Weird Ways to Make Money: 12 best options

In the article below we’ll discuss 12 most weird ways to make money in the world.

Everybody wishes to create something no one has invented yet and tries to create unusual ways to make money.

There are several enterprising personalities who invented the extremely weird ways to make money.

1. The first among the weird ways to make money is the service of stroking


One of the first weird ways to make money is to offer the professional service of stroking.

It exists not only in the USA but in Japan and Great Britain, too.

They say that professional “smoothers” earn $360 per day.

However, this way to make money definitely has its drawbacks and you must find a comfortable place to occupy yourself with this.

It is desirable the client won’t wish this stroking turn into something more.

2. Playing online games

The professional gamers do precisely the things you think about because they play games and make money doing it.

This is rather weird and awesome as well because people make money teaching people how to play.

Many of those who play video games in the leisure hours sometimes have not enough time to develop their character to the rival’s level.

In case you are limited in time but unlimited in wish and financial possibilities, you may improve your character fast with the help of a teacher.

You do not need to search for someone who lives nearby because there are some websites which are fully devoted to the online gaming couching.

Online games which provide with the possibility to make money

  1. WoW (WorldofWarcraft) is said to be one of the most popular and widespread online games with multiple players.

    This is the huge separate universe which has plenty of possibilities to make money.

  2. Aion is the game where the beginners can easily make money selling the internal currency, which is called kinah.

    However, there are plenty of other ways how to make money here.

  3. PW (PerfectWorld) differs from the previous ones by the process of receiving of the virtual currency but not by the method of earning it.

    The process is rather simple and mostly preferable by the “weak sex” according to the statistics.

3. Cleaning the excrement

In case you are too fastidious, you may hire a professional who will come to your house and clean your lawn.

The paid service of cleaning the excrement is definitely one of the weird ways to make money.

The cleaning service in Atlanta also promises that one and the same person will come to you regularly.

Such service is not just approved and certificated by the government.

People, who work there, are so serious about the work that they can even check whether the pet’s excrement contain some weird objects.

There are several agencies of such kind which compete with each other in the quality and speed of cleaning.

4. The fourth among the weird ways to make money is to give torso for rent

Jason Sadler, being inspired by the website with advertisements, announced that he sells his torso for the commercial.

Every day he puts on various shirts with the companies’ logos.

When he started his business, the cost of service started from $1 on January 1to $365 December 31.

The novelty of such idea made the business extremely profitable very fast and people say he earned more than $66 000 within the first three months.

He was even made to hire people because there were too many customers who wished to pay to get such service.

It turned out that you should not necessarily be a celebrity or a professional sportsman to make money with advertisement.

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5. Selling dirty underwear

There is a black market for some people, including those who consider the used panties to be the fetish.

Some people call this market rather profitable but you cannot know for sure because the buyers prefer to stay unknown.

No wonder: what would you think of a person who told you he regularly buys the used panties?

If you have a desire, you are able to sell your underwear on any fetishists’ website.

6. The sixth among the weird ways to make money is to sell the virginity

Though this is a cliché, sex can definitely be traded.

Starting from the billboards and finishing with the television, sex is one of the main tools of the marketing.

Sex is used not only to sell cars or clothes because there are cases when it is not only the instrument of the sales. It is known as the “V” sale and it costs pretty much.

One woman is known to have sold her virginity for more than 700 000 dollars.

This is not a very rare case when a woman sells her virginity and it is often mentioned in the news.

However, it works more for women than men.

The highest price for the men’s virginity is $3 000.

Alex Stepanov was the main hero of the documented film called “A virgin is at stake” who sold his virginity for charity.

7. Make money is to sell your life

Mike Merrill is a very unusual person.

He conditionally split himself into 100 000 shares and sold them each for 1 dollar.

Now his owners make the important decisions instead of him and these investors completely own his life.

These are the decisions which Mike put on sale to make money:

  • Vasectomy;
  • Changing the hair color;
  • The purchase of a new car;
  • The breakup with the wife;
  • Taste’s preferences.

Ian Asher is another person who dared to sell his life and start everything over. He traded his life on the eBay auction for 305 000 dollars.

He sold everything including the house, all properties, friendships and even the work’s instructions.

It was something like the beginning of a new life for him.

Nowadays he is a professional orator, a blogger, and a writer.

The received money he used to start living an interesting life and even bought a small island near Panama.

On his personal website, Asher says that his present life is wonderful, unlike the awful past life.

I wonder how a man, who bought his former life, lives.

8. The eighth among the weird ways to make money is to throw gnomes

In the USA or Great Britain, you may rent a small person.

In such business, small people let others rent them for entertainment.

For example, they dress like Cupids or even fight in the ring.

One of the most demanded services is throwing gnomes.

You take a gnome and throw him as far as you can.

In this case, they wear a protective helmet and sometimes even a superhero’s coat to produce an impression.

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9. Make money is to sell butterflies

Is it possible to sell butterflies and make millions on it?

Perhaps, it may seem silly to you but the “butterfly business” brings high profit to Jose Munisa.

It’s even more ridiculous because he started the business on a bet.

Everything started when Jose’s friend suggested a bet on $100 that Munisa won’t sell even a single living butterfly.

Nowadays, the former business consultant and his wife own the Amazing Butterflies Company which is the distributor of the living butterflies in several cities in Florida with the yearly income of more than 1 million dollars.

It turns out that living butterflies are rather popular for wedding ceremonies, parties, children’s fests and other events.

Some other weird ways how to make money

  1. Service which allows renting friends.

    You must create an account on the site, set the hourly price you wish to get for being friends and wait till someone gets interested in it.

  2. Advertisements on the face.

    Students Ed Moyes and Ross Harper paint on their faces advertisements and then take photos with funny faces if the customer orders it.

  3. The advertisement of the children’s tinker toys.

    There is a channel on YouTube where a girl teaches the users how to gather tinker toys.

    Due to the advertisement, she managed to earn 5 million dollars for a year.

These were all weird ways to make money which exist in the world.

Which one is the best?

It’s up to you to choose or might even invent your own one.

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