Selling Baked Goods from Home

You want to start selling baked goods from home, don’t you? There are step-by-step instruction and some good pieces of advice in our article.

Selling baked goods from home is not as simple as it seems from the first sight.

In order to have a successful start and establish home bakery, you’ll have to abide by the law and treat the business seriously.

Read the following pieces of advice in order to get the idea of how to open bakery and sell baked goods from home.

Steps of selling baked goods from home


  1. Define the legitimacy of home bakeries in your region.

    Home bakery may seem simple, but you must be aware of all existing restrictions, which are connected to this.

    For example, some countries restrict selling from home bakeries.

    Other countries specify the need of many licenses and insurance demands, which you must follow in order to open your bakery.

    Learn from Health Department of your country or other qualified establishments that concern selling and agriculture, whether home bakery is legal in your region.

  2. Specify how to get the license for your kitchen.

    As soon as you find out about the license and form of property, you should register a new juridical person in Tax Administration.

    If you are already an entrepreneur, but you worked in a different field, you must amend the kinds of your activities.

    For a mini-bakery you must chose manufacturing as a main kind of activity and retail selling as an additional one.

  3. The next step is transforming your home kitchen in a profit-making kitchen space.

    As soon as you defined that you have a right to open a bakery at home, you’ll have to transform your kitchen into a profit-making kitchen space.

    It will allow you selling baked goods to the customers.

    You will probably have to change your kitchen before inspectors will start certify it.

    Learn how you should modify it before the first visit of an inspector.

    Due to the narrow specifics of manufacturing, in addition to the convenient size, the room must correspond to the sanitary and epidemiologic demands:

    • It is strictly forbidden to put bakery in the basement.
    • The place must be equipped with all services: light, water, sewage and so on.
    • The production must be provided with the working ventilation system.
    • It is obligatory to have a medical post, a refrigeration chamber, a warehouse and a laundry.
    • Baking department must have tiled floor and walls and ceiling must be whitewashed.
  4. Bring all your documents to order.

    The necessary demand for a home bakery may be the presence of certificates for cooking meals.

    Besides, the owner of every home bakery is obliged to have insurance and licenses, which are required for the owners of any other manufacturing.

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  5. Make up a business plan.

    Home bakery requires the same planning as having a shop in the city center.

    Include to your plan the information about the initial expanses; analyze the costs and expenditures on your current business action within the project.

    Set clear goals for your business and target on their fulfillment.

  6. Buy special equipment.

    Prepare the room and create all necessary conditions, which correspond to the sanitary standards.

    Then you may start buying and installing necessary equipment.

    Depending on the kind of manufacturing the equipment may also differ.

    Opening of the mini-bakery at home will lower substantial expanses, which are connected to the purchase of the room and equipment.

    First of all, there is no necessity to look for a suitable place and then buy or rent it.

    Moreover, you won’t need all huge production facilities like flour-grinding, forming, dough make-up units, proof box, etc.

    Nevertheless, you’ll have to buy some good equipment.

    You are going to need:

    • good oven;
    • fridge;
    • different mechanic and electric kitchen utensils;
    • oven shelves.

    When you decide to combine bakery with confectionary industry, you’ll need decorating and mixing equipment.

    Moreover, you’ll need plenty of various dishes.

  7. Pick up a supplier of products beforehand.

    Speaking about products, the main ingredient for a bakery is, undoubtedly, qualitative flour.

    It must be only of the superior quality and be stored under certain conditions.

    That’s why you won’t be able to have flour in stock and you need to make sure the wholesale supplier will regularly provide you with it.

    The volumes of the materials’ purchase must correspond to the size of your manufacturing and selling.

    In order to have a profitable business and ability to control the expanses, you’d better count the sum of the costs for every kind of baked goods.

    The rest of the obligatory ingredients are bought in proportion to quantitative expense of the materials according to the receipt of home baked goods.

    Sugar, salt, eggs, yeast, milk, spices for baked goods must be always available in order to have a continuous work of the bakery.

    Besides, you should have jam, fruits, nuts, etc.

  8. Learn the targeted audience.

    You need to know whom you are going to sell your baked goods.

    This way you’ll be able to direct your advertising and marketing efforts into the right directions.

    Decide who will be your good client and aim selling them your goods.

  9. Make sure you stand out from the crowd.

    Your baked goods must be new, various and somehow unique.

    This way you’ll get the leverage on the rivalry firms, which sell baked goods.

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  10. Devote some money to advertise your baked goods.

    You will probably have to compete with plenty of bakeries.

    Do not be stingy on advertisement and marketing.

    Invest money in the works of the professional photographers and advertising agencies.

    Your efforts in advertisement are able to influence a lot on how successful your business will be.

  11. Try to respond to the demands of your clients by the great quality of your products.

  12. Conducting experiments with the receipts and offering various baked goods with the identical names will probably do harm to your business.

    If you need to change the receipts, make sure you notified about the variations from the traditional receipts.

    For example, selling cookies with different icing, instead of the one you usually use on the baked goods, you may present them in the capacity of
    the season new product.

What else you need to know selling baked goods from home?

In order to choose the kinds of products you are going to sell you are to learn few more details:

  • The market of baked goods, which is the most and the least in demand;
  • Whether there are rivalry establishments near-by;
  • The names of the bread suppliers to the shops in your neighborhood;
  • Whether there are cafes and coffee shops, which are going to buy your products;
  • The prices, which your rivals have.

It’s important to remember that pastry if more profitable than bread.

Moreover, the market of this direction is occupied by the big enterprises.

In order to secure selling and profit to your business, you should develop your own zest of manufacturing.

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Increasing volumes in selling baked goods from home


There is great rivalry in the sphere of baked goods selling, just as well as in any other trading sphere.

In order to increase selling of bread, you need to use some techniques, which can bring your business to roaring success.

  1. Offer your customers a wide range of baked goods.

    You can bake more than 20 kinds of bread, starting from the classics to bread with prunes and dried apricots, as well as fitness-bread,

    Borodinsky bread, matzo, lavash and so on.

  2. Think over the products’ wrapping.

    Use individual packing bags, and more expansive kinds of bread may be put in the paper bags.

    Provide with the small weighting out for different social groups of people.

  3. Learn and follow attentively all the tendencies on the baked goods’ market and the adjoining groups of floury products; define the developing sectors and work with them.

    For example, it may be buns from wheat flour with appealing look, small weighting out and in pretty wrappings.

  4. Conduct the sampling of your baked goods.

    Do not be grudge about money on your advertisement in the newspapers; create different special offers, sales to different citizens and so on.

Selling baked goods from home is not the easiest work.

Just like any other kind of work it requires not only the initial investments, but also the finances’ accounts.

Moreover, one needs to preserve the sanitary code and watch the proper receipt.

However, if you look only at difficulties, you’d better do not start this business at all.

If you start it, do it with all your heart.

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