How to Get Money from the Government: 13 Best Ways

How to get money from the government using the social benefits + help for women + purchase of a house + pension + stipend.

How to get money from the government if you find yourself in a difficult situation?

In which cases may you hope to get the financial support from the government?

How to get money from the government using social benefits


4 social benefits’ programs of how to get money from the government:

  1. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

    The USA citizens and immigrants have a right to participate in the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP).

    SNAP provides people with the possibility to buy food in special stores.

    Some states have their own policy of supplemental nutrition assistance which is financed by the state’s government.

    Moreover, there may be different rules in different states which explain how immigrants can take part in the project.

  2. Services to help people who suffered from the domestic violence.

    People who suffered from the domestic violence have a right to get federal benefits and such services as shelters for women that were beaten or SNAP.

  3. The program of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

    The program of temporary help for the families in need is federal and according to it, people in need get support and assistance in getting a new job.

    In different states, the terms and conditions may differ from one another and some states even have their own policies of assistance which are financed by the state’s government.

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  4. Helping people with physical and mental limits.

    People with physical and mental limits have a right to participate in such projects as Medicaid, SNAP and have either retirement or invalidity benefits.

How to get money from the government from 5 programs which help women?

Single moms, who do not work or make very little money, have many social benefits which are sure to support them.

  1. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

    It is a special project developed to support pregnant or nursing women with the low-income, infants, and babies to 5 years.

    Those who take part in the project have rights to get in the network of stores dairy products, vegetables and fruits, cereals, beans and some products from their personal lists free of charge.

  2. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

    The following policy, which is also well-known by the name “the food stamps”, is created to support the people who have an extremely low salary or do not work at all.

  3. Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

    It is intended to support the working parents, people with low salary or parents who are looking for the job.

    In this project, families with children under 13 (19 in case the teenager is invalid or has some special needs) are able to take part.

    The project is not free and works like the addition to the payment: one-half is paid by the program and the other one – by a family.

    The sum of payment depends on every definite case.

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  4. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

    It was developed for children under 19, whose parents have bigger financial possibilities than Medicaid requires but are still unable to afford children’s insurance.

    In some states, this insurance covers the parents and pregnant women, too. CHIP covers either completely or partially all doctors’ visits, vaccination, and the dentist’s services.

  5. Medicaid.

    The American governmental program of medical aid suits people who have less money than the official level of poverty is.

    Their advantages are usually used by pregnant women who have no idea how to manage the financial side of pregnancy and delivery.

How to get money from the government using Earned Income Credit?

The Earned Income Credit is a credit which represents the compensation of the federal taxes in the USA.

Moreover, there exist some forms of the tax credit for the earned income, which are given on the state level and in some cases even on the level of municipal government.

Though it’s quite small for people without children, people who have kids can have rather sustainable tax credit of the earned money.

The main goal of such project is to fight poverty because the earned income credit is offered mostly to people will very low salary.

Those, who do not have children, get very small credit and it is given only to people with poor financial possibilities.

Moreover, if the yearly income is more than a certain sum, which is stated by the law, he loses the right to get the earned income credit.

People who have one baby or two children get bigger sums of the tax credit, which depend on two factors.

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The factors which influence on getting money from the government:

  1. The number of children because the more children you have the bigger will be the sum of money you’ll get.

    In a case of a family couple, the sum of the earned income credit is increased (if the rest of circumstances are the same).

  2. The level of income because such opportunity have only people or families with little money and, as a rule, its size is set in the percentage of the total income.

Some factors will not let you get the earned income credit because it’s mostly given to families with extremely low salary.

For example, any person or a family couple with the investing income of more than $2900 (the sum might vary) has no right to get the earned income credit.

Besides, in order to get the desired financial support, one must have the actual number of social insurance and live on the territory of the USA more than the half of the tax year.

The exception is made only for those who served in the military with the dislocation out of the USA.

3 other ways, how to get money from the government using other ways

  1. Buying a house.

    The US department of Housing and Urban Development is able to help in various domestic matters.

    It may be a purchase of a house, reselling it or even the house’s repair.

    The help does not stop on the expert conclusions and some pieces of advice.

    The department actually gives you real money to cope with the initial installment and to cover the expenses.

  2. The plan of retirement benefits.

    The plan of retirement benefits (pension) is the financial agreement which allows people to continue getting some regular salary after retirement.

    One of the peculiarities of this pension plan is the fact that the pensioner receives the payments within a certain period of time (which usually look like the number of equal monthly payments).

    The plans of retirement benefit may be provided by the employer as a part of the benefit from the government.

  3. Pell’s grant.

    How to get money from the government for education?

    Pell’s grant is a governmental student’s stipend named after the senator C.

    It is offered to the college students who did not receive the bachelor’s degree yet (the maximum personal grant is 5 645 dollars).

    The financial state of a student is defined by a special index.

    The receiving of such stipend does not intervene receiving other kinds of help from the government and is guaranteed in case the money does not exceed certain sum in total.

How to get money from the government?

You’ve just learned about several possibilities how to get financial help from the government.

All of them exist to help the US citizens in need but you must firstly prove you have a right to get money.

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