How to Start Recycling Business: Step-by-Step Instruction

You are eager to help the nature and wonder how to start recycling business? Here you are step-by-step instruction of how to start the process.

The general amount of the piled trash is just like the permanent result of our civilization.

It’s not just very big; it would be more precise to say it’s huge.

Moreover, the total volume is always and inevitably growing.

That’s why recycling business, when it’s properly organized, can bring tremendous income, because there are tons of raw materials for the plant, which recycles garbage.

Besides, it’s important to single out the fact that it’s rather easy to start such business because of the low level of competition, as there is very small number of similar factories in the world.

So, how to start recycling business?

Let’s try to discover an answer to this very question.

Kinds of recycling businesses


  • How to start recycling autotyres.

    Tyres’ utilization may be held by one of three methods:

    1. Chopping to tiny bits – is the most widespread and easiest way how to recycle them.

      Chopped rubber is used as filler in soft street coverings, such as in children’s and sports grounds.

      Moreover, tyres are chopped for the comfortable transportation and further pyrolysis.

    2. Burning is the unacceptable method from the point of view of the ecological cleanliness.

      Moreover, it is not suitable for the small business, but, nevertheless, it is still used.

    3. Pyrolysis is the most promising method and a perfect way how one can start medium of small business.

      Pyrolysis (depolymerization) – is a decomposition technology of how to turn the rubber into:

      • technical carbon,
      • gas, which is alike natural,
      • metal cord, material for metallurgical engineering,
      • synthetic crude oil.

    All this pyrolysis’s products are the materials, which are always in high demand and proper organization of distribution will definitely show you how profitable recycling business may become.

  • How to start recycling construction waste.

    At first, you start recycling construction waste by sorting it.

    It may contain concrete, bricks, wood, and metal.

    Concrete’s recycling is reduced to crushing it and extracting metal particles from it at the same time.

    The process has the following stages:

    1. Crushing big parts, for example, using hydro hammer,
    2. Chopping it,
    3. Extracting metal particles,
    4. Sorting them by the size on the rattle.

    The result of such recycling will become the secondary chips.

    Construction waste recycling also has very important meaning from the ecological point of view.

    The construction speed is constantly growing and the old houses are demolished.

    Meanwhile, it’s unacceptably expensive to start dumping the construction waste in the disposal fields and there is not enough space there.

    However, one can learn how to use it again right there!

    Crushing and sorting machines are used to do it.

    Secondary chips may come in handy to fill the old excavation pit, for instance.

    It can as well be used for the construction itself and it reduces the prime costs on 25%.

    World had long ago started practicing not demolition of old buildings, but their dismantling.

    At the same time they sort construction waste.

    It’s possible to use up to 80% of the construction waste.

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  • Utilization of the glass and recycling glass waste.

    The non-standard and broken bottles, which must go to the land fill, as well as the wasted glass can be also recycled and bring rather good income, if you start the business by recycling glass.

    You can take glass waste at the manufacturing plants (there is always some broken glass or wasted), or you may open your own collection station and get it from your own line of sorting rubbish.

    Manufacturers gladly start buying recycled glass waste because it takes less temperature to remelt it that to produce glass.

    Moreover, the economy of much energy and the furnaces, which work in the partial execution mode are very beneficial, too.

    How to prepare the glass waste for the secondary recycling?

    1. You must clean it, and crush with the help of special machine.
    2. Modern machines for glass recycling melt and filter the milled mass.

      The received material may be used not only to manufacture things from glass, but on various plants, which manufacture:

      • abrasive,
      • ceramic ware,
      • isolation,
      • tile and bricks.
  • How to start paper recycling business.

    Nowadays, 50% of used paper and cardboard are recycled.

    However, paper is a different story.

    It may stand only 3 – 5 times of recycling.

    After it, the irreversible deformation of the fibres leads to ruining the connection between them.

    However, regardless of the fact that the number of plants, which are occupied with the recycling business, is constantly growing, the market of the paper recycling business is still far from being full.

    It’s considered to be reasonable to differentiate and sort paper on to 12 kinds according to the level of whiteness, density, wood species and so on.

    The composition of the secondary material defines how it is going to be used further.

    Simple (the so-called wet) technology of paper recycling consists of:

    1. paper dissolution in the water – hydro hammer is used,
    2. removal of all foreign things from it – cyclonic cleanser is used,
    3. in case of cardboard recycling – thermomechanical processing,
    4. thin cleaning of the mass – filtration using sieve.

    In 75% of cases the recycled paper goes to manufacturing the wrapping cardboard and toilette paper.

    The rest is used to produce roofing materials.

  • How to start plastic recycling business.

    Though the household rubbish has many kinds of plastics, the most promising in the sphere of recycling is considered to be PET, i.e. plastic bottles.

    They are the material to produce the so-called flake.

    It’s the product of recycling, which turns not only in the same plastic bottles, but in the pavement tiles, plastic sheet, synthetic hair and many other things.

    The shortened version of plastic recycling:

    1. The preliminary stage: sorting according to its color, removing the stickers, mud and foreign objects, pressing the material.
    2. On the line: crushing, processing in the steam boiler, where the rest of stains are removed, rinsing and polishing.

    Where can one take the material?

    It’s more than enough in the landfills.

    This way, the best provider of flake is the line of rubbish sorting.

    You can buy a portable machine and start recycling right at the polygons, where you have tons of material at hand.

How to start recycling business using a step-by-step instruction?

  1. Filing the documents.

    Before you start any business, you should better consult the lawyers first.

    They are sure to tell you what you must do to start your business legally and how to do it right.

    Then you must get the license.

    The manufacturing complex must pass the ecological tests and get the permission from the local establishments.

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  2. Looking for the place and purchasing the equipment.

    A businessman is going to need a land parcel, the room to manufacture and store, some special equipment, transport and employees.

    A nice place to start such business will be near the landfill or industrial area, using the buildings of the abandoned plants.

    You can turn a small room, which is not more than 100 sq.m. big, to a warehouse.

    To create a manufacture you’ll need the room, which is 300-500 sq.m. big.

    You can also buy portable recycling machines and shift your manufacturing. The work is done manually and automatically.

    You can buy the equipment paying various prices – from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

    It’s better to have a small plant, because giant factories cost too much – up to 20 million dollars.

    Small and medium entrepreneurs can afford a small plant, which will cost up to $50 000.

    The equipment will probably cost not less than $60 000.

    So that your factory functioned properly, you’ll have to buy and install many significantly necessary things:

    • A line for sorting the materials,
    • Pneumomodules to gather the sorted material,
    • A crashing machine,
    • A pressing machine,
    • A magnet.
  3. The required personnel.

    Another expenditure item on the plant, which you must always take into account, is hiring the staff.

    Even a small company of such type needs such workers:

    • sorters,
    • loaders,
    • an accountant,
    • a record manager,
    • a driver,
    • a manager,
    • a cleaning woman.

    It’d be better the administrative room was located not far from the manufacturing itself.

    This way it will be easier to control the subordinates, and be aware of the possible accidents, down times or breakdowns.

  4. Looking for the customers.

    The customers of your services and products from the recycling business may be:

    • Municipal authorities.

      Their main goal is to dispose of the city landfill and recycle the rubbish using ecologically clean methods.

    • Cellulose, woodworking, glass and other enterprises, which are interested in having their waste utilized.

      Enterprises may not afford to preserve the waste on their own territories and may have to pay big fines, if they get rid of the litter using unauthorized methods.

      You can offer the owners of the enterprises to remove the waste charging the lower price than they pay now.

    • The customers of the recycled waste of the leather, polymers, construction waster, rubber technical goods will buy your secondary materials for the industrial and individual purposes.

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Additional facts about the recycling business

  1. Factories’ sources of income.

    The main source of income is the payment from their clients for the recycling on your plant.

    Moreover, the payment for such services will depend on the used technology and the kind of litter.

  2. The perspectives of the factory’s development.

    • regular all-year round income;
    • the possibility to produce some materials, which are implemented in both building and rural industry (for example, polyethylene), and its realization to the individuals.

      The following service will become your additional income.

  3. Risks.

    Every business project has its risks – this one is not an exception.

    The main risks may become:

    • The small turnover of the materials at the beginning of exploitation of the separate rubbish recycling lines may cause down times.
    • The absence of the needed experience in having such business.
    • Small number of clients at the beginning of the factory’s activity.

Organizing recycling business is a profitable thing, which requires definite money investments.

If you properly organize the distribution of the secondary material or get the deal on removing the waste from various enterprises, the pay-off period of your business will be from 10 months to 1,5 – 2 years.

If a businessman does not cope with getting the distribution channels, the firm will probably face much loss.

According to the experts’ opinion, the profitability of the successful enterprise is 40- 82%, because there is almost no competition at this sphere.

In order to gain such results, you should gather as much information on how to start recycling business as possible.

Help the nature and make money on it. Good luck!

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