Pokémon Go: why is it useful to play with Pokémons?

Do you know why is Pokémon Go useful? Were you persuaded the game brings only harm and steals your time? My article is sure to surprise you.

Pokémon Go wins the world over so quickly that in case it was not a computer game, but some aliens from fantasy movies, the humanity would give in captivity without fight.

Still, regardless of the talks about how useless, silly and harmful the game is, I believe my readers will find it interesting to learn that Pokémon is not so black as it is painted.

It’s important to learn why Pokémon Go is useful before you decide whether to install such an app on your smartphone or to avoid the temptation.

Why is Pokémon Go useful for your health?


A modern person, who has a computer with free access to the Internet, usually has sedentary lifestyle.

Moreover, if it is a lazybones, who does not wish to walk in the open air or go to the gym, then the excess weight, bad figure, bent spine, which constantly hurts, and other problems will not be long in coming.

You may wonder what good Pokémon Go is able to bring you, if all these computer games only hurt your health.

It appears the game is really useful to play in.

The thing is that in order to catch rare Pokémon you must walk at least 10 km per day, dive to the bottom of the river, scramble among hills and rocks, climb up the innumerate stairs and so on.

Just imagine how useful such complex training is for your body.

Surely, you must move not in the definite rooms, but in the streets.

Here you get the long walks in the open air, due to which your cells get enough oxygen.

You can find one more useful thing in this game: you won’t have time to overeat when you play the game and you’ll have to limit yourself to the snacks.

Why not change hot-dogs or buns on fruits and vegetables?

A couple of weeks on such a pokemonodiet and you are sure to lose a couple of kilos.

Why is Pokémon Go useful for your wallet?

Those, who already know and play in Pokémon Go, are aware that PokeEggs may be located in the least expected places.

Surely, these are not only government-owned institutions, but the private ones, such as bars, cafes, shops and entertainment centers.

If you own a business, if you are a serious man and simply have no time to play games, it does not necessarily mean you cannot benefit from Pokémon Go.

Follow the example of some American businessmen and start making money on the fans, who play the game.

For instance, you are able to install in your café, restaurant or shop a sign saying only your clients can catch Pokémons, i.e. those people who bought something.

You may make Pokémon Go even more useful for your business and set the minimum price of the purchase or order.

If you cooperate with the luckiest players and encourage them to set the beacons in your establishment, your income will significantly grow.

Moreover, you can follow the example of the Japan Mc Donald’s and make theme-based lunches with Pokémons.

Do not waste time on trifles: you may even open a theme-based café or a shop with souvenirs and make good money, while the game is on its popularity peak.

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Not only businessmen can make money on Pokémon Go.

IT pros and the players themselves, who have great experience, can do it as well.

You can already come across the advertisements where a person offers his help to raise Pokémons, train them or develop a game on the paid basis.

In the USA people ask $20 per hour of work.

You must agree it’s a pretty nice payment and you do what you like.

If you have many Pokémons, you can sell them on eBay and make, let’s say, 8 thousand dollars.

Why is Pokémon Go useful for your psychological health?

People, who do not play computer or mobile games, see the fans of Pokémon Go as maniacs, who go to the dangerous places to catch a Pokémon.

There is a grain of truth in it, but still Pokémon Go can turn really helpful for your psychological health.


There are some significant reasons:

  1. If you trust the developers, the game is just a panacea for those, who suffer from stresses and depressions.

    I’m not sure about panacea, but Pokémon Go is definitely useful for those, who are in depression state or recover from a misfortune.

    The best way to cope with the depression is to be distracted by something else.

    This game will distract you so much that you’ll forget what the word “depression” means.

  2. Agoraphobia (the fear of the wide-open spaces, streets and suchlike things) can be cured by Pokémon Go.

    It is very useful to play the game for those, who suffer from agoraphobia, because what else, except for the desire to catch rare Pokémon, will make you leave your safe harbor.

    I don’t know anything else or anyone else who is able to cope with such a difficult task.

    Moreover, Pokémon Go is a perfect exerciser for shy people, because hunting passion will eventually lead to communication with unknown people.

  3. Having caught another Pokémon, especially a rare one, you will be extremely happy, which is very useful for the psychological health of any person.

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Pokémon GO: 2 more reasons why it is useful to play the game

It’s useful to play Pokémon Go not only because of the reasons I’ve already told you.

Here are two more essential reasons why you should become a fan of such game:

  1. You’ll receive a perfect opportunity to learn the new routes and to discover many new things in your city.

    Moreover, playing Pokémon Go you’ll visit many useful and interesting places, where you would never go, such as a museum, a theatre, a library, etc.

  2. Playing Pokémon Go you’ll acquire new friends with the similar interests and even – you might find the love of your life represented by a cute hunter or sexy huntress on the funny beasts.

    Though spare your first child and do not name it in honor of the game which brought you together.

Why is Pokémon Go dangerous?

Lest the readers think this article was paid by the Pokémon Go developers and I advertise it having this purpose, I’d like to tell you not only why it’s useful, but why it’s dangerous as well:

  1. Hunting Pokémons, many people stopped being careful.

    You can come across the information telling you some players fell from a cliff, some had nearly drowned, some players even were winged, because they penetrated into a guarded territory, some people were run over by a car and so on.

    Needless to say, people, who got too absorbed in the game, ruined their careers and lost their jobs.

    What boss will like seeing his employee constantly playing games instead of doing his direct duties?

  2. Bad people use the game in criminal purposes.

    For example, in the USA a gang was uncovered: trustful players were allured by the beacons to the solitary places and were robbed there.

  3. The major general of FSB himself has announced that by flogging Pokémon Go to the Russians the western secret services are trying to keep tabs on them.

    You not only give them access to your Google account, but you almost give them the keys from your home.

    Such statement may actually turn to be true, because the developers themselves confess they reserve the right to give the received information to the government, law enforcement and even to the private individuals.

Still, if you are a careful player, you can really enjoy such game.

Now you know why Pokémon Go is useful and I think you won’t look anymore at those, who entertain themselves this way, as on insane people.

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