How Amanda Hocking Made a Million Dollars?

5 advices from Amanda Hocking who knows how to sell ebooks correct.

Amanda Hocking is 26 years old. She lives in a small American village Austin (Minnesota) with a bit more than 20,000 residents.

Less than a year she earned a million dollars selling her ebooks through online Amazon Kindle Store (she set for sale the first two works on April 15, 2010 ).

An average monthly edition of the ebooks which she sold has 100, 000 copies. Only in January 2011 she got $450 000!

She was already offered to make a film on one of the books so its quite possible, that soon this girl will earn much more than Joanne Rolling does (the author of Harry Potter book). Anyway, paying into account Amanda’s income from selling ebooks (and the number of the works, there are 19 of them), she has already done it.

How to Make Money Reading Books?

That’s due to the most popular American online Amazon store which does ebooks selling (without any fear that the ebooks can be copied and put online for free) of the well-known and not so well-known writers ( only 30 per cent commission, which this store will get).

The easiest things which you can do in selling ebooks: simple steps


We are living in a new book publishing age. It’s known that several years before the future of the book depended on the publisher (if he takes or doesn’t take), but now it depends on the reader (if he likes — doesn’t like, if he buys – doesn’t buy).

Today anyone who has never been known and who has never published anything without any publishing houses can make a million dollars by selling ebooks on Amazon Store!

You just need to register on this store, read FAQ, put online your books and wait when money will come.

So many ebooks you sell, so much money you get. The author receives almost all the money if the ebooks are sold (that is 70%). And there are no any extra expenses (the registration is free).

Sites to Make Money Online

Moreover, you can write not just in English but in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

And even in Russian!

The authors, who are selling ebooks, receive money every month either on their bank accounts in the American banks or by check (its better)  if the sum on the account is not less than $100.

5 advices from Amanda Hocking how to be successful in selling ebooks

  1. She is a writer of fantastic fiction which is so popular nowadays (she writes about vampires, trolls and other evil spirits).
    Moreover, she writes for young people (like she is), thus who are the most active in the Internet.
  2. While selling ebooks she set the lowest prices among the other writers – 4 of them cost 99 cents per one, the rest five costs 2-3 dollars.

    When she was asked,»Why are they so cheap?». She answered, «I can spare».

    As the young author’s works are interesting first of all for youth probably the price was the very one factor which played the key role in her so rapidly growing popularity.
    Lots of them were buying her ebooks because of interest as they are the cheapest among the others. And only later people started buying them due to the increased popularity.

  3. She writes not just the single novels but their continuance thus guaranting selling by the writer’s regular readers.
  4. A young writer communicates with her followers every day, she writes a lot about herself in her blog —, in Twitter and Facebook.
  5. She is serious enough in her creative work.
    I have read in the blog that she is constantly rewriting or remaking something but doesn’t put a new novel for selling till it is completely «born».

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