How to Invest in 3D Printing: 10 Ideas of Investing

Invest in 3D printing learning what 3D printing is + how 3D printer works + the ideas for investing + the details of 3D printing.

A 3D-printer is a small factory which you can place right at home.

Moreover, this setting is not suitable for home business because here we mostly speak about manufacturing very precise items of very high quality.

3D printing presupposes the presence of the perfect machines which are rather big and expensive.

Nevertheless, it’s a possible start with a modest budget.

Read our article on how to invest in 3D printing.

What is 3D printing?


This is a construction of a real object according to the created on the computer 3D sample.

Then the digital 3D model is saved in the format of STL file and a special printer forms the real item from this file.

The process of printing is the chain of the repeating cycles which are connected to the creation of 3D models, application to the working place (elevator) of the printer the layer of the consumable material, the transfer of the working place down to the level of the readymade layer and clearing the surface from the waste.

The cycles follow one another non-stop and the second layer is put on the first one again and again (while the elevator goes down) till the readymade item is on the table.

What is a 3D printer?

The basic of its work lies in the principle of the gradual (layer-by-layer) creation of the solid model which is as if grown from a certain material.

We are going to discuss this material later.

The advantages of 3D printing comparing to the usual ways how to make the model manually are the high speed, simplicity, and relatively low cost.

For example, in order to create a 3D model or any other detail on your own, you are likely to need much time – from a couple of days to a month.

It does not only concern the process of manufacturing itself but the preliminary work too.

You’ll need the schematic drawings of the future item which still do not let you see the final product.

As a result, you spend more money to develop something and you are sure to need more time to come up with a plan of serial production.

3D technologies allow eliminating the manual labor and the necessity to do the drawing and calculations on the paper.

That’s why this is a wonderful idea where to invest in.

The program lets you see the future item in all dimensions already on the screen and eliminate the visible drawbacks not in the process of manufacturing, as it usually happens when you do it on your own, but directly at the stage of development.

Moreover, you can create a model in only a few hours.

In addition, the possibilities to make mistakes, which are common for the manual work, are almost completely eliminated.

3D printing and the printing software

For the proper work of the 3-dimensional printers, you’ll need the corresponding software.

Moreover, it is rather specific because you need to make not just a simple picture but the object of a certain shape which must correspond to all set parameters.

Actually, this must be the complex of programs and 3D graphical editors which will control the machine and watch whether it works properly.

The price of such programs is not low but the simple devices can use a free analog from the Google Company – CketchUp.

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3D printing and its costs

The modern technologies have moved forward so much that now there is a possibility to produce 3D printers for small business or home use.

The following factors are said to influence the cost of such printer:

  • The intended use
  • The printing definition
  • The quality of printing
  • The speed of printing
  • The presence of the additional equipment and other tools.

Moreover, the cost is also influenced by the number of the print heads and the envelope.

Ideas how to invest in 3D printing

  1. Dentistry.

    Producing dental prosthesis using the reflecting materials (polymers which can crystallize or harden under the influence of ultraviolet) is a profitable and promising sphere of how to invest in 3D printing.

    Most of the clinics do not have their own equipment and order the required things from other companies.

    That’s why the demand for such service is always high.

  2. Printing the model of the architectural constructions.

    Any architectural company needs plenty of models for both the process of creating the schemes of the future buildings and the public presentations of their projects.

    The same high demand for the architectural models will secure your 3D printing studio with the regular clients.

    That’s why you can invest in this sphere, too.

  3. Decorations and accessories.

    Starting from the simple elements made of polymers and finishing with the items printed from silver and gold – 3D printing allows you creating the unique, individual and unusual jewelry.

    Using the technique of electroplating, you can achieve a beautiful appearance of the items even using cheap printing from plastic.

  4. Souvenirs.

    Relief magnets which were made with the help of a 3D printer, small figures of the well-known architectural buildings of the city, unique cases for the Flash-drives – the possibilities of 3-dimensional printers in this sphere are truly limitless and are sure to bring you huge profit if you invest in it.

  5. The designer’s project of the interior.

    For example, lamps and torches of the unusual shapes.

    3D printing allows avoiding the limits of the traditional technologies of manufacturing the pieces of the interior.

    Creating the lamps you are able to form new light images which will impress every buyer.

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  6. The statues of the well-known characters and people.

    These may be popular heroes from TV shows, video games, cartoons and so on.

    The high quality of 3D printing allows gaining realistic effect but you should also think how to find a good artist because you’ll need to paint the model.

  7. The statue of the customer of his close people.

    Many people wish to have on their table the statue of a favorite character but it’s still more pleasant to get as a gift a small statue of you.

    You are sure to reach high results in this sphere investing in 3D scanners which allow you copying the face features of any person very precisely.

    This is a promising sphere to invest in.

  8. Baking forms.

    These may be the unique forms which are needed for small cafes with the logo of the company or simply the appealing figures which are likely to be bought by an amateur cook.

  9. The teaching materials.

    Performing the three-dimensional printing for the needs of the government and private agencies has limitless perspectives.

    The skeleton’s model for the Biology lessons, the mechanisms which demonstrate the rules at the laboratory works in Physics, the molecular structures of the chemical elements – all of it can be easily made with a 3D printer and it makes investing in 3D printing even more alluring.

  10. Printing the client’s models.

    More and more people interest themselves with 3D printing.

    That’s why there is a wonderful idea how to invest in 3D printing – you can create the service of online printing with the help of which any person can browse his project and get the readymade item via post or delivery men.

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The details of 3D printing

It’s a wonderful idea to invest in 3D printing and build your own small business but before doing it you need to clear out some details.

You must imagine what difficulties you’ll have to face.

3 significant details of using 3D printers:

  1. Regardless of the fact that nowadays they differ by the more developed technologies, you cannot print everything.

    The crucial limit is the printing definition, the sizes and the complicated geometry of the required object.

  2. The stationary models of printers are unable to print complicated packaged devices.

    In addition, there are some limits in color.

    The colorful printing can be done only by the industrial printers.

    The rest of them (in case they have two extruders) can use only two colors without a smooth transition.

  3. After you print the objects, you’ll need to process them additionally (using mechanical and chemical ways).

    That’s why you should stock up with the flint-paper, rasp files, and solvents.

It’s a good idea to invest in 3D printing like in a small business.

Using this machine you’ll be able to manufacture really unique goods which will always cost much.

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