How to Win at Blackjack: 6 tips for freshmen

You are keen on gambling and what to find out how to win at blackjack? The basic information and 3 strategies of winning are gathered in the article below.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the modern casinos.

It goes back to France, where it appeared at the beginning of the 18th century, thought it had a different name then – Twenty One.

The name “blackjack” such exciting entertainment received already in the American casinos.

The owners of the above-ground gambling clubs changed the rules a bit in order to make it more popular with the visitors.

They offered the players pretty good bonuses for the Jack of Spades and the Jack of Clubs on the table.

That’s how the game got the name of blackjack (“black jack”).

In order to know how to win at blackjack a player must study several aspects of such entertainment.

How to win at blackjack? Learn the basic peculiarities of the game.


All games have strict rules, which you can never break.

That’s why people who aim to get only victory must learn the rules perfectly. The game does not have too many of them.

  • Blackjack is played with the pack of cards, which includes 52 of them.
  • Casinos prevent attentive players from counting how many cards are left in the pack.

    That’s why they play with 6 packs.

    Nevertheless, there are some clubs, where it’s not enough.

    There you will usually see the play with 8 packs.

  • It should be reminded that the fewer packs are used, the higher are your chances to win.
  • A dealer gives every participant two cards face down and takes the first one for himself putting it face up.
  • The maximum winning combination is 21 points.
  • The cards have the following numbers of points:
  • the ace brings you 1 or 11, depending on which is more preferable.
  • the high ones (Jacks, Queens and Kings) give you 10 points.
  • the low ones (from 2 to 10) correspond to its nominal.
  • Their type does not bear any notional meaning, because only the number of points is important.
  • You compete not with the partners on the table but only with the dealer.
  • The number of points is called “the hand”.

How to win at blackjack learning the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to gather the combination, which will totally bring you 21 points or the sum, which is the closest to it.

You can add any number of cards to the first two ones, but it’s significantly important not to go too far.

If the sum of your hand is more than 21, you automatically lose.

Such situation is called “bust”.

The best hand here is blackjack.

The combination blackjack occurs when the first two cards bring you 21 points (for instance, 10 and the Ace).

The player with blackjack wins the round.

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If the dealer’s has the Ace, the gamer is able to take insurance, the cost of which is the half of the initial stake.

It will save him from losing money, if a dealer has “natural blackjack” (the combination of the Ace and another card, which brings 10 points).

Such combination is the most profitable for the player, because you can win with it in the proportion of 3:2.

The rest of the combinations, which lead to the victory, are paid in proportion of 1:1.

How to win at blackjack using the Hi-Lo method of counting cards?

The first and the most popular option of counting at blackjack is called Hi-Lo.

Its essence consists in the fact that a person knows how to divide them on few categories, each of which has positive, negative or neutral meaning.

The calculation of cards happens in the following way:

  • from 7 to 9 are equal 0;
  • from 2 to 6 are equal +1;
  • from 10 to A are equal -1.

That’s how the calculation provides with the possibility to trace which cards are in the game, which were discarded and which are still left.

If counting the sum of your hand gives you positive result, your chances to win increase.

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The relation of the high cards to the low ones wishes well to the player.

Taking into consideration the goal of blackjack, which is to win from the casino by gathering the better hand, the game becomes simpler as soon as the sum of hand is high, i.e. when a casino has more chances to bust (they must hit to 17 or to bust).

Strategies of how to win at blackjack


  1. The basic strategy of how to win at blackjack.

    The experts at blackjack and experienced players recommend starting the acquaintance with blackjack by learning how the basic blackjack strategy works.

    It is based on the theory of probability and good knowledge of your hand and the dealer’s.

    A special table was made, which shows how the basic strategy works, and where all possible options of how the cards can behave (in combination with these or those ones) are described.

    The table requires its learning and it’s better to learn it by heart, because it is a significant help to win at blackjack.

    The basic strategy of how to win at blackjack has the following rules and meanings:

    • it does not have insurance;
    • you play on the firm and soft hand;
    • soft and firm cards’ duplication;
    • the refusal to take more, if the dealer has the Ace, 10 or 9.
  2. Doubling down.

    This strategy consists in the possibility of the player to double his stake and, this way, to increase his chances to win.

    Its sense is that after each lost stake you should double the next one and make up for the lost money.

    You must double the stake till the first victory.

    The strategy works only after discarding the first cards, which means person may do it only after the first two cards.

    When should you double the stake at blackjack?

    For example, the player received cards, which cost 8 and 3 points, while the dealer got 6 points.

    In this case there is a sense of doubling the stake, because the possibility that the next step will bring him 10 points is high, while the casino’s dealer will still have fewer points taking the second card.

    Doubling down works when the casino does not set too low limits on the stakes, because then you’ll have an opportunity to double only till the definite moment and you should take it into account.

    Possible options on playing doubling down:

    • If the player has in total 8 points at hand, you can double if the dealer has 3 or 6 when playing with several packs of cards and 2 or 6 playing with one pack.
    • In case the player has 8 points, he should double only if the dealer has 5 or 6 when playing with a single pack and he should not double, if he is playing with several packs.
    • If a person has 11 and the game is held with a single pack, he must definitely double.
    • If he has 11 points playing with several packs, he should double the stake regardless of the points the casino has, but only if the dealer does not the Ace.
    • The sum of cards at hand is 10 points – do not worry and double, if the dealer has from 2 to 9 in both games with one pack or several.

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  3. The strategy 1-3-2-6.

    The principle of how the system 1-3-2-6 works is very simple.

    The numbers in the name of the strategy are the multipliers of the initial stake, if the previous one won.

    It’s important to understand and believe in the constant change of the playing periods.

    Otherwise, this system should not be implied.

    At first, pick any game, where the casino pays in proportion 1:1 to your stake.

    These may be the equal chances in the roulette or the stakes at blackjack or red dog.

    E.g.: Play and put on the stake 10 Euros, if you have 1000 Euros on your account (100 minimal stakes) and use the system 1-3-2-6.

    • So, you put 10 Euros and win.
    • Then you put 30 Euros and you win again.

      In this situation your next step must be 20 Euros and in case you won again, finish the circle with 60 Euros at stake.

    • The next thing you’ll have to do is to put 10 Euros again and repeat the circle.
    • Return to the initial stake after each losing.

    The whole system comes down to the player, who either catches the wave of luck and wins 12 stakes for 4 games or catches bad luck and loses only 4 stakes (initial) for 4 games.

    The difference of 8 stakes shows how profitable it is on the distance.

    The strategy 1-3-2-6 allows playing and winning without big savings.

    We suggest you having at least 100 initial stakes.

    We think that this system bears more psychological meaning, but because many facts of good and bad luck still have not been explained, the system may actually be considered effective.

6 Tips for freshmen on how to win at blackjack

  1. Do not drink when you are playing.

    Alcohol in many casinos is free.

    Surely this kindness is not selfless, because intoxication decreases people’s cognitive skills.

  2. If you plan to count in order to win, you should choose a casino, where you won’t be punished for that.
  3. Start from the minimum.
  4. Sometimes you cannot win only by counting cards.

    A casino can slightly change the rules and everything will be in vain, you’ll have to look for another table to play and win.

  5. Try to pick the tables, where there are not many players.

    The more gamers are present, the more difficult it is to win.

  6. Read some books on how to hide counting cards in casino – it will definitely be useful.

Some players have very developed intuition, which can also help a lot, but still you must know how to play the game and its main principles in order to learn how to win at blackjack.

Good luck!

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