How to Raise Money for Charity?

In the article below you are going to find the information about how to raise money for charity. Start making good right now!

Many active people sooner or later come to the idea that they have an opportunity to help somebody.

Charity stopped being the destiny of the chosen ones.

Everybody can make a feasible investment in changing others’ lives for the better.

The skill to raise money for charity will come in handy, whether for the charity organization, which you help, or the neighboring family, which needs help.

If you want to help a nonprofit institution in its business, you’ll probably have to face bureaucracy, but having accomplished the whole way to the finish line you’ll gather the needed sum.

So, how to raise money for charity?

Let’s figure out.

How to get ready for raising money for charity?


  1. Contact the organization, for which you want to raise money.

    If you wish to support the good works, money will probably get to the bigger company first and it will be discussed there, where to sent it.

    Contact the charity organization and find out how you can help them.

    For example, Red Cross has special forms, which private individuals and companies can fill in.

    An organization may have fund-raising department, which could help you to clear all details and maybe even help, when you did not even count in it.

  2. Discuss how the donations are going to be transferred.

    Some organizations accept money from private individuals; other – have different methods of money transfers.

    You’ll have to accept the rules of the establishment; otherwise you won’t be able to help them.

    Big and famous organizations (such as Red Cross) watch, who mentions their name in the fund-raising actions in order to avoid fraud.

    Charity institutions may not always accept money from people, or may not need it for the target which interests you.

  3. Keep records.

    You should write down in details every fund-raising.

    It’s also important to know whether the sum of donation is taken from the taxable income of the person, who gives money for charity.

  4. Think how to establish a noncommercial organization.


    If you start doing this business seriously, it’ll be much easier to do it, if you own a noncommercial organization.

    This will allow you sending donations, which will be deducted from the sum of taxable income, to the appropriate companies and they will divide them between the needy.

    • Find out how to create such organization in your country.
    • Learn how to register such organization.
    • You’ll probably have an opportunity to become a sponsor of the nonprofit institution, which solves the problems you are interested in.

      Besides, you’ll be able to use the infrastructure of that association, following its rules.

  5. Try to mention all possible ways how to transfer money.

    In order to avoid bureaucracy and law traps, it is easier to ask people to use those ways of money transferring, which uses the organization that interests you.

    Some institutions have a possibility even to receive money over the Internet.

    This way people will also understand that money comes directly to where they send it.

    Besides, you won’t have to do extra work and transfer it again.

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  6. Start the process of raising money for charity.

    When you learned all law and tax details, you’ll be able to start raising money.

    Later, we’ll tell you how to do it in the most efficient way.

How to raise money for Charity: 11 tips

  1. Believe in things you raise money for.

    You are sure to raise more money, if you believe in the benefit of the work, whether it’s fund-raising for personal targets or a charity organization.

    It’s important to understand that regardless of the reasons why you do it, you must do your best bringing it to all people.

  2. Write the accurate description of the target.

    This is the ground for raising money.

    The description must have the call to actions.

    Moreover, you are to mention whom you raise money for and why.

    It’s significantly important to tell people why they should take part in it.

    You and all your assistants must remember the description of the target and know how to answer any questions about it.

    Confidence is sure to help you raise the needed sum.

    Target’s description must be formulated and people must understand from it – the matter brooks no delay.

    It’s important that people want to donate right now, but not to think about it till tomorrow.

  3. Develop a plan for raising money.

    Raising money means not just going round to all houses and asking for donations.

    • One should plan different events, set goals, gather volunteers and contact all interested organizations.
    • In order to make an event one needs a plan, because it requires a rented place and equipment as well.
  4. Decide how the donations will be spent.

    People, who give money for charity, have a right to know where the money will go.

    That’s why you should know beforehand how you are going to spend them.

    All people, who made the decision to donate money, must have access to this information.

    If you want to gather a definite sum of money (for example, to buy equipment to the hospital), you must explain what you are going to do in case you raise more money or less money than needed.

  5. Think about the targeted audience.

    Different groups of people react to the various goals differently.

    Learn the goal you want to achieve, so that you understood who may find it interesting.

    Conduct your appeal the way that it would find a broad response among this audience.

    Surely, it’s important to appeal to the definite audience, but you should not narrow it to the small category of people, because huge donations may come from the unexpected source.

  6. Try to underline the importance of the matter by all chances.


    Regardless of the target and how you are going to raise money, always remind the surrounding people about your business.

    • Any letter, signature, e-mail, business card must contain the record of your goal.
    • For example, you can send a letter to a person, who donated, tell him how they will be spent and politely add he can make another donation any moment.
  7. Make a list of possible contacts.

    You must do everything, so that your charity business was noticed by as many people as possible.

    It’s significant that you have a long list of contacts, where you’ll send the information and offers.

    Any fund-raising actions require it, starting from the baking fair to charity.

    At first, ask your boss whether you can send the letter to the people from work.

    Some companies allow it and some do not.

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  8. Spread the information.

    Do everything you can for people to notice your action:

    • create leaflets;
    • send e-mails;
    • record an advertisement for the radio.

    People must know that this charity association exists.

    Try to speak about the action with plenty of people.

    If you succeed in gathering a huge crowd, you are likely to attract more people and achieve the desired.

  9. Promote raising money for charity in social networks.

    It’s a nice way how you can tell people what you are doing.

    If you succeed in spreading the information properly, you can figure on big donations.

    Your messages must be short and clear, but do not look like spam.

    • Create a page for charity on Facebook.
    • Think the marketing company through.

      You may use any literature, where this process is described, even if it does not concern charity.

    • Create a profile on Twitter and start attracting people.
  10. Make the donation process simple to the limit.

    The simpler it is for people to transfer money, the more money you’ll gather.

    If you have a site to raise money for charity, make sure it is easy to find any information there.

    If you have a bank account, place the information how to make a transfer properly.

    If the lower threshold for donations is not high, people will feel they can give some money for it.

  11. Thank all people, who made the donations.

    Every person must receive a message from you, where you thank him and explain where the money will go.

    Besides, it’ll be easier for you to turn to those people again, when you decide to raise money again for charity.

    If you raise money for a big establishment, a letter of gratitude is usually sent within 48 hours.

We hope our pieces of advice on how to raise money for charity will help you do the right thing.

It does not matter how you do it: create your fond, give donations or just help a person, who extremely needs it.

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