Invest in Girls: 10 Reasons

In the article below you are sure to find the information on how to invest in girls. Worthy investments will secure the improvement of life quality all over the world.

Widening of the rights and possibilities for girls and improvement of their education is one of the best ways to interrupt the chain of evolution from poverty from generation to generation, which may result in the grand changed for the whole society.

When a question is aroused of how to invest in girls, and the certain actions begin, women will be provided with a possibility to take part in the labor activity.

In its turn it will bring only good for them and the whole world in general.

It’s better to invest in girls


Future parents, who worry about the economical load after having children, should hope to get a daughter.

Boys, even if they are old enough to be called men, are less inclined to helping and supporting parents.

In times when many modern parents expect that their children need financial help after graduating from college, the data shows that men are more dependent in the middle age.

These are the results of the survey of more than 2000 adults from the financial site Yodlee Interactive.

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Besides, it was discovered that:

  • 38% of men (having alive parents and parents-in-law) in the age between 35 and 44 receive from them financial help, comparing to 18% of women.
  • In comparison to women, twice more men get help in purchasing clothes (9% against 4%), four times more men from 35 to 44 ask their mothers and fathers to pay for the grocery (14% against 4%).
  • If a girl asks for the financial help, it’s most probably to pay for her studies or children’s clothes.
  • When it comes to supporting parents in their decline of life, the difference between sexes is not very big. It is only revealed in the different forms of help: most ladies are going to support parents taking them to their place, while men find it easier to pay the bills.

Reasons to invest in girls

These women are your mothers and daughters, your sisters and aunts, your cousins and friends.

There exist plenty of different reasons why you should invest in them, aside from the reason that you love them.

10 reasons to invest in girls

  1. More inclusive government.

    If you stand for the decrease in the level of warlike attitude, call women to stand in elections for the administrative posts.

    The data of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) reveals the countries, where women occupy at least 30% of political posts, are more “inclusive, egalitarian and democratic”.

  2. The improvement of quality of services.

    The next time bad roads or lack of water throw you off your stride, vote for women.

    The USAID states when ladies take part in political life, they encourage the cooperation between the representatives of various parties and ethnic groups and improve the reaction of government authorities to the citizens’ needs.

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  3. The increase of productivity for the farm enterprises.

    Food and Agricultural Organization of UNO (FAO) came to the conclusion that the equal access to land assets, new technologies and capitals may increase the harvest for more than 30%.

  4. The decrease of starving people.

    When women achieve success, the society also achieves it.

    The best example of such kind is manufacturing the food.

    The FAO’s report provides the following data: 30% of increase in harvest means the decrease of starving population in at least 150 millions.

  5. The increase of purchasing power.

    The main economist of the World Bank Laurence Summers believes that in the developing countries investing in girl’s education is, perhaps, the most profitable kind of investing at all.

    Every year of girl’s education in school increases her potential future income in average on 20 percents.

  6. Strengthening the economy.

    When a girl grows up, her education is likely to bring the dividends for her family and the country in general. The USAID data shows that 10 percent growth in the number of studying girls increases the GDP of the country in average on 3%.

  7. The decrease of child mortality.

    Women, who are rather educated, take better care of themselves and their children.

    The UNESCO has the information that if a mother can read, her child has 50% more chances to live till 5 years old.

  8. The reduction of expansion of HIV/AIDS.

    UNISEF thinks that education is the main factor, which slows down the expansion of HIV/AIDS.

    It is explained by the fact that girls, who have good education, are less inclined to have one-night stands.

  9. Less number of conflicts.

    When the girl’s life is valued, the experience is taken into account and her opinion is listened to, it will definitely bring better results.

    During the peacekeeping operations under the aegis of UNO it was stated that involving women there leads to smaller number of conflicts with death outcomes.

  10. Stronger peace.

    Women play an important role in the process of reconciliation and reconstruction.

    UNO emphasizes the achieved agreements, which were gained by peaceful negotiations and in which women took part, are long termed and are better acknowledged.

The topicality of investing in girls

Many people wonder why they should invest in girls.

Let’s look at the sad statistics, which is sure to answer all your questions:

  • In the poverty infrastructure the girls were usually the invisible power.

    When their brothers studied in school, 33% of girls from the developing countries in age from 13 to 24 say they could not continue to study because of the work around the house.

  • Girls from 15 to 19 have the leading death reason – being pregnant or giving birth.
  • About 100 million of girls under age will be forced to get married by their parents till 2020.
  • Seventy five percent of people in age 15-24 with HIV in Africa and to the south of the Sahara are girls.

So, let’s not forget every girl has a right to grow up safely and have a promising future, which will be full of interesting possibilities.

If girls have rights, resources and the needed information to make decisions, they will realize their potential and become the source of the needed changes in their society and in the nation in general.

In sustainable development goals (SDG) most attention is devoted to the education.

Education of high quality allows the teenage girls to get a job in the future, receive reasonable salary and make their contribution to the economy of their country.

Initiative “Girl’s effect”

The creators of the initiative “girl’s effect”, which was supported by the

World Bank, are sure there is a need to “get” to the girls in the very young age: before she gets married, pregnant or HIV-positive.

If one can help a girl to get further education, avoid too early marriage, motherhood and preserve her health, this will be not only the fight with the poverty consequences, but the fight with their reasons.

Nowadays, the girls are the security of tomorrow’s food, health, peace and economical steadiness and growth.

This is where you invest, but not simply give donations.

The actual report, which was made by the World Bank, shows how much the investments in girl are righteous:

  • For instance, in Brazil, if the young women worked as often as men of the same age, the country’s GDP would be 23 billion dollars bigger.
  • Due to the four million of pregnancies per year India loses 383 billion dollars of potential income within a lifetime.
  • If a girl from a developing country gets seven years of education, she gets married four years later and gives birth to 2,2 children fewer.

    Every next year of education increases her future income on 25%.

    If you multiply it by 250 million of teenage girls, who live in poverty all over the world, you’ll get the most valuable resource for changes at our planet.

Every girl needs skills, assets, possibilities and connections to get out of the poverty and to secure her children from it.

The creators of “girl’s effect” find it necessary to invest in girls the following way:

  1. Finance the education and guarantee that not a single girl will leave school till she’s 16 years old.
  2. Work with public leaders, so that every girl had some safe space.
  3. Make the girls’ heath number one priority in the programs of HIV preventive actions.
  4. Finance the movement, which girls will lead, and make sure people hear their voices.
  5. Provide the girls with access to the programs of financing and the right to vote after reaching full legal age.
  6. Secure the girls with the access to the programs concerning reproductive health before they reach sexual maturation.

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How the World Bank invests in girls?

13 April 2016 the President of the World Bank Organization Jim Yong Kim announced about the intention of the World Bank to invest 2,5 billion dollars within 5 years in the educational projects, which will bring certain good to the teenage girls, widen their rights and possibilities and occupy one of the main positions in the work of the World Bank in the sphere of development.

This announcement was made at the event, which was devoted to the girls’ education (Let Girls Learn) within the limits of the spring meetings of the Group of World Bank and IMF.

Till 2020 the organizations plans to invest at least 2,5 billion dollars in the projects which concern studies and are focused at teenage girls (at the age of 12-17).

About 75% of these investments, as expected, will be given by IDA, World Bank’s funds for the poor countries and mostly focused to Africa to the south from the Sahara and to the countries of the Western Asia with the biggest numbers of girls without secondary education.

Programs, in which people invest in girls, will presuppose the various measures to:

  • secure the access of the teenage girls to the secondary education of high quality,
  • involve their entrance and maintaining them as pupils,
  • provide them with a stipend;
  • pay the discussed money to create schools with all major conveniences, such as clean drinking water and toilets.

This way the research has showed that investing in girls will definitely have multiplicative effect: more educated women, as a rule, differ by stronger heath, take active part at the official job market, get bigger income, give birth to fewer children, get married in a more mature age and secure better guard of health and education for their children.

That why it’s extremely important to unite with the world, so that the girls could get the required education and achieve their goals.

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