How to Attract Money Fast: 22 Real Ways

How to attract money fast using 5 reasons for lack of money and 22 ways how to attract it?

How to attract money fast to your life?

Simple but rather effective ways and methods are sure to help you.

How to attract money fast using 5 reasons for lack of it?


Before you understand how to do it fast and fill your wallet, you should find out why this has not happened before and which mistakes you make.

Let’s discuss the main reasons which usually prevent people from having money and success right now:

  1. The limited beliefs state that if you were born in a poor family, you’ll subconsciously associate money with negative energy.
  2. The usual models and patterns of behavior convince that a person must be a slave of the surrounding circumstances, habits and wrong images of the real world.
  3. The absence of development is definitely a reason because for the proper development a person must attend training and do some practical exercises.

    They are sure to develop the skills and experience which are required to achieve real (material or financial) result.

  4. Wrong people around also prevent you from becoming rich.

    In order to become rich, it’s not enough to adopt the habits of the people who can take care of themselves; you must learn how to think like a financially independent and successful people.

  5. The absence of gratitude.

    You must learn how to be grateful to God (Universe, the supreme intelligence) for the things you have and the things you can get.

11 pieces of advice on how to attract money fast

  1. Share the things you have.

    In order to attract money, you should start to share with others those things you already have.

    The act of giving the money to another person will form and strengthen in your subconscious the fact that you are so rich you can even share your wealth with the rest of people.

  2. Get rid of the debts fast because if you wish to be financially reliable and understand how to allure income, you must get rid of the debts once and for all.
  3. Thoroughly pick what you say and stop speaking in a negative manner about your financial condition.

    When you complain about the absence of cash, you attract the circumstances which secure that you won’t have enough or it.

  4. Let go all your anxieties and stop worrying about profit, comfort, security and other material things.

    Many theories of achieving success and wealth assure that the less we are obsessed about something, the more we attract it.

  5. Firstly health and then money means that being sick, it’s extremely difficult to become wealthy and rich.

    Due to this fact, it’s very important to devote your attention to the mental and physical health.

  6. Find the flow of wealth and focus on it.

    Train your look to see wealth instead of lack.

    This way your mind will be focused on the wealth in your life.

  7. Save your thoughts from the harmful influence and never accept the affirmations about the lack of money from other people.

    Especially, if you live with a person who constantly complains about its absence.

    Willingly or not he’ll constantly poison your mind and won’t let you attract much income.

  8. Spend your time wisely because if you are willing to attract big sums, you must learn how to do it.

    Spend money in order to make more of it.

    You can do it investing your profit and increase it even more.

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  9. Respect money and value the sum you have – both in paper and coins – in order to become something like a magnet for money.

    Do not throw them on the table or somewhere else.

    Keep them carefully in your wallet without folded corners.

  10. Be rich and thriving in all relations.

    If you wish to attract income to your family, you should try to create the atmosphere of wealth and prosperity around yourself and it will occasionally remind your subconscious that you are rich.

  11. Study the ways of thinking of rich people and the psychology of wealth.

    In order to attract, save and multiply the profit, you can constantly learn from those who achieved success and got huge income.

    If you do not know any millionaires, you should not be disappointed.

    You are able to study them using some books and film about them.

5 rules how to attract money fast

  1. Work out the right way of thinking.

    How to attract money fast?

    Start your day with the convincing words which have magical power.

    They say the thoughts are material and these are not just empty words.

    Constant thoughts about poverty bring it to your life.

    Forget such phrases as “it’s a shame to be rich”, “everybody in our family is poor” and so on.

    Change them on the life-affirming ones – it’s easy for me to make money, I’m a magnet for money, and I’ll have a well-paid job – and attract money to your life.

    The words you repeat every day will be fixed in your consciousness and lead only to good circumstances which bring you easy money.

  2. Boost the self-esteem.

    Love yourself and behave like a rich person.

    Get rid of the habits which are typical of poor people.

    Value your work and time you spend on it.

    If you consider your salary to be too small for you, you’d better leave the job. Working for pennies you waste your precious time.

    Perhaps, you’ll have to master completely unknown sphere of activity or even get another specialty which will bring you the long-expected income.

  3. Spend your money properly.

    Firstly, you should define what sum you wish to earn every month.

    However, you should not see very far and set the goals to increase the income several times at once.

    It’s quite important not to get a big sum once and fast, but to stand your financial ground with the perspective for the future growth.

  4. Visualize.

    Everything you dream about and wish to get must be definitely visualized or imagined.

    The most important here is to avoid in your fantasies imagining the difficulties you might have on your way.

    Devote at least 10-20 minutes every day to visualization to come closer to the real goal.

    Do not make yourself do it but enjoy this.

  5. Increase your personal money energy.

    Successful people are always full of energy.

    Increase the power of your energy and soon you are sure to notice how you bring money into your life, become more successful and rich.

5 simple exercises to learn how to attract money fast

Exercise 1 – wealth.

The more you focus on the things you have, the more you attract it.

The more you focus on the things you do not have, the less you allure them to your life.

Consequently, if you want to attract money with the power of thought, you’d better focus on the fact that you have it.

Exercise 2 – fear.

The main blocking element which prevents us from having much money in our lives is fear.

Start facing your fear with a straight proud posture and highly raised head and transform it into wealth.

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Exercise 3 – happiness.

Money is only the tool which must serve for the good cause.

That’s why you should define clearly what you actually value in your life and spend your income according to your values.

Exercise 4 – value yourself.

Your self-esteem and dignity are the things which measure how much you deserve. Money does not come to people with low self-esteem.

Every day you must note what valuable things you bring to the world and you should also note what for you love yourself.

Exercise 5 – reward.

You must start a bank account which will be called «Money for me».

It may be a real bank account or just an envelope or even a beautiful box from cookies.

Every time you decide not to spend money on something, you must put this sum into this fund.

How to attract money fast with the help of Feng Shui: 4 different ways

  1. In order to attract money fast, there exist some special objects such as a horseshoe which is hanged on the wall with the ends up, a statue of a frog with three limbs, an elephant or a turtle as well as money trees which also allure money and good luck to your life.
  2. If you have an aquarium, you must definitely have a golden fish.

    Water itself brings positive energy, that’s why you can easily decorate your house with the pictured of the waterfalls and water sources.

  3. However, water can deprive you of wealth and good luck.

    It usually happens when the bathroom has some leaks.

    That’s why you should control the proper work of the plumbing.

  4. Good luck loves those whose house is shining with cleanness.

    So that the flow of wealth and success energy did not avoid your home, you should get rid of the things you do not need.

This way, the answer to the question of how to attract money fast is hidden in the peculiarities of our thinking and psychological settings.

We must change our points of view and practice every day to learn how to become rich.

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