How to Win at Roulette at a Casino?

Are you eager to learn how to win at roulette at a casino? In article you are sure to discover the main strategies, which will increase the possibility to win.

Roulette belongs to the most popular gambling games in the world.

This is a great entertainment and an opportunity to win big money.

However, all endeavors to find an approach founded on Math, which would let people win at roulette more often, have failed.

There exist plenty of ways how to play at roulette, but all of them are not effective enough.

Chaotic location of the chips of different nominal value on the 37 spots (36 numbers and zero), surely, might allow you winning at roulette and bring you big sum of money once, but usually it does not have the wanted and expected results.

So, if you are willing to find out how to win at roulette at a casino, read our article.

Essence and the general rules how to play roulette at a casino


Roulette is a gambling game.

In its classic variant one must guess the numbered cell where the ball will fall on the spinning wheel.

In classic roulette there are numbers on the wheel from 1 to 36 and “0” (zero).

A ball is started by a stickman in the opposite direction towards the spinning wheel and it must make not less than 3 rounds.

During the time the ball is rolling and till it stops people are forbidden to stake on numbers as well as touch the spinning wheel or the ball or do something to influence them.

The main rules of how to play roulette are the following:

  • At first, a stickman offers all people, who sit at the table in a casino, to stake (though it may differ on the type of roulette).
  • The table is represented not only by the roulette itself, but also by the field full of numbers (the same as at the roulette) and various kinds of stakes.
  • After a stickman says the classic phrase that all bets are off and no more bets, they are not accepted anymore and a stickman spins the wheel and throws the ball in different directions.
  • When the ball falls in a cell, a stickman announces the number which won.
  • The profit from the victory is divided between the participants, who guessed the winning number, and the casino.
    If there is zero – all money goes to a casino.
  • Besides, take into consideration that every casino has some limits on both minimal and maximum bets for every position when playing roulette.

Systems of how to win at roulette at a casino

At the very beginning we should note that roulette is often taken as an example of the game, where you cannot learn how to take the leverage over the casino.

Any bet or their combinations have negative mathematical expectation for the gambler.

Nevertheless, every new generation of players tries to invent its own approach, which would be based on Math or statistics, and which would allow reaching regular results – wins. Surely, no one can forbid you to think how to accomplish it.

Dare, create, try.

Lest you invented another bicycle, we’ll try to describe how the most well-known systems, which were used by the players many years (if not centuries) ago, work.

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There is such definition of the mathematical system:

Mathematical system is the one, where the player takes the decision to be grounded only on:

  • the results of the previous game (run) or several such results
  • the bets, which he made during the previous games, if there were any

Let’s follow this definition and let’s not steal the chips from the table, hope to meet a kind stickman or wait for the favorable distribution of stars.

There are plenty of strategies, but all of them are based on several major ones, which we’ll discuss now.

  1. Martingale’s system

    Martingale’s system has been used by the players in its various kinds for more than 200 years, and is probably the oldest one.

    The strategy is the following:

    • The player must double the stake after every failure until the stake wins.
    • After every win, the player returns to the minimal stake (or the one he starts his round).

    At roulette, Martingale’s system is implemented mainly betting on the “equal chances”, i.e. “black/red”, “even/uneven”, “big/small”.

    Let’s start the game with the smallest stake, for instance $1 on RED.

    If you win, you’ll get $2 (income is $1), and if you lose – you’ll lose $1 accordingly.

    Following this strategy after nine successive losses, you must stake $512 on the tenth game!

    The danger is that the strategy may demand betting more than this table allows!

    Another unfavorable option of how the events may be – the player may run out of money.

    Another drawback of this strategy, which our example illustrates – after ten possible losses the player bets $512 to win $1!

    Surely, the example of nine successive losses betting on the equal chances is almost impossible. However, such things also happen!

    Regular customers at a casino may tell you they witnessed 10 or even 15 successive losses.

    Nevertheless, Martingale is still the most popular gambling system.

    Most players use it to the certain level.

    Besides, many other advanced strategies are founded on the same rule – increase the stake after the loss.

  2. D’Alembert system

    • The main idea of this approach is that after the loss you must stake more than you lost at the previous stake.
    • Implementing this strategy at roulette (betting on equal chances), you must increase the bet after every loss and make it smaller after the win.

    The drawback of this system is the same as in the Martingale’s.

    There is a possibility of successive series of misfortunes (when, for instance, black appears more often than red), as a result of which you’ll probably lose you gaming capital or reach the maximum limit of the stakes.

Strategy on how to win at roulette at a casino

As it was previously mentioned, there is no system, which is based on Math and shows you how to win at roulette regularly.

It’s a gambling game, where relying on chances, luck, or theory of probability won’t help you.

It seems that Einstein said once: “The only way to win at roulette regularly is to steal money from the table”.

Using the theory of probability we can achieve only one result – to learn how to forecast the possibility of every outcome and mathematical expectation, in other way – the casino’s advantage.

You should not take the systems of playing roulette seriously.

However, they are often fruitful in other games – for example, at blackjack or video poker, where relying on the basic strategies (systems) the player can get to know how to take leverage over the casino.

Roulette is a game to try your luck and entertain yourself.

However, if we discard all systems, what can we offer for this game?

First of all, the outcomes of gambling games mostly depend on the luck!

However, it won’t be excess to know how to play using the regulations, which improve your chances.

The same is with playing at roulette, where the best approach will be the right choice of rules, according to which you plan to win.

  • Play European roulette!

    The leverage of a casino in American roulette is 5.26%, while in European roulette there is only 2.63%.

    This is one of the reasons why roulette has not become as famous in the USA as it is in Europe, where the roulette table is the emblem of gambling.

  • Avoid betting at five numbers

    In case you still prefer the Wheel with Double Zero, you should avoid betting at five numbers.

    Mathematical expectation in this case will be 7.89% against 5.26% in other situations.

  • Special rules

    Search for the roulette with the “En Prison” or “Surrender” (“La Partage”) rules that lower the leverage of a casino to 2.63% and 1.35% betting on equal chances.

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  • Money management

    Now we are aware of the best pieces of advice.

    Our next step will be to define stake’s size.

    It’s not a secret than many gamblers risk with more money than they actually have; it’s either a pathology or simply foolishness.

    Following several easy tips you may avoid unpleasant situations and raise your chances for success:

    • Decide which sum of money you are ready to lose before you come up to the table.
    • It’s rather reasonable to define the sum of money you may win, and when it’s time you stopped to preserve it.
    • Define the sum of the stake, judging by the cash you have and never exceed it.
    • Another great way to manage your cash capital is to save some money from very win or even the whole win.
      Nevertheless, do not put it to your pocket – a stickman, probably, won’t understand you.

When you stick to these simple tips on how to win at roulette at a casino, you will definitely boost your chances a lot or, at least, you’ll learn how to stay at the table longer.

Any approach presupposes discipline – if you do not stick to the developed plan, it means you have no plan at all!

One more piece of advice: never underestimate your luck – it’s the main component of most gambling games.

Mind that even when you leave with $100 more than you had when you came – you already won!

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