Pokémon Go: 20 interesting facts about the game

In this article you are going to find the most interesting facts about Pokémon Go.

Today, especially on the Internet, we observe the real pokemonomania.

Some people enthusiastically start playing it; some people grumble: just like children, have nothing else to spend their time on; some people (including me ☺) do not pay attention at all on what’s going on, minding their own business.

However, it’s one thing – an average man, and quite the opposite – the owner of the website.

I simply must have a finger on the pulse and watch all new releases and trends.

Pokémon Go is surely on its fashion peak.

So, I decided to gather the most interesting facts about Pokémon Go for all fans of this interesting and exciting game.

Those facts you probably have not learned yet.

Moreover, it would be strange, if I did not mention what this game is and why people run and catch these funny creatures.

Interesting facts about the Pokémon franchise


Imagine that there is an alternative world, which is populated by the funny creatures called Pokémons.

Nowadays, there are more than 600 different kinds of them.

Most of them have unique abilities, some can even speak.

People, as more developed creatures, catch these Pokémons and then try themselves as their trainers.

They train the caught Pokémons and prepare them for participation in various battles.

The coolest is the one who caught all Pokémons.

Sounds like the script of the fantastic movie, does not it?

Yes, it’s quite true, although it’s not a movie, but an animated cartoon, because of which such adorable game as Pokémon Go appeared.

The first game Pokémon Go was released in 1996 and became rather popular.

For 20 years there has been “born” 6 Pokémon’s generations and everyone was more successful than the previous one.

Nevertheless, truly cult game can be considered only the last version of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go: what is so interesting about this game?


The game Pokémon Go has officially been released in three countries: the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Such game, unlike the previous versions, is installed on smartphones, which operate on iOS or Android.

Another difference from all the other games is that you cannot play Pokémon Go at home.

You must walk in the streets, move around your city and contact different people (some kind of Pokémons can be collected only by switching them with other people), especially, if you want to find extremely rare PokeEggs.

3 interesting facts about the technical aspect of Pokémon Go

At first, I think we should talk about the most interesting facts, which concern the technical aspect of Pokémon Go.

There are not so many of them, so I won’t get into details, because I’m not a specialist in this sphere and I doubt there are many IT pros on my site.


  1. Apple owners are the ones, who can install the game the easiest way.

    It’s a bit more difficult to install in on Android, starting from the 4.4 version and higher.

    Those, who have phones with processors Intel, or smartphones with Android less than 4.4 are not able to join the most interesting game Pokémon Go.

  2. Launching the app, you will see on the screen your own avatar.

    He will hunt and catch Pokémons, repeating the things you do.

  3. You hunt those rare creatures thanks to the world-known GPS system.

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Pokémon Go: 7 unpleasant facts about the game

This category includes the most interesting facts about Pokémon Go, which are connected to the scandals, some absurd situations and even crimes:

  1. You can easily find pictures in the social networks, when people look for the Pokémons on the funerals, cemeteries, hospital rooms and so on.

    One happy father played Pokémon Go in the delivery department, while his wife was giving birth, and then he boasted of the pictures of his newly born son and the caught Pokémon.

  2. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum appeared in the middle of the scandal.

    Its directory turned to the game’s fans asking not to “hunt” Pokémons in their institution.

    You can’t disagree with the fact that it’s not the most suitable place for games.

  3. A group of creatives from the USA came up with a criminal, though rather interesting way to become rich by means of Pokémon Go: some gang members set the beacons in the solitary places, and other robbed the trustful fans, when they came to catch a rare Pokémon.
  4. A girl, who was trying to catch rare water Pokémon, discovered a dead body in the river and called the Police.

    This fact told bad on her gaming skills – the girl even stopped launching the app.

  5. Doctors, public officials, rescues and police officers turn to the players over and over again, asking not to let their guard down while chasing these funny toys, and be very careful.

    The news often appear that Pokémon Go fans get to hospitals because they wished to catch the valuable Pokémon, though risking their health.

  6. In one city in the USA a guy ruined his private life because of Pokémon Go: he went to his mistress, but could not help catching a Pokémon near her home.

    His girlfriend, learning his route, called his bluff and broke up with him.

  7. Chasing the PokeEggs nothing will stop you: neither the fact that you must go to the cemetery at night, nor the sign “Mine field”, nor the fact that the beast is hiding in the military base or police station.

    Arrest is the least that can happen in this case.

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Pokémon Go: 7 interesting facts about the game

Let’s, for the finale, have some more interesting facts about Pokémon Go, which you probably have not heard about yet:

  1. Only in the USA more than 62% of owners of smartphones on Android chase Pokémons.

    How much it will take over the world is still too soon to say.

  2. In order to catch extremely rare kind of Pokémon, one must walk more than 10 miles a day.

    Moreover, some routes are very difficult and dangerous.

  3. The Nintendo Company, which released such an interesting game, has already earned 60 million dollars this year, and pokemonomania is only starting.
  4. The whole world keep their fingers crossed that the Americans will finally learn the normal metric system and perhaps even implement it, because Pokémon Go counts not the kilometers, but their stupid miles.
  5. The popularity of the game not only in the USA but in Russia is proved by the Yandex’s statistics: for 1 day (to be precise – 18th July) the number of searching requests about Pokémon has exceeded 700 thousand.
  6. The Russian government is seriously worried about the popularity of this mobile app and even plans to restrict the Pokémon catching on the national level.

    They will ban “hunting” in the hospitals, churches, the Kremlin, police stations and some other important institutions.

  7. Some insurance companies have immediately taken advantage of Pokémon Go and started promoting health insurance in case you were injured while playing Pokémon Go.

As for me, the most interesting facts about the Pokémon Go game fade comparing to the information that Pokémon means “Pocket Monster”.

So, have a successful hunting for the pocket monsters. ☺

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