How Can I Make Money without a Job?

Do you ask yourself how you can make money without a job? Our article is sure to provide you with a couple of methods.

If you lost your job or simply do not want to devote all your time to a job in its traditional meaning, you still need to live somehow, don’t you?

Actually, there are plenty of ways how you can make some extra money in order to make ends meet even without a job.

If you do not expect to live like a millionaire, you will definitely make money for living without a traditional job.

The key to your success is in small sources of income and the ability to save money!

If you wonder how you can make money without a job, this article will definitely help you.

How can I make money without a job using different sources of income?


  1. Transform your favorite hobby into a job.

    Whatever you are occupied with, making money requires time, and time + money = job.

    Whatever you do to make enough money to live may be considered your job, even if this is not “a job” in its traditional meaning.

    If you simply want to avoid a job that you are sure to hate, or the feeling that you overwork, make your hobby your constant source of income.

    Whatever you do, you can monetize your hobby.

  2. Do some tasks on the Internet.

    There are several websites, which allow their users doing quick tasks in exchange on little money compensation.

    The most popular suchlike website is Amazon Mechanical Turk, but you can try ShortTask as well.

    Mind that if you do these tasks, your payment will be really little, but you can easily make them while you are doing something else (watch TV, take a bath, or going somewhere by bus).

  3. Take care of pets and houses of other people.

    When people go on a vacation or a business trip, especially if it takes a long period of time, they want to make sure nothing is going to happen to their houses or pets, that’s why they might hire a person and give him small payment, so that he lives in their house and took care of their pets until they return home.

    Start looking after houses of your acquaintances in order to gather some recommendations and then start looking for a job on the Internet or reading advertisements in the newspapers.

  4. Resell old things.

    Visit flea markets and different websites regularly in order to find free or cheap things.

    It often happens that you can clean or fix old things, investing little money in them, and then resell them for a higher price.

    Sometimes, you won’t even have to do anything: very often people sell things at a cheap rate, because they want to get rid of different things fast or they do not know how much they really cost.

  5. Lease your home.

    If you own a house, you can rent a small, cheap flat and lease your house.

    In case you have a good house, your temporary flat is cheap and the mortgage is already covered or does not require huge monthly payments, you can make pretty much money in such a case.

    It may be either a short-term business (e.g. you can lease your home only to holding meetings or special events) or a long-term business.

    Check the laws about house renting in your region.

    If you are not able to lease your house without a special permission, you might get in some serious trouble.

  6. Lease a room in your house.

    If you have a room (or rooms), without which you can easily live in your house – this method to make money will definitely suit you the most.

    It is likely to let you save some money every month without a job.

    You just need to lease the rooms to the responsible, trustworthy tenants, who will pay you in time and respect your property.

  7. Use your body.

    No, not the way you thought about.

    You can sell your blood, plasma, hair, egg cells or sperm.

    Moreover, you can take part in medical experiments.

    Some of these options require much time and attention, but some of them are really quick and easy.

  8. Run errands of other people.

    Many people need to do various things, but they are unwilling to do them, or just do not have enough time.

    However, they are ready to pay someone, if he runs these errands.

    Such tasks may include almost everything: from shopping and buying product to cutting grass, from visiting a doctor to delivering a package.

    One of the most popular websites, where you can look for such errands is TaskRabbit.

    As s rule, you need to undergo a personal data check and have a car, but, apart from that, you must be able to find many sources to start making money.

  9. Stock photography.

    When websites, magazines or other media need images, instead of taking them on their own, they turn to stock photography, i.e. they pay someone if they need to use his works.

    Using a camera of high quality, you may take several good pictures and put them on sale on Flickr or any other website devoted to stock photography.

    If you make enough good pictures, you will be able to make good money without effort.

  10. Start tutoring.

    If you are really good at something and have excellent skills (e.g. you always had 5 on Math at school), you can become a tutor in order to help children succeed at school.

    You can easily find many advertisements and see how many people look up the tutors on different websites.

    You’ll probably need recommendations, but you can make good money without effort.

  11. Work with an advertising agency.

    There are plenty of possibilities to make money in the advertising agencies.

    You can make money taking part in various focus-groups or surveys.

    Besides, you may work as a secret customer sometimes, and after such job you may resell the received goods in order to make money.

    20|20 Panel is a popular site if you seek such possibilities.

  12. Develop goods’ design.

    If you know how to work in Photoshop and have basic art skills, you will easily make money creating various designs for T-shirts and other goods and then sell them on the Internet.

    Websites like Society 6 and Redbubble allow you creating T-shirts and household goods.

    They are going to sell, manufacture and send ready-made goods instead of you (in exchange for a share from the sales), but you will still make enough money on them.

  13. Write content for the websites.

    Many websites offer money if you create new content.

    For instance, Listiverse and eHow pay money for the articles, which were written by their users.

    However, such job requires skills to produce new content very quickly. You must know what you want to say and how you are going to put the ideas in words, and learn how to type on your computer very quickly!

  14. Start a blog.

    It may seem like a real job, but if you do it because you like and enjoy doing it, it won’t be a problem at all.

    Find a topic, which you like and understand well, and write articles on it, create videos on YouTube, etc.

    Add to your website and videos some advertisements in order to make money.

    You may use such instruments as Google Adsense, because they will significantly simplify your work.

How can I make money without a job by investments and per cents from the banks?


  1. Per cents from the bank.

    You can live on the previously saved money, if you put money on interest in the bank.

    If your savings are rather big, the per cents you receive will also turn to a relatively attractive sum of money, which you can withdraw from your bank account every month.

    Besides, the main sum of money will still be on your account in the bank, that’s why you won’t lose anything.

    If a bank rate is higher than yearly average inflation, you can even profit a lot, because the increase of savings will happen faster than monetary depreciation.

    In any case, the percentage from your deposit may be a nice addition to the salary or even become the main source of income.

  2. Investing.

    Another way of making money without spending whole days at your working place is investing.

    This method is rather risky, but the profit in case of success is also much higher than from leasing or banks.

    To invest means to give your money to other people’s projects.

    One can invest money in securities of different companies and business-projects.

    You cannot say that one of these branches of less risky and another one is more profitable.

    Shares can increase in value as well as rapidly lose the value.

    The same is with the projects – a project may either bring huge return on investment or become a complete failure.

    However, if you are smart, careful and, the most importantly, lucky, you’ll make much money on the stock market.

    Be very watchful and do not invest your money to the projects without 100% certainty it’ll be successful.

    One should invest money to any sphere very carefully.

    It’s better to invest relatively small sums of money first.

    Then you can invest only the money you made on the project.

    Under favorable conditions you’ll be able to return the sum you invested at first and multiply your money loosing nothing at all.

We hope we answered your question “How can I make money without a job?”.

Pick something from the previously mentioned options, which suits you the most and receive profit without having a job in its usual word sense.

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