15 Business Ideas for Small Towns

Small business ideas for small towns: 4 ideas without investments + 3 ideas with the minimum investments + 4 wonderful ideas + 4 promising solutions.

Sooner or later everybody thinks that a life can be much brighter, more interesting and the income may be much higher.

Having your own business will help you control your time and have as much money as much time and efforts you put into it.

Today we’ll discuss small business ideas for small towns.

Business ideas for a small town have their own advantages and disadvantages


Business in a small town has the number of advantages:

  1. You’ll need much fewer investments to open your business than you would need in a metropolis.
  2. The low lever of competition and many niches are still free.
  3. The advertisement will cost you less.
    In addition, the word of mouth works better in small towns.
  4. The residents are not so spoiled and it’s easier to impress them.
  5. There is a little work in small towns and you are sure to find the employees very fast.

The main drawbacks include the limited potential audience and pretty low purchasing ability (the income here is lower than in big cities).

Business ideas for small towns and the assessment of the possibilities

Choosing what to do, an entrepreneur must rely on his own knowledge, skills, and wishes.

  1. The availability of the experience.

    A person who is going to open a hairdressing salon must be good at the hairdos, hair cosmetics, equipment, and instruments.

    If a businessman wants to trade, he’d better know the answers to the questions: where to buy the goods; which range of goods is in the highest demand; how to decorate everything properly, etc.

    Before you start an unknown kind of entrepreneurship, you should consult a more experienced specialist or get the information from the books and FAQs.

  2. Enough free time.

    The first year will take all your time even if you have many employees.

  3. Genuine interest.

    Business is always accompanied by risk, headache, and constant worries.

    If you can easily quit the job you hate, you won’t be able to leave your own organization.

    The owner will always have to fight for the place in the sun and solve the appeared problems.

    At least, at first.

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  4. The demand for the goods and services.

    An entrepreneur should find the answers to two questions: whether his services will be popular and whether he is able to secure himself with enough clients.

4 small business ideas for small towns without investment

The organization of any business implies the presence or absence of the capital investment.

A business in a small town is not an exception.

Far from all businesses require investment.

Business ideas for a small town without investment:

  1. Tutoring.

    Are you good at this or that sphere?

    Do you have any experience teaching at educational establishments?

    Can you play musical instruments?

    This job is definitely for you.

    Publish your advertisement and get some pupils.

  2. The services of cleaning the rooms.

    Every housewife has some cleaning products at hand.

    You can bring an office to order, help with cleaning for the celebrations – these are the services you may offer and start making money.

  3. The services of a translator.

    If you know a foreign language perfectly well, you should definitely do some translations.

  4. Sewing the clothes.

    If you have a sewing machine and some experience working with it, you should sell your services in a mini-studio and repair clothes.

    Such kind of service is always in demand, especially in towns where the purchase of the new clothes is rather expensive.

3 business ideas for a small town with the minimum investment

Let’s discuss some small business ideas for small towns which require minimal investments:

  1. Rent-a-gent.

    The higher your qualification is, the wider will be your clients’ database.

    Light repair at home, restoring the spoiled things, plumbing and the services of an electrician – one needs a certain qualification for all this and special tools which will become your first investment.

  2. A hairdresser.

    Haircuts, hairdos, bunches – nowadays, this is a very topical kind of services.

    Your investment covers the expenses on the tools and hairstyling products.

    If you want, you can pass the courses of hairdressing.

  3. Handmade.

    Creating and selling goods which are made with your hands; soap, jewelry, cards, invitations, hair decorations, decorations for the events and holidays.

    The receipts and tutorials can be found at the theme FAQs and websites.

4 great business ideas for small towns

Now we are going to discuss in brief the business ideas for a small town with the population of fewer than 100 000 people.

We’ll reveal only the checked solutions which are sure to bring income if you approach them properly.

  1. Internet-business.

    You can open your own business on the internet is you have a PC or a laptop and certain knowledge.

    It is a profitable and very convenient business idea: an entrepreneur does not need an office and he can work anytime he wants because his business is not influenced by these factors.

    A person can choose any option he likes the most: the creation of the sites, SEO optimization, copywriting or an online store.

  2. A flower shop.

    Flowers do not belong to the prime necessity but, nevertheless, they are always in demand.

    Especially, during the holidays.

    Flowers are also needed in the usual days – for the dates or as a sign of gratitude.

  3. A beauty salon.

    Beauty has always been and will always be the successfully sold goods.

    There are several business models in this sphere.

    One of them is economic, which is the perfect option for a town, where the population is not very demanding.

    The services may be the simplest – haircut, dying, styling, nail services, light cosmetic procedures.

  4. Fitness center.

    Many modern people devote much attention to their health, in particular, to the physical development.

    This is rather a specific kind of entrepreneurship and you should definitely consult the experienced people before starting it.

    In addition, you should study all peculiarities of the sports equipment in order to buy right exercise machines and other apparatuses.

4 small business ideas for small towns

Promising solutions:

  1. Goods for children.

    This is a stable business which does not depend on the season and the size of the town.

    As a rule, parents do not economize on their children and it allows setting higher prices on such goods.

    This is what makes this business so profitable and allows having the flexible price policy.

    You can sell anything: shoes, clothes, food, toys, baby carriages and other related products.

  2. The goods for the animals.

    The highest demand is for the dogs and cats’ food and everything that concerns aquariums.

    You may sell food, fillers for cats’ toilet, toys, decorations, vitamins and minerals, cages, beds, etc.

    Such store must be located in the public place: near the bus stop or in the lively areas.

  3. An appliance shop.

    The range of goods is very wide here.

    The main groups include the household chemicals, goods for the garden and house, etc.

    The profitability secures the huge volumes of sales.

  4. The shop of the car accessories.

    In the modern world where every family has a car, the business in this sphere is very topical.

    The list of such goods includes deflectors, windscreen wipers, dashboard cameras, carpets, travel guides, radar detectors, etc.

In conclusion, we’d like to give several recommendations concerning small business ideas for small towns.

First of all, you should do things you know well and which does not cause many questions.

It will let you cope with everything alone before you hire the staff.

You’d better choose those spheres which have been in demand for long.

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