a bit out-of-date, but if you take into consideration the right time and place, you are likely to earn good pocket money.

    This classic method of earning money is still effective, especially if you add cookies and other delicacies to the beverages.

    A perfect option may become a park or another crowded place in a hot day.

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How to earn money at 13 by working in the neighborhood?

  • Do odd job.

    Offer your parents to set a reward, if you do simple work around the house, such as washing the dishes or cleaning the house.

    You can even fix a rate for such work.

    Think about the duties your parents hate to do around the house on their own and then offer your services for reasonable charge.

    If you already have some duties at home, offer to take more responsibilities.

    Explain that you decided to save some money.

    This may also be the work, which must not be done on the weekly basis: taking care of the lawn, cleaning the yard from the leaves or washing a car.

  • Offer your services to the neighbors.

    Your neighbors may also be in need of help, which you are capable to provide with (taking care of the lawn, cleaning the yard from the leaves, washing the car or windows, walking the dog and so on).

    You may visit all your neighbors and offer them your services or spread the fliers with the list of things you are able to do.

    Beware of the strangers.

    It’s better to do business with the neighbours, who know you or your parents.

    If you decided to pay a visit to all neighbours, you’d better ask someone from your parents to accompany you for your own safety.

How to earn money at 13 working part-time?


  • Look for a job in the sphere of agriculture.

    Until you are 14 years old, the possibilities to have “real” work are very limited.

    That’s why pay attention to the agriculture.

    If you live in the countryside or not far away, you can try your luck at farm enterprises.

  • Help in family business.

    In order to be officially employed you must turn 14, but no one forbids you to take part in the family business.

    If your parents have their own business, ask them to hire you to do some light work.

    Working on the family enterprise a couple of hours per day or at weekends, you are sure to receive valuable experience, which may come in handy later, when you reach the age that is required by the law.

  • Work as a babysitter.

    Apart from working as a babysitter every now and then, you may start your own small business providing such services.

    Perhaps, you have a couple of friends, who have the same experience and would like to earn some extra money.

    Spread your business cards among the neighbours, local cafes and other public places.

    Ask your parents to advertise you to their colleagues.

    After successful work ask your client to write a letter of recommendation or to recommend you to their friends.

  • Walk the dogs and take care of pets.

    Many adults need a person, who would take care of their pet, while they are at work or gone on the summer vacation.

    If babysitting does not suit you, you may try yourself taking care of animals.

    You may also spread business cards with the advertisement of your services and personally pay a visit to all your neighbours.

    Make sure you take good care of the animals – clean after them (and do not postpone cleaning the toilet to the last day!) and feed them with the right amount of food.

  • Mobile car wash.

    If you have an elder brother or sister, who already have a driving license, you can offer them common business or simply to drive you in exchange for the percentage from the income.

    If you do not want to share the earned money or there is no one who could drive you, you might use a cart and carry all needed equipment there.

    Make a list of services wider.

    You can not only wash cars, but also polish them or vacuum the cab.

    In order to do it you’ll need additional equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner or wax, but your income will also increase.

    Discuss with your clients the possibility to wash the car once a month or every fortnight.

All in all, working while you are still very young is not only a possibility to earn the required sum of pocket money independently from your parents, but it’s also a good life school, in its positive sense.

Work can teach a child how to be responsible and aim to achieve success.

He is likely to learn how to get on well with people, and due to this he will probably achieve great success.

Besides, work is sure to add confidence to a person and to his powers, which is definitely a positive side.

If, from the first sight, it seems there are not so many ways how to earn money at 13, as soon as you start looking for such possibilities you’ll realize how many of them exist.

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