How to Invest 100 Dollars: Verified Methods

Are you looking for the information on how to invest 100 dollars? In our article you are likely to find the methods of investments and augmenting this sum.

Profitable investment of small sums of dollars is a rather difficult question, which definitely faced almost everybody.

As soon as we receive some income, there are only two ways –to waste or to multiply it.

It’s significantly important not to lose our dollars, but make them multiply and to make ourselves develop and grow.

The smaller is the sum of income, the more difficult it is to multiply it – it’s an axiom, but you must be aware that difficult does not mean impossible.

In such a serious situation it’s significant to set an adequate goal in front of you.

From the very beginning you should not concentrate on the final result and do not count the profit too early.

Now we are going to discuss and learn how to invest 100 dollars.

How to invest 100 dollars in PAMM-accounts?


You are going to need an investment instrument, which opens wide possibilities to get passive income, even if you do not have much money.

They are known as PAMM-accounts and are managed by the specialized broker’s companies.

A PAMM-account is an investing service, which allows the investors to gain profit without the need to trade at Forex on their own, and the managers can get additional percentage for managing the investors’ capital.

Description how PAMM-accounts work:

  • A manager creates a PAMM-account and transfer there a definite sum of money (the manager’s capital).

    Trader risks his own money as much as investors’, which makes his trading more cautious.

    After it, he creates a formal offer, where he mentions the terms of relationships with investors, including how many percents he’ll have from the profit as a reward for managing the account.

  • An investor studies the independent rating and invests money in a PAMM-account, where he is satisfied with the managers’ work efficiency.
  • Then he trades at Forex market using his own capital and the investors’ money.

    Income and losses, which are received after trading, are automatically split between the manager and his investors in proportion to the invested sums.

Using this instrument brokers’ clients receive 100% of income every year.

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Advantages of investing 100 dollars using this method:

  • Secured risks.

    The investments in PAMM-accounts are not secured in the direct meaning of these words: here we speak about the investor’s possibility to invest his money in several managers.

    It allows diversifying risks and neutralizing the risks of losing everything under the disadvantageous conditions.

  • Passive income.

    If you are thinking about how to invest 100 dollars, so that you could get income without taking part in the process, PAMM-account is an optimal choice.

    All operations at the market are made by the experienced traders, while the clients of these managing companies make money.

  • Reliability.

    PAMM-accounts are not fully controlled by the manager, that’s why he does not have a possibility to withdraw money without notifying the clients.

    It’s very important due to the fact that you neutralize the possible fraud.

    Besides, there is a rating of market insiders’ efficiency and their reputation.

How to invest 100 dollars in Lending Club?

Lending Club is the biggest online-platform in the USA.

It allows private individuals lend money to other private individuals.

It replaces high cost and complexity of a bank credit by a faster and more rational way of lending and investing.

Lending Club is very careful in the questions of satisfying the loan applications and only 10% of all applications get approved. It means the chances on getting money back successfully become much higher.

How to make 100 dollars investing this way:

  • Creditors may chose whom they are willing to give money, investing only 25 dollars in the loan, the full sum of which varies from 1000 to 25000 dollars.

    They may also become creditors in the application baskets to the debtors of different levels of risk.

  • Lending Club takes the borrowers fee and gets the difference between the percentage the creditors get and a higher stake which the debtors pay.
  • Creditors may make annually 14,5% on the five-year loans in Lending Club, when the level of loan default has been only 4,9% for the last three years.

    Deduct the loan defaults and the share of the Lending Club, and the income will be 9,6% annually before paying taxes.

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How to invest 100 dollars in Robo-Advisor?

If you do not know how to invest 100 dollars and where you’d better start, the automated system Robo-Advisor will definitely become handy.

Robotized investing advisors have been existing in the developed countries for several years and every year their number, as well as the sum of money they control, is gradually growing.

Robo-Advisers appeared for the private investors in the USA in 2008.

To the most famous investing services in the world nowadays belong Wealthfront, Betterment, Nutmeg, Future Advisor and so on.

How this principle of investing works:

  • Firstly, they analyze the investor’s age, planned sum of investment and the risk-profile (his disposition to risks or lack of it), and then they create a suitable investing portfolio for him.
  • This investing portfolio is usually formed from the exchange market investing funds (ETF), which are able to secure the proper level of investments’ diversifying and optimal combination of risk and profit.
  • An investor opens an account at Robo-Advisor, puts 100 dollars or more there and the robot’s algorithm automatically completes and maintains the balance of weight in the portfolio.

    If needed, it may do the rebalancing, but as a rule not more than once in a quarter.

How to invest 100 dollars in yourself ?

Why not invest extra 100 dollars in yourself?

Even this small investment is able to provide you with a possibility to improve yourself and receive new knowledge.

The examples of how to invest 100 dollars in yourself:

  • online-courses.

    For instance, the Udemy website is now the leading one among suchlike projects.

    There you are sure to find courses from 16 dollars;

  • buying books.

    It may be the professional textbooks or the reference books, which contain some new information for you;

  • starting your own business.

    For instance, it may be a home based business – soap-boiling, doing hand-made things, growing vegetables and greengrocery.

4 tips on how to invest 100 dollars

Regardless from the fact that 100 dollars is not a big sum, you should not just waste it.

The strategy to invest small sums all the time will gradually lead to the thing, which is often called “the snowball effect”, when small sums cause exponential growth and become big.

In order to achieve these results you must use the right strategy and keep calm, be disciplines and honest.

How to invest 100 dollars properly:

  • Study the options, because there exist plenty of various investing possibilities.
  • Pick a broker or a mutual fund, which will fit your needs.

    Use the services of a broker or a mutual fund, which will invest money on your behalf.

    Besides, there are people, who work even with such small sums.

    You must definitely evaluate the costs and value of the broker’s services, with which you will be provided.

  • Avoid the temptation to have risky and profitable investments, especially at the early stages of your investing activity, when you are able to lose everything making one wrong move.
  • Ask for advice at the beginning of your activity.

    Consult a professional or an experienced person in the financial questions (it might be your friend or relative).

    Do not be too haughty and admit that you do not know everything.

    Many people would like to help you to avoid the early mistakes.

Setting a goal in front of you to multiply 100 dollars, you must be ready to invest additional money.

The main first income, which you’ll get, will be the knowledge and experience in creating a platform for the increasing investing project – from the smallest ones to the biggest.

If you succeed in understanding how to invest 100 dollars and make from them a big sum of money for a year, having 1000 dollars you’ll achieve even more.

Invest in your knowledge by means of experience.

Good luck!

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