How to Make Money Reselling?

Learn few ways how to make money on reselling. The article will tell you what to resell and which schemes to follow to have such business.

Do you think you could be successful in trade? Or do you want to finally start? You don’t know how to make money on reselling, do you?

Sell and buy is the old way to make money, which is the source of living power of the capitalism. It is similar to the work of the commission shop, which takes the items with one price and sells them for more money. Nevertheless, this is life and everybody wants to make money.

This way of making money is topical even nowadays, because you shouldn’t do anything.

Most often people with access to the Internet have such business. They purchase the products via the Internet and then offer it to their colleagues and friends with the different price, quite attractive to them.

There is nothing weird about this business-idea. Many people know how to do it.

How to make money reselling things?


Such business became a reliable ground for many successful entrepreneurs.

To organize such business you may choose one of two options:

  • selling the items, which were bought in other places, i.e. usual speculation;
  • purchase the item, its further improvement and reselling with a higher price.

The items may be sold wholesale or in small consignments. Entrepreneurs, who do their business reselling, usually work with the retail enterprises, who offer the items to the people.

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What can people resell to make extra money?


  • Property.

    Many businessmen-beginners often ask question, how to make money reselling property? More often than not such deals are made on the primary market.

    Flats at the building stage cost very little. When the house is in commission, the prices grow essentially.

    To start such business a person must have big initial capital and know how to manage it. Besides, it should be noted how profitable kind of business reselling real estate is.

    However, such business is also very risky. You should work only with the proved and reliable developers least you lose your money.

  • Rearranged flats.

    Businessmen buy flats, which are in a very bad condition. They pull money into them, fix and rearrange them and then set a higher price.

    As a rule, such entrepreneurs have their own repair team and that helps them to save money and secure the high quality of the final result.

  • Cars.

    Reselling cars as a business is very popular.

    Enterprising people buy used cars, fix them if needed, make the dealer preparation and sell with a higher price.

    In order to succeed in such business, a person must know all prices and how to analyze the car market in different areas of the country.

    Besides, there is a need in the circulating capital. Usually the owner of the car, who sells his automobile cheap, wants to get money fast, that’s why you can’t manage without big financial investments.

    It should be noted that the income from reselling cars is big, but the rivalry in this sphere is also huge.

    In order to resell the used car you should put the obtainable price and qualitatively prepare it for the sale.

  • Goods from the foreign online-shops.

    Many entrepreneurs lead successful business with China by reselling things with no investments.

    Chinese online-shops have lower prices than on retail sale. Besides, the shop-assistants give pretty good discounts on the goods to the regular wholesale customers. It significantly increases the sum of money made on the sale.

    The goods bought for resale may be sold to the acquaintances or friends as well as by the personal online-shop.

  • Children’s clothes.

    Children’s clothes are always in demand. Many young mothers use this fact for their own benefit.

    How to make money being on maternity leave? This question is important for many women, who want to use their free time in order to make some money and add it to the family budget.

    Online-shops offer not expensive clothes and toys. If you offer the goods with small price markup to other mothers in hospitals or children’s playgrounds, you’ll make some money.

    Don’t forget about social networks, create a group and learn how to sell your goods with its help. This way you’ll not only buy cheap clothes for your baby, but also make money. It’s a simple and quite profitable way to make money.

  • Goods of domestic manufacture.

    It’s profitable to sell not only clothes or electronics, but also things made with your own hands. First of all, think what you can do and how you are going to organize the process.

    After this evaluate the level of competition and the costs of the products.

    You can do anything; the most important is that the items have to be in great demand.

    You can knit or embroider things made-to-order, create original photo albums, paintings and so on.

  • Wood recycling.

    Trays and pallets are cheap (or even free) and very easy to find. Find the waste wood on the building grounds, repaired buildings and wholesale stores.

    Buck the wood and, if needed, dry it to give it marketable state.

    After processing, you can either resell the wood or turn it into the beautiful furniture.

    At the sale don’t forget to mention that this is the recycled wood, because many people would be ready to pay more for it.

How to start making money reselling goods?

  1. Decide what you are going to sell.

    • You may buy and sell plenty of things, but it’s better to be an expert and know how to work in one definite field.
    • Everybody can buy and sell almost everything: physical things, for example juice or umbrellas, or nonphysical things, such as service or holdings.
    • Remember a couple of principles.
      The rarer this or that thing is the more money people will pay, if they need it.
    • The more labour and experience are included in the service, the higher is the price on it.
      Things, which are being created for a long time, or can be offered only by experts cost much more money than things, which are likely to be done by almost everybody.
  2. Explore the market.

    • You must know the average cost of the sell and buy of the goods you sell.
    • You can learn the places of retail trade, wholesale places, the Internet or other places.
      If possible, look at the tendency of sell and buy of the items on the open market, for example, eBay.
    • The market price of the product or service may vary depending on the chain of circumstances.
      While the price on milk has changed very little over the last 10 years, the prices on gold and oil has changed greatly.
  3. Find the supplier of your goods.

    • Make sure that the supplier is reliable and will sell you goods cheaper than you’ll sell it.
    • Suppliers are often wholesalers.
      A wholesaler is an agent, who is buying and reselling things (and doesn’t change a price) to a retailer, who eventually sells them to the client.
    • If you can buy goods directly from the manufacturer, find out how to get rid of the mediators and you’ll make more money on the sale.
      If you have an opportunity, buy the products directly from the manufacturer and don’t share money with the mediator.
  4. Resell the item to make money on it.

    • Learn the market to choose the optimal time for sale.
      You must find the most favourable market for your products.
    • As a rule, you want to buy cheap and sell expensive.
      It means that the product must be bought for the minimum sum of money, so that you make as much money as possible.

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Reselling schemes to use on the Internet


  1. Reselling goods over the partnership program.

    The easiest way to resell any things over the Internet is to use the partnership programs of the existing online-shops.

    Any self-respectful company on the Internet aims to increase the number of its offices.

    In order to achieve it one must develop a partnership program.

    The user registers on the online-shop’s web page as a partner, gets the links on the goods and spread them in different ways: from advertisements on the personal resources to the ads in the social networks and bulletin boards. For the successful purchase the partner gets some money.

  2. “Contractual” reselling.

    If you have an information resource with quite good attendance, you’ll probably like the next scheme how to sell goods: you find the item that interests you on the Internet, come to an agreement with the shop or supplier about the lower price and spread the information about this item on your resource.

    This technique doesn’t demand any investments, but doesn’t show how to make much money either.

  3. Open your own online-shop for reselling.

    I guess, creating online-shop is the best way to make money reselling things in the world web. However, this opportunity is the most costly and not always repaid. Only by the correctly chosen goods and rational search of the clients one can make money.

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Pros and cons of making money reselling things

Let’s figure out the main advantages of this business:

  • You don’t have to spend money on learning how to create your own brand, purchase of the equipment, salary for the employees, etc.
  • There are no commitments, concerning the backup service.
  • Small investments.
  • Opportunity to control the wholesale and retail prices.

The drawbacks are:

  • The fall of the prices, connected to the widening of the variety of goods.
  • The influence of the economic factors on the prices.
  • Big expanses on the purchase of the goods for resale and the problems with the sales.

Now you know how to make money reselling. As in any other business, this direction of activity demands financial investments. In order not to lose money, you must work a lot. Only in this case you’ll get a stable income.

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