Best Way to Sell Used Books

Do you want to discover the best place to sell used books? This article will provide you with the description of the 12 sites, which specialize in this field.

If you have the whole collection of the used books and you already have no place to put them, you may find a way out and sell them.

It will not only free some space in your apartment, but is sure to bring you some money!

So, in the article below you are going to find the best place to sell used books.

What you should do to sell used books?


  1. Bring the book to order.

    If you are going to sell your copies, the first thing you are to do is to fix all torn pages and try to remove all visible flaws on the maximum level.

    Surely, you are unlikely to bring it back to the original condition, but you must make sure you do everything possible!

    Tape all ripped pages, remove all old bookmarks and erase all notes.

    If you want to sell textbooks, which usually cost not much, erase all notes and put all textbooks in covers.

    In case you wrote some notes with your pen, use correction pen to eliminate ink from those places.

    How to Make Money Reselling?

  2. Try to set the highest possible price, which will be the best for selling a particular edition.

    Doing it beforehand, you are most likely to know what income to expect.

    Look up the prices on the similar items in online stores and forums – they will definitely help you figure out the best price.

    If you have not found similar editions in online stores, try to set the price on your own.

    The price on the copy with visible flaws will be lower regardless of its content.

The best way to sell used books

  • Find websites, which specialize on buy-sell, and put your advertisements there.

    There exist two possible ways to sell books on the Internet: find a person, who will gladly buy your goods or place the advertisement about selling them.

    The last way is said to be more convenient, because it is sure to saves you some time.

    Visit some famous trading sites, such as Amazon or eBay to understand the process of purchase and sale better.

  • You can find the potential buyers in your own town or region, if you don’t want to bother sending the items.

    Pay some visits to the local bookshops.

    Surely, most of them do not buy old books, but you are still able to find those, which will pay a pretty penny for your goods!

    Such shops are the best options, because there you can sell fast and easily settle the price. мHowever, they will probably buy not all of your stuff.

    Most stores are ready to exchange your old books, but not buy them.

    Be attentive and ask about all conditions in detail before you make the deal.

    Take into consideration the fact that the store is unlikely to buy used books, if they have rippled pages or other damages.

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  • If you’ve got plenty of bestsellers, which you urgently wish to sell, try to sell them in the yard or neighborhood.

    In case there is a market nearby, think about renting the place and selling them on the market.

    Place the advertisement about the forthcoming sale in the local newspaper.

    Talk to your friends.

    Perhaps, someone from your friends was also going to sell his collection.

    Together you’ll find a way to sell them faster!

The best place to sell used books

  1. Book Scouter

    Here you’ve got two options: the website and the app.

    Anyway this is the best place to sell the used books without extra efforts.

    It’s extremely easy to use this app.

    For instance, download the app, scan the book’s bar code with its help, and you’ll be able to see the price of this item in more than 20 different companies, which buy printed editions.

    As soon as you picked the best offer, you provide the company with the information concerning the way you wish to receive the money and send the package via post.

    The payment depends on the edition.

  2. Cash4Books

    The principle this website works according to differs from the previously described way.

    At this place the customers write which editions they need.

    So, you type the IBSN number in the searching bar.

    If the result shows you can sell the item and you are satisfied with its price, you may send the order to the customer.

    After the customer receives the needed copy and checks it, he confirms the deal and sends you a check or OU compensation by PayPal.

    It depends on your personal preferences.

  3. Powell’s Books

    Such place is similar to the previous one.

    Using the IBSN you learn whether the books you wish to get rid of are on the wanted list.

    In case you detect the customer, you close the deal and receive your money.

    Besides, the site has very strict demands to the sold copies.

  4. SellBackBooks

    Another wonderful place, which is sure to easily sell your textbooks and other kinds of books, too.

    The best thing about this place is that there is no need to wait for the customer to participate in the bargain, because the site itself buys your goods.

    Firstly, you specify the ISBN and learn how much you can receive for each item.

    If you are satisfied with the sum of money, you’ll receive the tag of advanced payment, which you will later exchange on money.

    As soon as the company receives the needed edition, it sends the money to your bank account.

  5. Bookbyte

    It has been working since 1999 and it focuses generally on assisting college and university students to acquire rather cheap textbooks and reference books.

    However, you can try to sell anything there.

  6. RentBooks

    Again, this place is very much alike.

    You give the book’s ISBN number or indicate the name of the author/ title.

    Then you look through the prices and pick the best one to your mind.

    At the next step you’ll get the tag of advanced payment, print it, send the package and get your money.

    At this website you can choose the way you’ll receive payment: the check via post, the money on your bank account or via PayPal.


    Despite being the most famous and biggest site to sell all kinds of books, Amazon is going to bring you the contracts with lower prices comparing with other websites.

    You may sell here used books in any condition and, surely, you must take it into account calculating the prices.

    Think as a customer and analyze how much you’d give yourself, if you wanted to buy the offered items.

  8. EBay

    EBay is not limited only by the books. At this internet-auction a person can buy anything.

    You can use this possibility to sell used books on eBay as well as a way to buy items from other sellers.

    EBay is an easy way to sell your used books online.

    Internet-auction even offers you to create a virtual bookstore without its physical place of location.

  9. Blue Rectangle

    This way is very much alike with the previous ones, but it differs by its flexibility.

    This company allows you checking whether there are potential buyers for your offers.

    Moreover, you’ve got a choice of what to type in the searching bar: ISBN number or UPC code.

    The rest of the process stays the same and you receive money after successful book’s examination.

    Just like on Cash4Books and Powell’s Books, you can learn at once whether the site is ready to buy your stuff or you must wait for the potential customers.

  10. CKY Books

    It’s one more site, which buys your books.

    There you may sell various genres – science fiction, classics, reference books, textbooks and many-many more.

    Besides, the CKY Books covers the costs of delivery and it’s up to you to decide which way you’ll receive the payment – in check or by PayPal.

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  11. Paperback Swap

    It was designed for people, who want to swap their books.

    Firstly, create a list of books you wish to exchange.

    Now wait for the interested customers.

    You are going to earn a special credit after you send the particular book to your customer.

    You are allowed to use the credit you’ve earned to order free books.

  12. Textbook Buyer

    They specialize on buying textbooks, which have been published for the last decade.

    It is famous for its price policy, free delivery and in-time payments.

    Moreover, it can take from you the new books for special prices.

We hope that from this list you will be able to choose the best way to sell used books.

Besides, it’s not only a way how to make extra money.

It’s a reason for getting rid of everything you do not need anymore and a way to help others save money by purchasing the used books and textbooks.

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