What kinds and types of characters are there in Pokémon Go?

There are 18 kinds of characters in Pokémon Go and plenty of their repre-sentatives. Where do they live and how to catch them?

Pokémon Go is a game that has been recently published and it beat all records.

In order to catch a Pokémon people overcome various obstacles and even penetrate to the restricted territories.

If you still do not know, the sense of game is to catch all characters in Pokémon Go and train them to win battles.

What are the characters in Pokémon Go?


Characters in Pokémon Go are the invented creatures, which live among people or, in case of the game, in augmented reality.

Every one of them is special and unique, because it has a number of unique skills, which they use in battles.

As soon as a man catches the pocket monster, he becomes his owner and starts taking care of it.

Now you have a possibility to catch 151 kinds of Pokémons in the game, but the developers are already working on how to add more.

Moreover, you can get not all of them with the help of the PokeBalls.

Some of them must be raised from the PokeEggs or they simply must evolve.

Pokémon Go: the most widespread kinds and types

Type is the most important thing, which defines every character in Pokémon Go.

It influences on its skills and the place of location.

It means you won’t find a fire representative near the water and on the contrary.

Some of them even exist on definite continents, that’s why in order to capture them you’ll need to put off on a long journey.

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There are in general 18 kinds of Pokémons, which are divided on two types:

  • physical;
  • special.

One Pokémon can be of two kinds and depending on it, it becomes completely clear which skills it has.

Later, all of them act according to one principle: one fights the other or vise verse.

For example, the water type can put out the fire one, which in its turn can burn the grass type.

Let’s look at every kind of character in Pokémon Go a bit closer

  1. Normal (usual characters in Pokémon Go) Pokémons are the most commonly met.

    They belong to the physical type and are good for protection, but not for striking.

    Let’s discuss how effective they are.

    This kind is on the same level with the rest.

    Rattata, Pitgey, Dodrio, Chansey and others belong to this group.

  2. Fire characters in Pokémon Go belong to the special type and their peculiarity is fighting using fire.

    In order to find them one should go to the thirsty regions of your city or town or to the beach.

    There are few of them, so it won’t be very easy to catch them.

    With the help of such Pokémons you’ll be able to fight bugs, grass, ice and steel characters.

    The group includes Charmander, Vulpix, Arcanine and Magmar.

  3. Water characters in Pokémon Go.

    Judging by the name you can guess that they live near water.

    In order to catch one of them you should go to the bank of the river, lake, sea or ocean.

    However, there are some cases when you can meet them even near fountains or swimming pools.

    More often than not these characters combine two kinds, but for the option – water/fire.

    They attack fire, rock and ground representatives.

    The most famous ones include Squirtle, Psyduck, Horsea and Cloyster.

  4. Grass characters in Pokémon Go – this is another kind of Pokémons from the special type.

    One may find them in parks, fields, lawns, meadows, actually everywhere, where grass grows.

    Besides, these Pokémons can be poisonous, electric, psychic, flying, ice, etc.

    The brightest representatives are Bulbasaur, Gloom, Leafeon and Chikorita.

  5. Poisonous characters in Pokémon Go usually live in places with high concentration of chemicals and not far from water.

    Their attacks are effective against grass and magical representatives.

    Despite the fact that they cannot attack many kinds, no one can compare with them, when we speak about protection.

    Among poisonous characters special attention should be devoted to Nidoqueen, Koffing, Nidoran and Nidorina.

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  6. Dragons are very rare characters in Pokémon Go.

    Unlike their prototypes, they do not live everywhere.

    Developers located them in the cultural places.

    It’s quite interesting that the dragon Pokémons are effective only against their own kind.

    In this game you can come across Dratini, Dragonier and Dragonite.

  7. Magical characters in Pokémon Go, or they are also called “fairies”, belong to the special type.

    You can meet them in the same places as dragons and on the cemeteries and churches.

    That’s why many players settled there.

    Fairies are more powerful than dragons and they are able to attack dark and war Pokémons.

    The most famous among them are Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Clefable.

  8. Rock characters in Pokémon Go belong to the physical type.

    Originally they had to live in rocks, but in the game you can find them in the modern cities – parking lots, shopping malls.

    They are effective against bugs, flying, fire and ice kinds.

    Geodude, Onix, Omastar and Aerodactyl belong to this group.

  9. Ground characters in Pokémon Go live in places with high concentration of mud: bogs, ditches, near the roads and everywhere near sand.

    They are rather powerful against fire, poisonous, rock and steel kinds.

    Besides, these Pokémons are not afraid of electric representatives.

    In the game you can find Sandshrew, Sandslash, Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen and others.

  10. Bug and beetles are the characters in Pokémon Go, which belong to the physical type.

    They can be easily found at the same spots as the grass kind. Moreover, you may find them in kindergartens and children yards.

    One may reach super effect, if he uses them to fight dark, grass and psychic Pokémons, but they cannot defend themselves from fire and flying ones.

    Rather popular representatives of such kind are Caterpie, Butterfree, Kakuna, and Venonat.

  11. Electric characters in Pokémon Go live in places with plenty of concrete and on the industrial grounds.

    They can fight to the full extent of their powers with ground kinds, but they cannot fight flying and water Pokémons.

    The most famous one from this group is Pikachu.

    Then follow Raichu, Magnemite, Voltorb and Zapdos.

  12. Pokémons-fighters in Pokémon Go are usually located in places, where one can train: stadiums, gyms, fitness centers.

    They can fight back many pocket monsters – normal, rock, steel, ice and dark ones.

    Mankey, Machop and Hitmonlee belong to this group.

  13. Ghosts are interesting characters in Pokémon Go – they live in churches and dark unexpected places.

    They are good at attacking psychic ghost kinds.

    In this game you can come across three characters: Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.

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  15. Dark characters in Pokémon Go have not been seen by the players yet.

    Actually, it’s the real mystery for Pokémon Go fans.

    However, it is known that these characters can attack psychic and ghost kinds.

  16. Ice characters from Pokémon Go.

    It is assumed that to get them one must go to the snowy regions; however, the developers put them near water and grass.

    These Pokémons are related to the special type and are rather effective against dragon, grass, ground and flying representatives.

    In this game you can catch Jynx, Dewgong, Cloyster and Articuno.

  17. Psychic kinds can often be found near hospitals, but in the app you can also find them even in the grass.

    They fight fighters and poisonous Pokémons.

    There are lots of representatives of such kind, but the main are Abra, Kadabra, Drowzee and Mr. Mime.

  18. Flying characters crosscut with other kinds of Pokémons.

    That’s why you can catch them in any region, especially in parks, woods and gardens.

    They attack grass kind, fighters and bugs.

    Bright representatives of such kind are Charizard, Pidgey, Fearow and Doduo.

  19. Steel characters in Pokémon Go are attracted to the metal.

    For example, they live near the railway stations and skyscrapers.

    They are rather effective against ice and rock Pokémons.

There only two of them in the game – Magnemite and Magneton.

So, here you are – the main characters in Pokémon Go.

You are only left to catch them. In order to be successful you should walk a lot and travel.

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