Summer Business Ideas

In the article you are going to find the rating of the topical summer business ideas. Chose the perfect one for you and start acting!

Any kind of enterprising activity is either directly or indirectly connected to the change of season.

This factor influences the popularity of the particular goods as well as services.

Most branches of business are somehow connected to seasonal factors.

If you come up with an idea of a fast business without investments, summer will be the perfect time to fulfill it: the business will quickly reach the break-even point and bring profit.

Such options will suit both newcomers and any experienced businessmen.

However, preparations for your summer business should better be started beforehand

The easiest way to make money is to use people’s need for coolness; that is selling ice-cream, cool beverages, conditioners, sunglasses, or even pocket fans.

Remember the experience of the firms, who managed to get their yearly receipts for the summer season!

Surely, proper marketing, the structure of the manufacturing, and the variety of goods and services influence the level of demand as well.

There are about 50 000 seasonal firms in Europe and nearly 60 000 in the USA.

Which summer business ideas can everyone quickly put into life?

Let’s study the top ideas and figure out the answer to the question.

General characteristic of the summer business ideas


  1. It’s a quick and easy start.
  2. Initial investments are usually small.
  3. High level of recoupment and its velocity.
  4. The price for the item or service may be a bit overstated.
  5. High level of demand and profitability of the business.

The business, which does not depend on the season, is divided on the periods of reporting: reporting every month, once in a quarter, half-year or a year.

In this case it’s significantly important to arrange the scheme of delivery and regulate their rhythm.

Seasonal business is limited by three months – it’s a full of value project and one needs to foresee and prevent all possible risks and pitfalls.

You must count everything so that the needed items came to you in the needed amount and in the previously agreed terms.

Quality information logistics is also extremely important.

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Street sale as a summer business idea

The first seat of honor among summer business ideas is taken by selling souvenirs, ice-cream, and beer.

Regardless of such variety of goods, both categories – ice-cream, on the one hand, and souvenirs, one the other, – perfectly suit summer business.

The reasons, as you understand, are trivial: all those things command popularity from the people, who rest, and in both cases the seasonal overstate on such items is more than 100%.

What do you need to start such summer business?

There are two options for this:

1. The first option: an economic one.

In this interpretation, a novice businessman has no initial capital.

Then he can handle it with a small money investment and will need the following:

  • to arrange a place;
  • to rent a refrigerator and/or a the point of sale;
  • to take the goods for sale, it’s quite real for the short period of time.

Actually, that was all and now you can start your summer business.

The profitability, as it has been previously mentioned, is more than 100%, but the substantial expanse will be the payment for the working place because the price of the good spots grows in the twinkle of an eye.

2. The second option: here we implicate the presence of the serious (as for small business) financial capital.

In this situation, it’s optimal to develop from the source of business.

Besides, you are going to find useful the things mentioned in the first point.

In the example with ice-cream business it will look like this:

  • You buy the machine for making soft ice-cream and frozen yogurt (it’s a rather new and fresh idea).
  • Near the point of sale you place few tables (not the café, but simply tables).
  • You add the coffee machine.

Speaking about souvenirs, you must not only sell them, but provide your clients with additional service like, for example, photo magnets, cups, and so on.

Moreover, your equipment may be partially located in the street in a small stall.

Doing it, you will be able to combine manufacturing with selling in one small summer business.

Another summer business idea is an amusement park

The second position among summer businesses is occupied by the idea of an amusement park.

Besides, both portable and stationary rides are very popular in summer.

The bright representative of a portable ride is a zorb, and among stationery ones you can find various trampolines.

Though, this category also includes different shooting ranges, from traditional pneumatic ones to a more modern bow, crossbow shooting ranges, or even darts (the latter have been very popular because of their mobility).

Additionally, one can remember the whole chain of summer rides – cars, medallion’s making.

Friendly speaking, among the huge list of rides, it’s rather difficult to single out the most promising options for summer business, but all of them have their pros and cons.

The most popular ideas for business on summer rides:

  • trampolines;
  • pneumatic shooting ranges;
  • crossbow shooting ranges (due to their novelty);
  • making coins and medallions;
  • shooting ranges with darts and balloons;
  • playing rides (cars, horses and so on).

Making sweets as a summer business idea

The third position among businesses suitable for summer is devoted to the remote making of sweets.

First of all, it’s cotton candy and popcorn.

The first variant, as well as the second one, does not require big financial investments; add to it minimum demands on the point of sale and get a perfect idea for your small business.

Surely, by this the ideas of such kind do not end. It will be also rather good to do business by baking Hungarian kalaches or donuts.

All these directions are characterized by the presence of one machine for making the product itself and the minimum requirements for the place and resources.

In this context, there are plenty of ideas, and one can easily find something really new and unique for a definite region.

The main advantages of such summer business ideas are:

  • technological simplicity;
  • minimal investment with big profitability from manufacturing.

On the other hand, they have a list of substantial drawbacks like the “drifting” law concerning sanitary control.

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Extreme entertainment as a summer business idea

The fourth position for a small summer business was given to extreme entertainment.

By the word extreme we mean an unusual entertainment with the tinge of adrenaline.

Here one can include the list of water entertainments, among which there are:

  • water scooters;
  • water skiing;
  • fishing from a boat.

Speaking about water entertainment, it should be noted that every single case requires initial capital, though experience shows that even such an expensive thing as a water scooter can be easily compensated by one or two summer months.

Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls.

The thing is that these entertainments are rather risky and require a definite qualification from the owner.

On the other hand, water entertainment is not the only pebble on the beach, and one can arrange similar activities on the shore.

These are horse riding, photos with exotic animals (or even with trivial doves).

Moreover, summer season is a tourist season, and tourist trips have also established a good reputation.

The latest trend is a costume party on the loan of nature.

There can be no full list of suchlike ideas because the idea is based on giving a person something new and unusual, and it goes to the leap of imagination of the novice beginner.

The sphere of services & summer business ideas

Various services occupy the fifth position among the summer business ideas.

Summer comes with the growth in demand for the entertainment.

In the resort towns usual and everyday services also become more demanded.

This buying fever provided with a possibility of work to the whole pleiad of people with definite professions.

Business as a summer profession:

  • masseur.

    The service of this category gets at least two times more expensive, plus the resort regions have always long queues.

    Another plus is the non-captious relation to the quality of the masseurs’ work, holidaymakers, nevertheless.

  • cosmetologists and manicurists.

    Both categories are extremely popular because spending days by the sea or river and evenings being beautiful seem rather weird for the men’s logic, but facts are facts – hairdressers as a summer profession is still more weird and usually concerns only pigtails and dreadlocks making.

    In spite of its sidedness, such work can bring $200-$300 per day, which is not bad for a seasonal work.

Actually, summer business ideas do not end with this.

However, the experience proves that nowadays these summer business ideas are not only very demanded by the entrepreneurs, but, which is more important, desired by the customers – and this secures the availability of such business.

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