Small Business Ideas for College Students

The article gathers all small business ideas for college students. Make money and take care of your future already in the college.

If you are young and active, have enough time not only to study, but also to live an active, versatile and exciting life, and on top of it all you wish to provide yourself, without the need to borrow money from friends and relatives, you probably asked yourself many times which business you should start being a college student.

In order to have a possibility to rest as you wish a modern college student may start his own small business.

That’s why in the article below there are plenty of small business ideas for college students, out of which you are sure to find an option, which will fit you.

What a college student should start his business from?


A college student should know only few key moments in order to start his business. Moreover, young people have much more perspectives and possibilities.

  1. Try yourself in the sales.

    Creating any business always implies sales.

    It may be services, goods, ideas or anything else, but first of all you must learn how to sell yourself.

    The easiest way to learn how to do it is to buy something cheaper and resell for more money.

    Any business system is based on the sales and you should neither be shy about it, nor be afraid of it.

    A good opportunity to learn how to sell is to work in the company of the network marketing, where you’ll be taught for free how to do it and where you can find the ready-made products for sale.

  2. Come up with an idea.

    Among many business ideas one should look for the most demanded and promising ones.

    Any person can find a business he really enjoys, it may even turn out that he already knows everything and has enough skills; the only thing left is to learn how to take money for it.

    It’s quite enough to bring your idea to life in an interesting and profitable way.

  3. Find the likeminded people.

    Together with friends and companions any business is built much faster.

    Every person needs a helper, who will support him in his tough time and will help with advice.

    Many attractive ideas die on the same place, because friends did not approve of it.

    Start discussing, furiously debating and bringing the ideas to life.

    Go to some training or courses, where you can find potential partners to start your small college business.

  4. Learn how to count the profit and the expenses.

    An average person is used to counting how much he earned and only few people know where that money went and on what it was spent.

    It’s the ability to hold the financial side of the question that kills many beginnings.

    If you rent a small office or pre-order some goods for sale, it means you’ll have to count much and precisely.

    Even the smallest delay in payment, purchase new computers, small everyday expenses – for one month it can turn out to be a huge sum of money.

    The ability to save money distinguishes the successful entrepreneurs.

    Any expenses can be whittled down: buy not new computers, put down the needed expenditures, hire the college students and rent an office in not very expensive area.

  5. Become legalized.

    In order to avoid troubles you should register your small business, file all official documents and register in the internal revenue service, make the stamps and order business cards.

Small business idea for college students: tutoring

If you are interested in small business ideas for college students without investments, tutoring service is the best way to make money on your own knowledge.

Your apprentices may be schoolchildren, students or even adult working people, who want to learn foreign languages, for example.

The main ways how you can provide tutoring services:

  • at the tutor’s home,
  • at the pupil’s home,
  • in the rented room,
  • remotely (using the Internet).

The latter option has been the most topical lately, because many people from non-English-speaking countries look for the native speakers, who are able to help them to learn the language.

How to Make Money Teaching Online?

The main rules of successful implementation of this small business idea for college students:

  • collect the reference letters and feedback on your work from the pupils’ parents;
  • go in for self-education and be aware of all trends and novelties in the sphere of the provided services;
  • optimize your working time by creating the schedule and lesson plans;
  • buy only teaching aid and visual aids of very high quality.

Small business idea for college students: walking the pets and taking care of them

This is a topical business idea for a college student, who studies/lives in a big city.

The modern metropolis tenant’s lifestyle is quite hectic and intense; sometimes he does not have enough time to walk his four-legged friend.

Lest he had to abandon it, a busy person may look for someone, who will take certain functions in taking care of animals.

You’ll probably have to walk the dog in the morning.

That’s why such job will be easily combined with the studies.

In order to earn more, you can make a deal with several owners.

In order to find the first clients, you should spend some time, efforts and money to make the advertisement.

For instance, you might give the ads to the newspapers or special magazines.

Besides, you can create a website and put there the information about the services you provide.

You should not also neglect posting, especially in the places, where people usually walk their dogs and near the pet-shops, various animal clinics, on the pet markets and other suchlike places.

In order to start working with a potential client you should firstly file an agreement, where you mention:

  • all details of the situations, which might suddenly appear,
  • the list of services,
  • the conditions of payment,
  • the time of duration and the reasons to stop the contract.

Successful work is impossible without perfect knowledge of rules on how to walk the dogs, which you must learn by heart.

Small business idea for college students: photographer’s services

Photography is not simply a way to memorize the brightest and funniest moments from your life or the lives of your relatives and friends.

It’s also a possibility to make some extra money.

It will perfectly fit the students, who can work with Photoshop and feel the shot.

The needed equipment in order to bring this small business idea to life:

  • a camera + lenses,
  • a flash,
  • a tripod,
  • a reflecting screen,
  • a computer, a printer and other small equipment.

At first, in order to gather good portfolio, you’ll need to do free photo shoots of the acquaintances, friends and models.

Moreover, you should never neglect seminars, and if you have an opportunity, you should go to the special courses.

Photo business’s directions:

  • organizing various photo sessions,
  • wedding photographing,
  • selling photos at the photo stocks.

Small business idea for college students: setting and providing services for modern gadgets

New gadgets appear every year. The users are very rarely able to figure out how to use all functions in hi tech electronic devices. This business will fit the students of technological specialties.

In order to bring such small business idea to life a college student will need:

  1. Personal qualities:
    • patience,
    • love to the modern gadgets,
    • sociability.
  2. The initial capital is really small:
    • a computer, which is connected to the Internet, where you can find the instructions to any device,
    • a small, but very lighted personal room.

New users obviously need technical help in studying the functions of smart phones, tablets, setting all available options/ possibilities and installing additional apps.

That’s why the ground for the service, which you’ll provide your clients with, will become:

  • sticking on the device’s screen the protective tape;
  • initial setting, which includes instructing the user of what his device is capable.
    During the conversation with a client you must figure out how to set this or that function, so that it was comfortable for him to use;
  • “advanced” users always want to improve their devices somehow, add/ change the apps and games, etc.;
  • the help in starting the account of the user in online-shops, so that later the client could download the required content on his own.

Small business idea for college students: having a blog

To start such activity you do not need any financial investments or special skills.

It’s quite enough to have high intelligence and patience.

The blog will bring you income only in the future, but now you must only make it popular.

For this reason you’ll need unique and interesting materials.

Blog’s promotion does not require any skills in the programming sphere or marketing researches.

The blog’s author must write interesting articles, which can be easily understood, which will be easy to read and which do not have grammar mistakes.

Blogs are conditionally divided on several categories:

  1. The first category:
    • personal blog – original;
    • corporate blog, which is maintained by the company’s employees;
    • collective or the so-called social blog – which is made by several people. The rules are usually designed by the moderators.
  2. The second category:
    • blogs, which are devoted to a certain topic, such as politics, travelling, routine, education, music, fashion and so on.
  3. The third category:
    • blogs, which contain multimedia files. It may be photo-art video blogs, musical blogs and so on.

In order to start your own blog, moreover, to make money on it, you should firstly define which category is the closest to you and which one you know the best.

One more thing, you should think whether you have enough patience to work with it.

If the information is not renewed, and you have no readers, accordingly, it won’t be interesting to anyone.

A popular blog brings its owner in average $200 – $1500.

The income directly depends on the popularity of the project.

This depends on the author’s wish and his efforts.

The income of the author and creator of the blog is formed by several points.

However, the main one is the partner’s agreement with the owners of the Internet resources on placing their banners and links on their web pages.

Besides, the author gets the income from the advertisements, reviews of the goods and services, which he publishes in his blog for a definite sum of money.

The offered small business ideas for college students may become real, if you treat them seriously and enthusiastically.

Then, the chosen way may become the first step on the ladder, which will lead you to success.

For this you should know what you want and what goals you set in front of you.

Otherwise, your business won’t be successful, because, it is said that a ship without course will never have favorable wind.

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