How to Become a Famous YouTuber?

You have your own channel, but do not know how to become a famous YouTuber, do you? Read our pieces of advice.

Limitless possibilities of the Internet provide everyone with a possibility to make much money with the help of YouTube video hosting.

The most important here is to reveal your imagination, a bit of stubbornness and patience.

In order to become a really successful and famous YouTuber, you need to come up with a fresh and interesting idea, take a video of high quality and interesting plot and think how you can secure some advertisement to your creative work.

Nowadays, video blogging has become exceedingly popular.

Bloggers usually make short (not more than 40 minutes) episodes and release them on YouTube.

The most popular topics are the games’ reviews, critics on cinematography and humor.

Nevertheless, you may choose any other direction, which you like and are really good at.

Let’s try to find out how to become a famous YouTuber.

Step-by-step instruction on how to become famous YouTuber


  1. Create a name and design of the blog.

    Before you become a famous YouTuber, you’ll have to do enormous amount of work.

    The primary level of the promising blog is its name and design.

    You should not give your blog a silly or childish name.

    It must sound good and be very memorable.

    Here works the marketing rule – originality provides sales.

    You should not use numbers or many identical letters, because it’s likely to alienate the potential followers.

    However, the name, which gives a hint about the content, is sure to be the first factor that increases demand.

    Choosing a name you should not do plagiarism.

    If you violate the author’s rights of another user, at first you’ll get a warning and then you’ll be shut down.

    The second step in becoming a famous YouTuber is to create a headline banner and complete the description.

    Your headline banner is like a bill or a poster.

    You should use the following programs to draw a worthy header:

    • Adobe Photoshop;
    • CorelDraw.

    You must know how to work with editing programs, because something plain will only alienate the visitors.

    You may also turn to the designers or any freelance exchange.

    Description includes all details of what is going to be present in this very blog.

  2. Preparing the needed content.

    As soon as you defined the course, you can start doing the main thing, which will help you to become a famous YouTuber – to shoot interesting content.

    The easiest case we can observe with “letsplayers”.

    They do not need to be on the screen, because the most valuable things happen on their monitors.

    In order to shoot a review of good quality you may find useful the following programs:

    • UVScreenCamera;
    • Fraps;
    • Bandicam;
    • CamtasiaStudio.

    If your leading course is the one, where you must be present on the screen, you’d better know how to shoot good videos.

    Two routine things in YouTubers’ everyday lives are light and equipment to shoot episodes.

    Do not forget that proper light may help you to highlight or, on the contrary, hide some face features.

    You can easily find the ways how to set the light on the Internet, but the most important is not to put the light behind you, otherwise you’ll be just a black stain.

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  3. Camera and microphone.

    What can you shoot with?

    The optimal variant for home blogging is a reflex camera or a video-camera.

    These two kinds are rich in settings and have really high quality of result.

    For action-shooting a GoPro camera or a usual smartphone can do.

    However, a smartphone is not a perfect option because there are not so many settings.

    Still, if you have nothing else at hand, and volcanic eruption is happening nearby, it will also suit.

    All video bloggers need a microphone!

    You’d better forget all cheap models, because it’s almost impossible to achieve normal sound with them.

    What kind should it be – a table one or integrated in the headphones, you may choose on your own.

  4. Acting skills.

    Apart from all this, you’d better improve your acting skills – a joke receives more feedback if it is followed by the appropriate mimics.

    Unlike letsplayer, you won’t be able to read from the notes, and because of it you’d better learn the part by heart or improvise.

    One must be confident and speak directly to the camera, otherwise the visitors will probably think how incompetent a YouTuber is, and won’t visit his channel again.

  5. As soon as you are done shooting, start editing!

    The recorded content is only an intermediate product (or you can say half-finished).

    Later editing includes cutting off the excess things, adding promo, music and everything what you wish.

    Mind that the purpose of introduction is to interest visitors not less than the filling itself.

    Then, if you really want to become a famous and successful YouTuber, it’s significantly important to make your materials perfect, and by doing it we mean:

    • polishing episodes by deleting unsuccessful moments;
    • reshooting some takes;
    • adding music;
    • inserting special effects;
    • inventing bright introduction.

    You should not neglect interesting and original stills.

    It should attract audience and make them look the episode up to the end.

    You should not finish the episode abruptly.

    At the end you may add some answers to the questions, which were asked in the comments or the still, which includes the information about the future episodes.

    Which soft can you use to edit episodes?

    These programs are the most popular among the bloggers:

    • Adobe Premier Pro;
    • Sony Vegas Pro;
    • Pinnacle Studio.

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How to become a famous YouTuber: some pieces of advice


  • Constantly release new videotapes.

    You should frequently add new videos, because this is one of the most important factors how you can win over the audience and make sure you are noticed on YouTube.

    The process of regular weekly downloads may seem rather slow and never ending at once.

    However, after you release 50 videos (depending on their content) people will start subscribing at you, if your records are interesting of course.

    Eventually, you cannot become popular doing nothing.

    Regular video recording can seem a full-time job, because more than 9 000 users built their careers this way.

    If you have a unique idea, think how to create an episode about it.

    Be careful, if you copy ideas in order to become famous YouTuber fast.

    Eventually, it may ruin your reputation, which is the main key to success on YouTube.

    Some people think that browsing more than 100 videos per day will make them more popular, when it actually leads to plenty of unviewed ones.

    They can be considered spam and won’t bring you any reviews.

  • Release exciting records, which will be extremely interesting to watch.

    For example, if you like singing, why not make a cover version instead of sitting by the table and reading the lyrics of your favorite song.

    Spend some time learning the song, learn how to behave in front of the camera and add your zest to the performance.

    Do not add video, where you are simply singing – mix it with something else.

    Browse a couple of episodes, where you take part at the show of talents or practice singing in your car.

    If you make exciting and unusual content, people will gladly return to your channel and watch the latest content.

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  • Promote yourself and your brand in order to become a famous YouTuber.

    Self-promotion is the most important thing.

    Fortunately, there are such websites as, which serve to help you promote your channel free of charge.

    YouTube allows setting the order of content display, that’s why you should use it for your own benefit.

    Many successful and famous bloggers know how to use text and images to advertise their brand.

    Brand is a perfect way to promote yourself or your company, and defines who you are and what you do.

    Beautiful graphics can attract visitors to your channel and help them remember you, which is extremely important in achieving success on YouTube.

  • Leaving positive feedback to the others’ work is another way how you can become a famous YouTuber.

    Give good feedback to the popular videos and this way, you’ll receive some views and make a first step to become a famous YouTuber.

    You simply must shoot something interesting, which is connected to other YouTube channels.

    Apart from browsing videos in response to others, you’d better leave comments to different users.

    Try not to spam and leave comment like “I’m singing”, because you do not relate to it anyway.

    You’d better leave comments on records, which are similar to yours (yet not so popular).

    This is likely to help you to join the YouTube community and gather followers, and maybe even make some friends.

    Do not ask people to subscribe.

    Your aim must not look as if you were trying hard to become popular.

    Frankly speaking, you must not concentrate on achieving success, making everything possible for it.

  • Add social networks to your channel.

    Adding Facebook, Twitter or Keek is likely to help your visitors circle between your social platforms.

    The main thing is to remember to shoot new episodes of high quality and with interesting content, so that the audience liked it.

    If you browse one video per week, you’ll have some time to work with it.

    There are several methods of good shooting.

    If you record yourself by the table – buy a gadget to set the light and a camera with high resolution.

    There is nothing worse than a blurred record, which was shot in the darkness, with terrible sound and without background music.

We hope that now you know how to become a famous YouTuber.

Mind the most important things – do your best, get inspired and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

It’s not an easy thing to have a video blog, because it demands great dedication and patience.

Get inspired by other famous YouTubers (but do not copy them) and soon you are sure to invent your own unique style, which will make you famous all over the Internet!

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