Best Way to Sell Books: 7 Pieces of Advice

You’ve got a very big old library and now you are seeking for the best way to sell books, are not you? The Internet, stores or collectors – the choice is all yours.

If your shelves at home are full of books but you still continue to buy and read them extremely fast, it seems that it’s time you shared this treasure.

The best and easiest way to get rid of them is to give them to a library, but in case you are reluctant to give them for free, you may try to sell them.

Read our article on the best way to sell books to do it successfully.

1. Best way to sell books on the Internet


Doing it on the Internet is the most convenient way because in order to organize the sale you do not even need to leave the house.

Nevertheless, this way is often the longest one, too.

Until someone notices your advertisement and makes sure no one sells a cheaper version of this edition, you’ll need to wait and it might take much time.

If you wish to close the deals fast, we suggest you selling books at the websites with narrow qualification

  • Book Scouter;
  • Cash4Books;
  • Powell’s Books;
  • Bookbyte;
  • RentBooks:
  • And eCampus;

Such sources are often visited only by people, who are interested in the literature, unlike the users of the portals with a large number of categories like eBay, Amazon, etc.

Compare the websites to sell books.

There are several sites, which let you make the list of items.

Some sites have even a narrower specialization and sell only student’s books, while others offer various kinds of literature.

To pick the best way to sell books you should take into account the following things

  1. Payment for using the service may vary because some sites take the equal sum of money for every sold item, while others get the percentage from the book’s cost.

    There are sites which only take the membership fee instead/in addition to the commission.

  2. Website’s policy concerning the delivery.

    The item must be delivered after the sale that’s why you must study the delivery terms.

    Learn whether the delivery will influence on the sum of your income.

  3. How to receive the money?

    When someone orders your book, the website usually transfers the money to your bank account using PayPal or another payment system or sends you a check.

    Some of them transfer money at once, while the rest do it once or twice per month.

  4. Learn the best way to add the book to the sales list.

    Usually, it’s very easy to put a book for online sale when you have the seller’s account on the site.

    You simply fill the ISBN and describe the condition of the item or sell it without any additional information.

  5. Study the site’s reputation and the number of people who will see the advertisement.

    Most big websites secure nearly the same big number of reviews.

    Nevertheless, you should remember to pay regularly and in time.

The deal on the Internet may turn out to be profitable because there are no mediators and you do not need to share your income.

Besides, this is the case where the bargaining is also appropriate.

The main thing is to feel whether it’s reasonable to raise the price a little if someone gets interested in making an order, or it is better to lower the price if you risk losing the potential buyer.

3 recommendations on the best way to sell books

  • First of all, you should communicate on the forums on the Internet and learn all needed information using various social networks.

    Never ignore the advertising portals because lots of them are interested not only in clothes and household appliances but in the books, even second-hand ones.

  • Moreover, you must leave the advertisement on the sites which occupy themselves by selling literature from the home libraries.

    Many experts believe that it should unite most of your offers and at least the bigger part of them if the list is too long.

    There is a chance someone will be interested in your whole collection.

  • Do not be limited by the list and provide the potential customers with the additional information: genres and authors.

    If there are not many items, you may add the year of edition, the publishing house and how well it was saved.

    You may even add photos of your books.

    Besides, some websites offer something like a quiz which explains what should be mentioned in the advertisement.

2. The best way to sell books in the store

Speaking about the possibility to turn to the real bookstore, we may confidently say there are some advantages and disadvantages of it.

The biggest advantage is that the deal is closed very quickly – you just gather the books, bring them to the store and get your money.

However, the store, as a rule, very often lowers the price, which is the main drawback of this way.

Besides, it’s important to remember that not every shop will accept your old books, that’s why before visiting each store in the city you can call and discover whether a certain store sells old books.

Selling books to the booksellers

If you own the antique valuable editions, you’d better turn to the booksellers.

Such stores take the old editions for sale and are oriented on the price, which the owner wants.

Nevertheless, you should not go too far: if you ask for too much money, they’ll accept the book but it will definitely stay on the shelf for several years still not giving you the desired sum of money.

Some booksellers organize auctions and you should not refuse to participate because you might be lucky and get even more than you expected.

This will become the best way to sell books.

Books which are sold the most are those, which have:

  • The author’s signature;
  • Rare illustrations made by a famous artist;
  • Editions which suffered from censorship;
  • With the notes made by famous people.

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3. Best way to sell books through the advertisement in the newspaper

You may publish a free advertisement in the specialized newspaper.

As a rule, such publications are made in every city.

Finally, you may write the advertisement or print it and spread around the neighborhood.

Actually, almost each book is in demand, you just need to find the very person.

4. Best way to sell books is to sell them to a collector

You may try to contact a private collector on the Internet.

There will probably be some interested people in the rare, antique editions.

Usually, such collectors pick their orders themselves, and the seller does not have to pay for the delivery and transportation.

Nevertheless, if you are sure you have a unique item, you must spend some money to consult the real expert.

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Best way to sell books using 7 pieces of advice

  1. Set a certain price which is generally equal to the rest of the similar offers.

    If you wish to sell fast, you’d better set the lower price.

    If you do not care how much time it is going to take to sell your books (or if it is in extremely high demand), you may set a bigger price.

    Moreover, you should take into account all expenses (delivery and site’s commission).

  2. Wait because the books in demand (such as student’s books or bestsellers) may be sold the same day, while the rest of the literature will take you days, week or even months.

    In addition, there is no guarantee you will ever sell all of your books.

  3. Learn the price of your books from the local sellers.

    More often than not, the fastest way is to sell a book to the local sellers.

    Perhaps, you won’t get the best price, but you are sure to save time and money (on the site commission and delivery).

    If it’s important to you, sell to the local stores, especially if not many such books are sold online.

  4. Be very attentive and do not put the same advertisement on two websites at once.

    If the book is sold on two sites simultaneously, you’ll have to buy the copy and deliver it to the customer.

    Otherwise, you risk getting negative feedback and, perhaps, paying a fine for the undelivered item.

  5. Assess the time and realize that if you are going to sell many books, it will take long.

    Even if you sell several books, you should think how much time and money you’ll have to spend to get rid of it.

  6. Be careful publishing your personal data on the sites, especially the information about your bank account or credit card numbers.
  7. Pay attention to the details and always read all details of the agreement.

In case you have not found the best way to sell books, you may take part in the world’s book crossing movement.

This term means free exchange of the literature.

There are special places, where you can bring your books and exchange them on some other (more interesting or those you have not read before) for free.

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