How to Make Money Illegally: 19 Ways

How to make money illegally using 19 illegal money-making schemes with the help of the Internet?

Almost everyone wishes to have a lump sum of money.

Do you wish to know how to profit fast and do not pay taxes?

There is only one answer to this question – illegal money-making schemes.

Read the article on how to make money illegally on the Internet.

How to make money illegally on the Internet?


In the modern world, the illegal ways to make money on the Internet seem less risky.

The income from working online is paid with virtual currency which you can withdraw on the bank card or receive in cash.

Illegal ways how to make money on the Internet:

  1. Sell the non-existing goods.

    Such way of getting income concerns selling sound drugs, phones with X-ray and so on.

    There is a huge demand for these goods and everybody knows that the demand creates the offer.

    The non-existing goods are described in details, advertised, people white fictional reviews on the behalf of those who already tries these goods.

  2. Blackmail on the Internet.

    Blackmailing is based on the poor computer competence of most people.

    The computer of an average user is simply blocked and does not work.

    There is a banner on the screen where you can find out what you should do next.

    The computer’s owner is recommended to transfer a certain sum of money to the certain bank account.

    As a rule, after this transfer, you receive the code of deactivating for the blocking program.

  3. Blackmail using the enciphering of the user’s data by a special virus.

    People demand a sum of money for deciphering the data back.

  4. Trading keys.

    People sell the keys and crack to hack the license of the program software.

  5. Selling personal data.

    Some people sell users’ personal data such as passwords, logins, numbers of bank accounts, pin-codes, the data from the credit cards, etc.

  6. Selling computer viruses.

    Another way how to make money illegally is selling computer viruses as well as their development and repacking.

  7. Selling pirated software.

    People put on sale pirated software and stolen electronic documents.

  8. Selling porn.

    People shoot, spread and sell sites which contain porn on the Internet.

  9. Hacking servers for money.

    Some people order a hack of certain server and are ready to pay for it.

  10. Destroying the data about certain users.

    To destroy personal data about a user means to do some actions as a result of which it’s impossible to restore the content of the personal information in the personal data information system and/or when the material medium with personal data is destroyed.

  11. Hacking the e-mails.

    One may hack someone’s email for cash.

  12. Giving botnet for rent and creating botnet networks.

    A botnet is a net of computers which are bot-infected by the harmful software called Backdoor.

    It allows cybercriminals to control the infected computers remotely (each one separately, a group of computers which belong to the network or the whole network) behind the users’ backs.

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How to make money illegally using the most widespread ways

  1. Carding.

    Among all enumerated ways how to make money illegally, the most widespread one is carding.

    As a result of carding, the operation with a bank card and its data is performed and, naturally, it is done without any confirmation and the initialization of its legal owner.

    The data from the bank cards can be taken from the hacked servers of online stores or any payment system or even from the PC with the help of special software of remote access (such as a computer virus).

  2. Fishing.

    One of the most widespread options to steal someone’s credit card is called fishing.

    In order to gain profit this way, people copy the popular and reliable resource illegally.

    For instance, it may be the copy of the site of the well-known bank and so on.

    Through this website, people steal all data from the user’s plastic card.

Let’s look at several examples of such money-making schemes

In order to learn how to make money illegally and discover how to get the profit fast, you should create several systems at once.

The specifics of such illegal way how to make money is that each option is always on the edge of being discovered that’s why in order to have a regular income, you should secure yourself with several working schemes at the same time.

  1. One-day website.

    The site is created and it consists of 2-3 pages.

    On the pages of such site, you write the alluring text which convinces the visitors in receiving much money after transferring a certain sum to the developer’s account.

    Regardless of the doubtfulness of such scheme, people truly believe in it and many owners of such websites make quite a lot every day.

  2. Illegal trade.

    Everybody must have heard about making money on the referral links and how they work.

    There are projects with the possibility to get profit from clicks and attracting referrals.

    Many users wish to buy such workers.

    The high level of activity on the referral is sold for a huge sum.

    One may make the referral active on purpose.

    This is the illegal part of such scheme.

  3. Offering your services.

    You can offer services which concern creating websites, writing articles and promoting projects.

    You can advertise your service well, convince you are a real professional, take as much money as possible and do your job with the minimal quality.

    The result of the work, such as the promotion of the site, won’t be seen at once but only 2 or 3 months later, while you receive the salary at once.

  4. Creating various pyramids.

    The way of getting income from the pyramids on the Internet is very profitable.

    The name of the pyramid is changed as well as the description of the income’s essence but the scheme remains the same if you study it in details.

How to make money illegally by means of spam?

Spam is the mass mailing of the advertisement messages which is done without the receivers’ permission.

Usually, it is not made centrally from one server but with the help of spammer’s network, simultaneously from several computers which have access to the Internet.

The main kinds of spam using which you can discover how to make money illegally:

  1. Usual advertisement.

    Sometimes it happens that usual companies advertise their services precisely this way.

    However, many experienced entrepreneurs understand that they have the minimum result from such efforts but the reputation of the company is definitely doubted.

  2. Advertisement of the forbidden products.

    Legal companies which use spam are mostly the exception to the rule.

    This method of promotion is mostly used by those who offer illegal products.

    These may be the services of the call girls, selling certain medicine and other doubtful goods.

  3. Adverse publicity.

    If the rivals wish to bad-mouth the company’s reputation, there is not a better way than use adverse publicity and spam mailing.

  4. “Nigerian” scam.

    We think that everyone received such letter at least once.

    It says about the huge win or getting the inheritance from the unknown relative.

    This is just another kind of spam which is rather dangerous for naive people because the only goal it has is to steal as much money as possible.

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How to make money illegally after discovering all pros and cons

The advantages of making money illegally:

  1. Big income
  2. Fast income

The disadvantages of making money illegally:

  1. The danger to meet criminals
  2. You need a team to work with
  3. Criminal penalty, danger, high risks

It’s up to you to decide how to build your business.

Everything will depend on your skills and whether you are afraid of responsibility if you pick any illegal way.

The answer to the question of how to make money illegally is a quite working scam which goes beyond the principles of moral ethics but brings high income.

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