How to Make Money at a Casino: 4 Options

Do you want to find out how to make money at a casino? Here we’ll speak about all peculiarities of such way to make money and the rules of some gambling games.

The question of whether it’s possible to win at a casino is torturing people from the day it came to the world.

The advantage of a gambling house is not so big and is very often hidden by the equal chances to win or lose.

Beyond all question, from time to time victories are noticed here and there, but is there any proved scheme how to make money at a casino?

In this article we would like to discuss the answer to this question in details and share all advantages and recommendations with you.

Peculiarities of how to make money at a casino


Casino is an establishment, where by means of roulette, gambling tables for different games and craps, gambling slot machines and other playing equipment various gambling games take place and have money at stake.

How should you behave yourself to make money at a casino?

  1. Attending casinos you can accept as a way how to get adrenaline buzz.

    Prepare some small sum of money, which you won’t regret losing in case of a loss.

  2. Do not exchange all money on the casino chips and you’ll find it easier to understand that you have not lost everything yet, and in case of a fast win you’ll be able to leave sooner.
  3. As soon as you sit at the card-table or roulette, you’ll be insistently offered free alcohol drinks.

    Everything is already thought after, and the quicker you’ll get drunk the quicker you’ll start losing or you are likely to start making higher stakes.

  4. Take part only in those games, the rules of which you fully understand.

    Discovering all details of one more game is likely to take you much time, but at a casino time is money.

  5. One of the casino’s myths is that you are able to win much money only if you set high stakes.

    However, the cases, when jackpot was takes at a gambling slot machine, are not very rare.

  6. Do not sit at one table for too long.

    You may try yourself at roulette first, and then go to play poker or gambling slot machines.

  7. Security service at a casino works perfectly well.

    Some time later you might get in the black list as a person, who wins too often.

  8. One can come to a casino only for luck.

    However, this luck should be accepted as a gift of fortune.

    When you accept it, never come back to the casino again.

How to make money at a casino playing roulette?

There are plenty of ways to play roulette, but far from all of them are rather effective.

We all know the famous Hooke’s method, or how it’s also called – Jeeves pattern moves: you should bet on the red till it appears, increasing the sum twice every time and when the required color appeared you need to start betting on black and also increase the sum twice till red appears.

For instance:

  • We bet 1 dollar on red;
  • The color was black;
  • We bet 2 dollars on red;
  • The color was red;
  • Our income = 1 dollar;
  • We bet 1 dollar on black.

Nota bene: in case there is zero, you need to double the sum of money and bet on the opposite color, i.e. if you bet one dollar on black before, now you need to stake 2 dollars at red.

How to make money at a casino by playing craps?

If you are interested in how to make money at a casino, you should pay attention to craps, which usually requires two dice.

Throwing them every time, you’ll get the result in the sum of points at the dice.

The game is divided into two parts.

In the first part Point is defined, and in order to do it the first throw must be made.

The second part consists of the rest throws and is called Point Roll.

The bets are made before the game started.

Usually these are Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line stakes, but you are allowed to make other kinds of stakes as well, except for Come and Don’t Come.

As soon as all the stakes are made the first throw may take place.

In order to learn how to make money at a casino you need:

  1. To take into account the duration of the game: if you plan playing craps for long, you should reasonably count the size of your every stake to limit the losses.
  2. To stick to one style of playing: you play either aggressively with stakes’ increase, or reasonably with the smallest stakes.
  3. To go for a rise: one of the basic principles of the effective play in craps presupposes the increase of the stakes after every win.

How to make money at a casino playing gambling slot machines?

Many people have a weakness for the “one-arm bandits” (slot gaming).

Win (or, it’s better to say loss, because the percentage from this win is equal 30) depends on the program, which is installed in them.

The algorithm is defined and it’s impossible to count the possibility to win.

It’s crucial not to hurry in this situation and never try to hit the jackpot.

Try, train, improve and dose your thrill of the race.

If you go to a casino not to “jangle nerves”, but to make money.

How to play card games to make money at a casino?

Slot machines, card-tables and craps – the modern casinos offer their visitors plenty of entertainments.

Nevertheless, their list would never be complete without the most popular games – cards.

In order to make money at a casino you need to know how to play card games:

  1. Poker

    Traditionally poker is played with 52 cards.

    At first, before the cards’ distribution, the participant of the table must define his stakes and the size of ante (the mandatory stake before the distribution, which makes every player, who takes part in the game).

    The distribution of the cards is happening clockwise starting from a stickman.

    He gives 5 cards face up to everyone and four for himself, also hidden from the rest.

    However, the last one he shows to everyone and it is considered to be the casino’s privilege in poker.

    Having estimated the given cards you should define whether you go on playing or leave the competition.

    Then, if you decide to try your luck, the participant must add to the bank another Bet, which is twice bigger than the initial ante.

    In those situations, when the rules of poker allow one player having several boxes at once, their review happens in turns.

    When the situation with every set is estimated, it’s time for the dealer to demonstrate his combination.

    The comparison of the combinations between the button and the player happens, when the final mandatory and sufficient poker set, which is called the minimal game.

    In most cases of variations these are the Ace-King.

  2. Blackjack

    The blackjack’s object is getting the combination, which are equal 21, or the closest number to it, but not more than it.

    The meaning of the cards is the following: aces (to the player’s choice) are either 1 or 11, the cards with faces – 10, the rest have the nominal cost.

    The ace or cards with faces and 10 at the first hand are called blackjack and such player wins at once.

    In one game from two to twelve players are able to participate and it is usually played with two packs of cards.

    A casino has the permanent leader of the blackjack table, and he or she is responsible for reshuttling and distributing the cards according to the inner rules.

    After the initial distribution the players learn the cards and decide whether they should leave things as they are or get another one trying to reach a goal of 21.

  3. Baccara

    The rules of how to play baccarat may differ depending on the variation: the most widespread are the mini-baccara and Punto Banko.

    A player stands against a dealer and must get the maximum points from the combination of two or three cards.

    At a casino one may try to win in baccara using different strategies, but there is no win-win strategy.

    That’s why you should rely not only on your sharp mind, but on the good luck, too.

In order to understand how to make money at a casino, you need to learn how to treat a game easily.

A professional player knows that eventually he’ll get the profit, that’s why he treats losses calmly.

They are the part of the big game, and he understands and accepts it.

Take a definite sum of money and say goodbye to it at once.

Accept that this money is already lost and do not worry about them.

The fear of losing money is the biggest mistake.

The one who fears always loses, because the luck is always at the side of the brave.

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