How to Sell Your Hair?

You are eager to get your long hair short, but do not know how to sell your hair, do you? The article will provide you with the detailed instruction.

If you have really long locks and you are thinking of cutting them, you should know that there are plenty of customers, who are willing to pay good money, if they are suitable to be used in hair extension, making wigs, decorations and other things.

Usually customers need non-dyed hair.

The healthier and longer it is, the more money you are likely to get.

Well, how you can sell hair?

Let’s discuss every step of this process.

How to sell your hair: getting ready


  1. It is likely to be natural.

    Natural hair, which is also called “virgin”, will cost much more than the dyed, because it did not undergo keratin straightening or waving. Such processes usually lead to the damage and the customers need it in its original form.

    Nevertheless, locks which underwent different influences may also be sold, though, the price is sure to be lower.

  2. Do not use hairdryer for styling.

    If you made a decision to sell your locks, stop using hairdryer, curling iron, straightening iron and other thermal styling products.

    Heat damages hair and makes it fragile, which lowers the price on it, unlike the healthy samples.

    • Start taking care of your hairdo and bringing it to order at least few months before wish you sell it.
    • You should also avoid the influence of the sunlight.
      Wear a hat, if you spend much time in the sun.
    • Chlorine, which is always present in swimming pools, makes your locks very dry as well.
  3. Wash your head two or three times per week with shampoo, which does not contain sulphates.

    Sulphates make your locks dry and your risk having brittle hair.

    Washing your head every day also makes it dry, because you wash away all natural oils that are supposed to bring power and shine.

    In order to keep your locks healthy, you should wash them two-three times per week with shampoos, which do not have artificial additives.

  4. Look after the general health condition.

    It is essential to be healthy in order to have healthy and lively hairdo.

    Different problems with health can do harm your hairdo.

    Few months before you sell locks start maintaining them in good shape and do the following:

    • Start eating more protein and useful omega-3 fat, which are likely to make your locks strong and shiny.
    • Drink enough water, lest your hairdo looked dry and slipping.
    • Do not smoke, because cigarette smoke can not only ruin hair’s smell, but also stay on it and add paleness.
  5. Grow hair of the even length.

    The length must be at least 25 cm; the longer the better, because every additional centimeter raises its value.

    At the hairdresser’s, try not to get an asymmetric haircut, because one of the most significant customers’ demands is the even length.

    Now and then you may make your locks even, lest you have split ends, but only a little bit, otherwise you will only lose your money.

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  6. Do not cut it until you find the buyer.

    Fresh cut hair cost much more.

    Buyers frequently look for the locks with natural oils.

    The one, which was cut long ago, gets dry and looses shine.

How to sell hair: look for a buyer

  1. Decide whether you are going to sell your hair via the third-party site.

    Such way allows reaching the highest price.

    You upload the photo together with its description.

    Then, your information is showed to the number of potential customers.

    Those who want to buy it contact you through this site, you discuss the price and how you will receive money before you cut and send your locks.

    Long and good hair, which has unique color and structure, will definitely cost most of all.

    • Natural wavy red curls, which are 60 cm long, may bring you $1000.
    • Straight light hair, which is 30 cm long, can bring you $300.

    Those websites have special calculators of value, which are sure to help you count the requested amount.

    You set the account, browse photos, add the price and other information and wait for your clients.

    If you choose this path, do not cut and send your curls before you get paid.

    Take a picture of the uncut hair, receive money and only then cut and send it.

    This will help you to avoid speculators.

  2. How to sell your hair straight to the wig makers?

    If you are interested in a quicker and simpler option, you should pay attention to the wig manufacturers, who buy hair judging by its length.You’ll make less money, but you are sure to sell it.

    Find the contacts of the respected companies on the Internet, contact them and discuss all conditions.

    Usually they say how much they are ready to pay at once.

    Then you send your hair, and later get the payment.

    Such companies have special demands concerning hair care and how you should pack it before sending.

    In most cases they pay judging by the length and weight.

    Mind that they cut few centimeters at once (in order to get rid of the split ends) and pay only for the suitable length.

  3. Beware of frauds.

    Hair is a precious commodity, and because of it there are people, who are ready to trick women, who wish to sell it.

    Gather all information about the customer before the sale.

    Before you cut your hair and sell it, learn how much it costs from several customers.

    The most important thing is that if you make a deal with a non-respected company, which makes wigs, do not cut the hair before they pay you money.

    Fraud is a problem for both sellers and buyers.

    Buyers can wish to cut the hair on their own or do it at the familiar hairdresser’s in order to make sure they receive really human hair, but not a fake, made from an animal or a wig.

    PayPal will be the perfect service, even better than money transfer by mail or Western Union, because it lowers the possibility of arguing whether the money has already been sent.

    We strongly advise to send package with a tracking code, so that the buyer was able to track his purchase.

  4. One can donate hair, which nobody buys.

    Unfortunately, not all hair can be sold.

    Some colors or types of structure are less demanded by those, who want to make expensive wigs and sctatch-wigs.

    Still, there are companies, who will gladly accept your hair, if you already cut it and want to donate.

    “Wigs for children”, “Children’s hair loss association”, “Beautiful length with Pantene” and “Locks of love” are very famous organizations, which use donated hair and make wigs to present it to those who really need it.

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How to sell your hair: how to cut and pack hair


  1. It is better your hair is cut by the professional.

    Tell your hairdresser you are going to sell or donate your hair.

    Ask her to cut as even as possible.

    Your instructions must be precise and clear.

    The hairdresser can work on your new haircut only after he got the needed length.

    • Hair must be fully dry, that’s why, do not wash your head before cutting it.
    • Do not apply various products and do not use heating devices before you cut it.
  2. Gather all hair in the tight tail.

    Do not use metal hairpins or elastic tape, because they ruin the locks.

    • Gather all hair exactly at the back of your head, where you’ll be able to cut it as short and even as possible.
      A hairdresser must cut the hair right below the pin.
    • Use several pins to fix the tail and light plait, lest the hair split.
    • Put your hair in a thick plastic bag, which you can close in order to secure it before you send.
  3. Send the package according to the deal you made with the customer.

    Pack the hair in the airtight container, lest it got wet or dirty, and then send to the customer.

    Do not forget about the tracking code, and the client will be able to track the package.

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How to sell hair: start your own business

It’s rather difficult to create a constant source of income simply by selling only your hair.

The truth be told, it’s even impossible.

However, you may start your business reselling hair – it’s quite possible.

Your part is to be the medium between the big market players, who want to buy hair and those, who have long hairdos and want to cardinally change their look.

  1. First of all, you need to find potential buyers, learn the prices and understand how much you can earn for every 100 g of each hair type.
  2. As soon as you find a couple of customers, you must get down to the next step – look for those women, who sell their locks.
  3. The easiest way is to publish the advertisement in the newspapers or on the Internet.

In order to build a successful business, you must buy the locks cheaper than you are going to sell.

It’s a very simple trading strategy – buy cheaper, sell more expensive.

Everything is very easy and crystal clear.

Though, actually, you’ll have to take great pains to find enough people, who wish to get short haircut.

Besides, if you are good at haircuts, you can offer your clients a free haircut as a bonus.

In order to have a successful business in this field, you’ll have to work hard and spend much time and effort on the advertisement.

However, the undeniable advantage is that this area is not so widespread, especially, in small cities and towns.

We hope that now you know how to sell your hair.

Before you do it, think everything over very thoroughly and look for a few customers in order to have the most profitable deal.

If you compare how much you’ve spent on hair care products and the sum you are going to earn, the difference might seem not as big as it seemed it would.

So, you’d better see your hairdo as a rational investment – you may sell it any moment, and before it you may wear “almost free” nice hairdo to have both psychological comfort and influence on the representatives of the opposite sex.

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