How to Increase Views on YouTube?

How to increase YouTube views using the proper description of the videos + 3 ways how to attract attention to your work + editing + 5 useful tips?

Many people became popular and even famous due to YouTube.

However, one famous person accrues to hundreds of people who cannot cope with the problem of a small number of YouTube views.

In case you wish to discover how to increase YouTube views, you must do several things: shoot an exciting clip, describe it properly, and share.

How to increase YouTube views writing proper descriptions?


3 main details you have to study in order to increase the views on YouTube:

  1. Give your record a right title.

    For instance, if it concerns the lizard, the word “lizard” must definitely be mentioned in the title.

    You can call it “”.

    The name must be attractive and eye-catching as well as short, exciting, and up to the point.

    In case your clip shows how you throw the macaroni and cheese being a child, you can call it “the catastrophe with macaroni and cheese”.

    You’ll interest the audience but won’t reveal the details.

  2. Describe the content very precisely.

    Many people neglect this detail but you must treat it seriously if you wish to reach your aim.

    Mention all the details, revealing in 2-3 paragraphs everything interesting and precisely the events the visitors are going to see in your work.

  3. Choose the best tags.

    Pick all keywords you used in the title and description and gather them in the category

    Tags in order to receive great results.

    The more suitable tags you pick, the more times it’ll be shown in the results of the searches requested by other users.

    You may choose the tags which are typical of your video and the similar clips to promote its popularity.

How to increase views on YouTube sharing the video?

  1. After you browse it on the channel, you should share it with as many people as possible.

    The earlier you do it, the more users will see it.

    If a week passed before you share it, perhaps, it’ll stay unnoticed.

    Remember that time decides everything.

    Think when your targeted audience watches the records on YouTube.

    Open the access to your clips exactly then (you’d better do it in the evening or on the weekends).

  2. Send your work to all friends, relatives and colleagues.

    Make a list of emails of those people who know you and who might be interested to see your new project on YouTube.

    Send the link to those people and ask to watch it (write how interested you are in their opinion about the work done and it’ll encourage them to look it through).

    If you do not care your letter might irritate some users, you can send it to as many people as you can.

    If your video is intriguing and the letter is convincing, you have the huge chances that even those who do not know you well will see it.

  3. Share your work on the social networks.

    Publish the link on such social networks as Facebook and Twitter or others.

    In case you maintain a blog or a website, you are able to take advantage of it and promote your record.

    If you do not have them but your friends do, you can ask your friends to publish it in their blogs or websites.

How to increase YouTube views editing the clip: 4 important steps in editing

  1. After you made the video, you must open it in a special editor and delete all unnecessary pauses and other moments.
  2. If you succeed making it dynamic, people will be more eager to watch it.
  3. The good sound record can improve the clip and hide some drawbacks you had with the voice.

    YouTube has a wonderful audio-library where you are able to choose any record.

  4. Add text information – your email, website address or other data.

    Some people might watch it on other resources (and not on YouTube).

    In this case, you must provide them with the information about yourself.

    Moreover, the text can also attract attention to the image on the screen.

  5. Add the captions so that the users knew how to find you.

    Moreover, you should add several shots because people like watching additional scenes in the end of the clips and the time they watch it is increased.

How to increase the probability that people will see it on YouTube?

  1. Abstracts.

    How to increase YouTube views?

    Using the abstracts is a good way how to increase the number of views.

    They can connect one clip to another and to the whole playlists and channels.

    The abstracts can recommend the users watching the similar clips if they enjoyed your work.

    This way you’ll keep the attention of the audience within several hours.

  2. Subscribers.

    There is a principle which always works: you increase the number of subscribers on your channel and, consequently, you’ll get more views.

    Your subscribers are going to see the clips on their home pages and tune the settings to get the notifications from your new projects.

    If you wish to increase the number of subscribers, you are able to ask the audience to subscribe to your channel in the end of the record or send email letters with such a request.


    Ask the users to “like” or share your clip.

    In the end (or any other moment) you can ask the audience to do it and mention that it’ll take only 0, 12 of a second to push this button.

  4. Playlists.

    Create playlists – the so-called lists of videos which automatically turn on in turns.

    Playlists are able to make people watch several episodes at once.

    For instance, if you create a list with the gymnastic skills, your audience might watch the episode about cartwheels and then one about arm balance at once.

How to Become a Famous YouTuber?

How to buy YouTube views?

  1. You can also consider buying the views.

    Depending on the type of your profile and the way how you buy them, it may lead to the violation of YouTube rules and you’ll be banned.

    Moreover, you risk dealing with the frauds.

  2. Choosing the service.

    Choose the one which guarantees that neither your video will be deleted nor your channel will be banned.

    A good service offers the following:

    • The users will watch your videos to the end (or most of them);
    • The users will watch them not from their cell phones (otherwise, it might lead to the ban and deleting the record);
    • The number of views will grow gradually (so that it looked naturally);
    • The increased number of views will be accompanied by “likes”, comments, and subscriptions (so that everything looked naturally).
  3. Choose the service in accordance with your budget.

    There are plenty of companies which offer their services for different prices.

    Compare the price policy and the range of services that different companies promote and choose the one that corresponds to your budget.

    In addition, you must read some feedback from their clients to avoid fraud.

5 tips on how to increase views on YouTube

  1. Come up with an interesting and short title, which hints on the content.

    Make sure you write it without any mistakes.

  2. Be certain your clips are interesting and topical and do not shoot only one theme – change the topics from time to time.
  3. Help the newcomers on YouTube – later they will be able to help you increase the number of views (who knows, perhaps, they will become the stars of YouTube).
  4. Leave the comment to every watched video.

    The users who published them will appreciate your actions.

    If you criticize something, you must also praise something else.

  5. Be polite because people value it.

How to increase YouTube views by a blogger who only opened his channel?

If you wish to do this kind of business and receive plenty of views, you must treat it seriously.

Only high quality, interesting and useful content can help your video gather a huge number of views and win the users’ love.

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