What Is Pokémon Go and How to Play it?

The article reveals everything about game Pokémon Go and explains what its essence is. Start looking for the Pokémons together with the rest of the world.

Nowadays, it’s not very strange to see people, who are constantly absorbed in their phones.

Right until recently people spent time there communicating with their friends in the social networks and writing each other messages in Messenger.

On the 6th of July there was a new game released, which rocked half of the planet and made people do crazy things attempting to catch Pokémons.

Yes, those fictional beasties from Japan.

So, let’s figure out what Pokémon Go is and how to play it?

What is Pokémon?


We think it’s better to start from the short prehistory of the Pokémons themselves, because not all people got on to them in the 90th and they probably won’t understand what we’ll discuss later.

In 1996 Japan introduced these characters to the world.

They looked like the unusual toys and became the heroes of comic books, games and animated cartoons.

The word “Pokémon” itself has the English origin and is formed from the word combination – Pocket Monster.

These characters have a number of supernatural abilities.

They live in the alternative reality, where ordinary people perform like their trainers.

The sense of it all is that eventually the highly trained Pokémons meet in the battles, where one must fight the other one.

The main goal of these battles is for a trainer to gather the most powerful Pokémons.

Their peak of popularity came at the end of the XX century, and then people forgot about them.

Now, on the 6th of July a game Pokémon Go blew up the whole virtual world, presenting these funny characters with the second chance.

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Pokémon Go: what is this?

Pokémon Go is a multiplayer role game, which is available for smartphones and tablets, which support iOS or Android.

It was developed by Nintendo and Niantic Labs.

The game is upgraded with the elements of augmented reality (AR).

It places them on those pictures your camera transmits to you. Pokémon Go uses GPS in order to do it.

What is the sense of the Pokémon Go?

In the game you create a virtual protégé, who must catch those Pokémons.

Moreover, the app fixes your location and defines what time it is with the help of the powered GPS.

Pokémon Go requires it in order to set the Pokémons around you.

Your main goal is to run for them and catch.

In order to catch a Pokémon you must use a PokeStop – a place, where you can receive PokeBalls (red and white balls).

As soon as you catch a Pokémon, your next task is to train it.

In addition to every caught Pokémon you get Stardust and Candies.

It’s gaming currency.

You need it to develop your “pocket monsters”.

However, in order to catch a Pokémon you must be attentive with all hints, with which the game provides you.

It may be any movement on the transmitted picture.

As soon as you come close to it, you are going to see the specific indicators on the icon.

There are 721 kinds of Pokémons, but you can play only with 174 of them in the app.

It’s important to remember that all kinds of characters correspond to the location, where they usually live.

You won’t be able to play Pokémon Go lying on the couch. So that you were able to play Pokémon

Go you need to walk around and look for the clues, where Pokémons may hide.

Moreover, you can do it all day and all night.

This way the developers call for the users to tear from the bed and start walking and travelling more.

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Battles in Pokémon Go

If you have Pokémon Go Plus, the system will notify you with vibration that other players are nearby.

After this, you’ll be able to participate in battles between Pokémons.

You can restore their powers after the battle by the special potion.

Why is Pokémon Go so popular?

  1. Firstly, the app is easily available.

    You can download it for free on your smartphone or tablet.

    You can get all essential items by playing the game, but you’ll get them even faster, if you pay for them.

  2. Secondly, the unusual game format.

    The mechanic of the game simply makes you play Pokémon Go.

  3. Thirdly, though it’s quite forgotten, but still enormous popularity of Pokémons.

    Generation of the 90th missed them a lot.

  4. Fourthly, the augmented reality attracts a lot by its originality.

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Some interesting facts about the game Pokémon Go

interesting facts about the game pokemon go
As soon as the game caused the mass hysteria, every day brings interesting and curious events, which are connected to how people play Pokémon Go.

  1. The first thing, which was noticed, is that Americans started to move very actively.

    The manufacturers of the fitness-bracelets stated the rapid increase of the physical activities.

    No wonder!

    People started to go out in the streets in order to play Pokémon Go and find those funny creatures.
    Sometimes, they even have to chase them.

  2. The next important moment is that people started to communicate with each other more.

    Everyone is eager to share his experience and speak about his adventures. Some people even unite to look for Pokémons together.

    Many people recovered from stresses and anxiety playing it.

  3. Speaking about curious cases, one girl looking for Pokémon found… a dead body.

    The other one got in shot with the forecast presenter, playing Pokémon Go.

  4. The President of Israel also plays Pokémon Go, because he was able to catch “a pocket monster” in his study.
  5. Nevertheless, the game starts having drawbacks.

    Pokémon Go is also used by evil-doers.

    They allure the players and attack them.

    Besides, it is said that people in the streets let their guards down playing Pokémon Go and the criminals take benefit from it.

  6. The New York Central Park has become even more crowded.

    Many players spend days there looking for Pokémons.

  7. Moreover, the countries’ governments recommend people to abstain from catching Pokémons in temples, cemeteries, near the country’s borders and… in the flats of strangers.
  8. The developers themselves ask the players to preserve common sense and do not look for Pokémons in the dark deserted places.

We hope that now you know what Pokémon Go is, how to play it and how to catch Pokémons.

Unconditionally, it was able to win over the hearts of many people all over the planet.

It’s a kind of adventure, which will enjoy those, who like walking, travelling and meeting new people.

Even if it’s not true, the game is able to make you more active.

However, be alert and attentive in the street, lest you faced some troubles.

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