Rural Business Ideas: 10 Best Options

Do you want to find out what rural business ideas are there? Here is a list of things, from which you’ll definitely be able to pick the one you liked the most.

Rural business ideas are very attractive, because you can rent a land parcel and a room cheaper than in the city.

The choice among rural business ideas depends completely on your preferences.

There is no difference where you’ll get all needed permits and licenses.

However, the variety of possibilities is much bigger here.

Rural life is usually steadier and here you can fully enjoy the silence and fresh air.

Moreover, you can become a successful entrepreneur as well.

Where do you start your rural business?


It’s not so difficult to bring rural business ideas to life, especially, if you know the peculiarities of rural life and objectively estimate your possibilities.

At first, you should define which type of business you are going to have: selling, manufacturing, agriculture or domestic services.

For instance, such directions as selling, domestic services and manufacturing require big investments, efforts and certain skills.

Agriculture business has always been a good source of income for the villages’ population.

In order to start your business from scratch you’d better turn to the very basics: crop growing and cattle breeding.

You should start with things, in which you already have some skills and knowledge.

Moreover, do not grab the first idea you liked and which promises you high income.

It’s only a theory and it does not always work like that.

Nowadays, you may find plenty of wonderful business plans concerning breeding rabbit accelerators, ostriches and pheasants.

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Only those ideas deserve your attention, which have been proved by the calculations and cover all details.

In order to build any kind of business successfully the following things are significantly important:

  • communication;
  • the presence of normal transport connections;
  • telephone link;
  • the Internet.

Nowadays, no one can work without the Internet, because it provides with the opportunity to quickly find the necessary information and even customers.

You may even make almost 80% sales there.

Nevertheless, you should not start your business very wide, because many does not always mean good and of high quality.

Rural business ideas

Manufacturing organic products

Manufacturing and selling fruits and vegetables, which contain no chemicals, may become a profitable business, if you properly organize your work.

It is directly connected to the fact that more and more people start taking care of their health.

Now they know how dangerous it is to eat products, which contain pesticides and chemical manure.

That’s why you may start local rural business, which uses only organic ways to grow fruits and vegetables, and cook sauces and local delicacies.

Such idea may make your business popular, because people will come to you from different places in order to buy your “safe” products.

Building such kind of business you can sell products, which are officially marked as organic or are organic, though without a mark.

When you develop this rural business idea, you should stick to the principle “for people just like for yourself”:

  • use organic manure in the allowed amounts;
  • work the greengrocery by the plant-based preparations and herbal water;
  • do not poison earth with chemicals, but instead you should use plants, which clear the earth from pests and illnesses.

    These plants are marigold, pelargonium, mustard and rye;

  • apply only manual work on the rows.


Farming is one of the most promising and profitable spheres of activities.

Farming business is considered to be one of the most profitable even in times of crisis.

Surely, many people may say that the feeding stuff is getting more and more expensive and it prevents many aspiring businessmen from becoming successful in this field.

Though, in this case the loss won’t be as high as in the sphere of finances, for example.

  • Rabbit breeding.

    Rabbits are a wonderful idea, because they grow and reproduce very quickly.

    Moreover, you should not forget about the rabbits’ fur, which will later become the widely-known warm hats and coats.

  • Breeding chinchillas, minks and other animals with precious pelts.

    Actually such business is a part of animal breeding, but we’ll single out this idea as a separate one.

    Pelts are very valuable, especially mink and sable and one can build a pretty good business on it.

  • Sheep breeding.

    This business idea provides you with three possibilities to make money: you can sell wool, meat and have rather good manure from the sheep’s scat.

  • Goat breeding.

    You can sell not only meat, but also milk, which has high level of fat and is pretty valuable.

  • Pig breeding.

    I guess this is the most widespread kind of meat, which people buy in different countries.

    Beside from meat, pork fat is also in high demand.

    Such idea of rural business is definitely win-win.

  • Cattle breeding.

    Speaking about cow breeding, it’s completely clear. Meat + milk.

If you start breeding cattle, you’ll see that it is as profitable as pig breeding and both ideas can bring you high income.

It is more difficult to build business on having cattle and poultry than on growing plants.

Moreover, it’s more expensive.

You must always feed animals and birds and add to their diet vitamins.

In addition, you are going to need a veterinary, who’ll watch over the animals’ health.


The advantages of keeping bees are:

  • The space for bee yards requires not many hectares of land and is pretty compact.

  • Surely, it is honey, which bees produce.

    You are sure to understand that natural honey cost much and it simply cannot be compared to that burned sugar with honey flavor, which is produced in large amount.

    Being a natural cure, which helps to fight plenty of different illnesses, it represents great value.

  • Wax is also rather expensive.

  • Bees.

    Needless to say, you can sell not only honey, but bees as well.

    Their bites are often used as treatment.

One can easily find ten more advantages of this rural business idea.

Bee yard should start from 10 bee families and gradually grow.

The main disadvantage of such business is its seasonality.

Though, if you have 100 beehives, you will definitely receive serious income, which will cover winter months.

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Poultry industry

This is another great rural business idea.

Together with meat you’ll have eggs, too.

Surely, all these things can be sold.

Moreover, there are companies, which buy fluffy feathers to manufacture pillows and blankets, which are rather valuable at the market.

The poultry industry is conditionally divided in three main branches of breeding and trading:

  • Chickens (incubation for a couple of days).
  • Poultry for meat.
  • Selling eggs.

    Here everything depends on the kind of poultry, but it mainly concerns hens.

    However, there also exist quail eggs and so on.

So, you can include in this group the following kinds of breeding:

  • Hens.

    Such business idea wins people over by the quick project realization.

    There are some kinds of roasters, which grow up in a month (broilers).

    Moreover, eggs are always in high demand, because they are usually bought in shops.

  • Ducks.

    In this case you mostly sell meat, because people very rarely eat ducks’ eggs.

  • Geese.

    Geese meat is estimated higher than hen or duck.

    As a rule, people buy geese to cook special meals on holidays, like New Year.

    However, there are connoisseurs, who buy only geese meat.

    Geese eggs are more like delicacies and they are very seldom sold.

    Nevertheless, geese have the undeniable advantage over the rest poultry – this is their furry feathers.

    Duvets and downy pillows are mainly made from geese furry feathers and cost much money.

  • Turkeys.

    Such rural business idea is not very widespread and if you made up your mind breeding poultry, you’d better choose to breed hens.

    Turkeys are usually bought for holidays, but mostly in the USA and Europe.

    Nevertheless, there is a saying that every item has its buyer.

  • Quail business.

    This is probably one of the most interesting kinds of business in poultry industry.

    Though the quails’ carcasses are less than of the other poultry, they cost much more.

    It should also be noted that quail eggs are very useful for health and they are gladly bought in various shops.

    Besides, doctors often prescribe them to their patients.

    So, you should also try.

  • Pheasant’s farm.

    It also requires some attention.

    Pheasant’s meat has been considered to be a delicacy since ancient times.

Other rural business ideas

In this section we’ll discuss the rest of the options, which you can take to start your business.

They mostly concern trading and manufacturing:

  • Food and hardware store.

    There is a reason to start your business in the sphere of trading.

    It’s quite clear that the main kind of goods will be food.

    Besides, you should also open a hardware section, where you’ll sell the most necessary things, from axes to seeds with manure.

    You must sell everything, what people use in the villages.

  • Selling fire wood.

    It will definitely be a roaring success (it’s preferable to sell the already split fire wood).

  • Selling hay, feed-stuff and vitamins for animals.

    Local tenants will definitely be interested in purchasing these things.

  • Willow weaving.

    It is the perfect rural business idea, which should be focused mainly on the towns, located nearby.

    Any kind of goods will fit here.

    You can weave straw shoes, baskets and even chairs from willow.

    Let’s just say such furniture is very expensive and straw shoes are often bought as souvenirs.

  • Growing flowers.

    Growing flowers is a very profitable and promising business idea.

    Many countries, such as Holland and France, take great pains developing and supporting such business on the state level.

  • Tourism.

    You can make money on the tired tourists, offering them the local information, the options of transportation, the guides to the local landmarks and stores.

These are not all rural business ideas and you should decide on your own, which kind of business you wish to have.

You can try yourself in various spheres and then pick the most successful one.

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