What is Clickbank: Working Principles + Affiliate Programs

Discover what Clickbank is by reading the description of the service’s work, his participants, and the current affiliate programs.

Millions of people connect to the Internet every day looking for the ways to make money there.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make money for the complete beginners is considered to be making money with the help of affiliate programs.

This cooperation is extremely beneficial for the both parties – the goods’ owners, i.e. the advertiser, and a person, who decided to take part in selling this item using advertisements, i.e. by attracting customers to the advertising resource with the button Buy.

There are plenty of affiliate programs of various levels on the Internet and today we’ll discuss one of the most reliable and profitable affiliate programs of the global stature.

Well, let’s try to figure out what Clickbank is.

What is Clickbank?


There are banks on the Internet because there is much money there.

Clickbank is an electronic bank with real location – the headquarters are situated in Idaho, USA.

Though the bank is virtual, it does the same things any other bank does in real life – it saves electronic money, transfers it, performs different electronic payments and other financial operations.

Clickbank working principles:

  • Clickbank is a mediator between the manufacturers, sellers-advertisers and customers.

    The connecting point is the completely automatic affiliate program.

    This is the one we’ll discuss today.

  • Clickbank guarantees full reliability and certainty with both: work with electronic payments and maintenance of the affiliate programs.

    This is proved by 18 years of successful flawless work.

  • In general, Clickbank has e-books and program software, which were divided into the following categories: business, computers and the Internet, humor and entertainment, health and fitness, money and work, marketing and advertisements, society and culture, sports and rest, home and family.
  • Most goods require one-time purchase, but there are some, which are sold on the monthly subscription.
  • All products and services have the electronic appearance, i.e. the immediate delivery after payment, which is extremely comfortable and effective.
  • Clickbank has thoroughly developed the strategy of interaction between the authors of the editions and the participants of the affiliate program.

    Before you sign in the resource and affiliate program, the thorough and detailed analysis of the site’s content or blog is held and only after it the decision is made of whether it corresponds to the bank’s principles.

Clickbank’s participants

All users are divided into 3 different groups:

  1. Vendors – the seller of the real goods (accessible only in the USA) or one may become the seller of the virtual goods.

    A seller, in most cases the inventor or author, puts his own developments for sale in a definite category of the market.

    He creates an advertising website with all possible frills, agrees on the terms of payment and guarantee conditions, i.e. he is completely responsible for his creation.

    To sell something he only needs to put on his site a link with a button Pay for the order, which allows selling digital items and services in real time.

    The customers may pay for their purchases with the help of the credit cards of the following systems:

    • Visa and Visa-Debit,
    • MasterCard and MasterCard-Debit,
    • American Express,
    • Discover,
    • Eurocard,
    • Novus cards.

    The cost of the service is a one-time payment of $49.95 and the commission of $1+7,5% from every sale.

    Creative Ways to Make Money Online

  2. Affiliate is a partner, which sells someone’s goods and gets the percentage from it, i.e. the partner brings to the sellers new customers and makes money for himself as well.

    Some of the Affiliates get monthly payments, which is more than $5.000.

    About 70% of the Vendor’s sales are made by the partners.

    The number of affiliates is a bright sign how profitable and beneficial the program is – there are more than 100 000 of them.

  3. Reseller is a service’s partner, which is called to widen the number of the users and receive referral income.

    The money is divided in the following way:

    • Attracting a new Vendor — $10 for the activated account, $0.10 for his every sale.
    • Attracting a new Affiliate — $0.10 from his commission from the sale.
    • Attracting a new Reseller – 50% from his income from the first two paragraphs.

How to become a Vendor in Clickbank?

So, you already know what Clickbank is, and now you are thinking of becoming a Vendor there.

At first, in order to sell you need a Vendor’s account.

If you wish to become a seller, Clickbank will provide you with some requirements:

  1. You must have a blog or a personal website, and it must be located on the paid hosting.
  2. You need to create a special page, where you are going to sell the digital goods and name it Sales Page.

    When you create the Sales Page you need to follow some rules, which were invented by the system’s developers.

    For instance, on the Sales Page you should put:

    • A short description,
    • The price of the offered item,
    • File’s extension when downloading,
    • The explanation of how to get the file (download, delivery via e-mail),
    • The duration of item’s downloading;
    • The information about the seller which secures the realization.

    If you are reluctant to describe it all and create a page, you have a possibility to avoid creating it on your own and hire a freelancer to do it.

    Another option, even a simpler one, is to buy the readymade content.

    The purchased three pages will include the download, sales and the so-called “Thank you” pages.

  3. You need to create the page to show your gratitude. “Thank you” pages are very easy to create.

    Still, you need to express gratitude to your client in a written form for purchasing a file and remind that he can download some of your other files.

    Here you must insert the e-mail address, where a person may write in case of difficulties when downloading the goods.

    When you finish creating pages for sale and gratitude, filling them with the content and links for them, Clickbank will review your appeal and, probably, approve of the beginning of the file’s sales.

  4. When the agreement is received, the future seller will have to pay $49.95 (one-time fee), and then he gets the permission to trade there for an indefinite period.
    • Firstly, you’ll be given a place to sell things, to be more precise, your personal link.

      It is put on the page that you developed.

      When someone would like to buy this or that file, they’ll follow the link, such as “Order here!”

    • Secondly, when the client followed it, he is redirected to the payment page, where he transfers money using electronic systems or credit cards.
    • Thirdly, after the payment is transferred a person automatically gets to the page, where a seller expresses his gratitude to the customer.

      Here the download of the sold item begins.

If the pages are properly and wisely developed, Clickbank will bring you money without your intrusion, automatically.

A seller will never have to do anything else!

What is Pay Per Click?

Why do the Vendors on Clickbank need Affiliates?

Many people wonder where they can get traffic.

How can potential buyers get to the Vendor’s page?

This is the main secret of the extremely high popularity of the resource.

The mystery is not in the fact that you can sell things with the help of various payment systems.

The peculiarity is that Clickbank unites so many people all around the world, which are eager to advertise and sell electronic goods.

Offer them at least half of the file’s price and they’ll do everything possible to make dozens of people get to the seller.

However, you should offer about three-fourth from the price.

Those, who are willing to help, are the potential customers, including the professionals in this sphere, who make millions on others’ files.

At this stage, the most important thing is to make people interested, which is not a very easy thing to do.

Well, this is how you can make a potential partner on Clickbank interested in you

  1. Do not be greedy, i.e. offer a good percentage of the sales.

    You should not even try to offer less than 50%.

    The optimal option will be 75% from the file’s cost.

  2. Allure them by the perfectly developed selling page.

Sometimes in order to attract new affiliates people spend up to $15 000.

Surely, you can do without such serious expenses, but still, the page must be attractive to the buyers and assistants as well.

What is Google AdSense?

Program, which helps an affiliate on Clickbank

In order to help their affiliates, Clickbank developed the whole program of cooperation and offers everyone different tools to increase income.

They called this program “Five ways, which increase your cash”.

Affiliate programs on Clickbank:

  • Reseller’s Program.

    This program sells services of Clickbank on the partner’s site.

    A partner, for example, may put the offered banner on his site and if a visitor uses it and starts his cooperation with Clickbank, he’ll get money from Clickbank, because this is actually the attraction of new clients.

    Participating in this program is completely free, you just need to sign up and receive your identification number and password.

  • Affiliate Program.

    Affiliate marketing is another name of the so quickly developing business tendency on the Internet.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to sell someone’s product with the help of the Internet and marketing techniques.

    This is a system of links’ exchange between the sites, which are registered on the affiliate program’s portal.

    A partner may install a link on his own site, which is called HopLink on the resource from the Clickbank’s database, and if a visitor follows it and purchases something, he’ll receive the commission fee from this sale (up to 7,5% from the item’s cost).

    The receiving of this commission fee is guaranteed by Clickbank because everything happens automatically through the portal.

    It should be noted that participating in this program is free, and you only need to register on the company’s site.

  • Solving problems with traffic.

    Clickbank helps their clients to promote their goods, increase the traffic on the site, i.e. it helps to direct and increase the number of visitors on the client’s resource.

    Particularly, it is offered to pay $24.95 to include the site in more than 2500 searching systems.

    The site should be added to English-speaking searching engines, but it is done for free for the partners of iNetGlobal.

    Then, on the Clickbank’s portal, you may find one more paid service, which organizes the affiliate program and its further development.

    Surely, the presence of such program does not only increase traffic but significantly improves the number of sales.

    Participating in this program is written in more than 40 affiliate portals, where it is not only reflected but automatically developed and promoted.

    The cost of such program depends on which service you pick and what the seller’s site offers.

  • Using Marketing Program.

    Clickbank offers to use Marketing Program.

    Two programs called The CookieCutter and The CashCow represent the services concerning the usage of credit cards on the site.

    They differ by the sum of fee and the size of withdrawn percentage.

    The Internet Marketing Warriors Program represents a package of marketing services, which unites the tools for site’s promotion and optimization.

    Besides, there are included different teaching courses and programs.

  • Trading domain names.

    On Clickbank, there is a possibility to register a domain name and putting it on the auction.

We hope that our article helped you to learn a lot about what Clickbank is.

This service allows getting the sufficient advantage for both: people, who create their own business – selling goods and services (especially electronic) – and those, who get money like percentage from the orders.

The simplicity of using the resource promises nice opportunities for the newcomers and users with little experience.

That’s why you should spend some time to learn everything concerning this topic, in order to have the constant money flow in the future.

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