Business Ideas for Teens

Best business ideas for teens are gathered in this article. That’s enough asking your parents for money, it’s high time you made it on your own.

The children from 13 to 21 years will find these business ideas for teens rather useful.

This is the period, when teens stop dreaming about unrealizable and pay attention to more down-to-earth things.

Many teens follow the parents’ prompts and obediently enter the university, because they do not know or do not feel their interest.

They master a boring profession, in order to go to the hated job later.

However, there is a whole chain of young startupers, who do the things they are really interested in from the earliest ages and till the mature age they achieve success.

Having generalized their experience, we suggest you 10 business ideas for teens, which brought them high level of income.

Selling goods and services as a business idea for teens


  1. Sell clothes and shoes, which do not fit you anymore.

    Being a child or a teenager, you grow up very quickly.

    That’s why your wardrobe is probably full of clothes, which are small to you.

    Sort your things and define which ones you are able to put for sale.

    • You may take your clothes to the commission shop or to the second-hand store.

      These shops will look through your things and pick up the needed items of clothes, offering some price for them.

      Selling old items is an excellent way to get additional money and get rid of the extra things.

      Thanks to it you’ll be able to buy new clothes.

    • Make sure the clothes you are going to sell are clean and ironed.

      If you bring shoes to the shop, double-check that it is properly cleaned and polished.

      If the clothes look nice and cared, you’ll have more chances to sell it.

    • Do not spend all your income and savings.

      If you sold the old things, you should not waste all money you made.

      Remember that you save money for a definite purpose.

      Instead of spending all money, you should save at least 10% from the sum.

      You should not spend money until you reach the desired target.

  2. Another business idea for teens is to sell clothes and other items by conducting a sale of old things near your house.

    You are able to put on sale toys and clothes, which you do not need anymore, right in front of the entrance to your yard.

    • Invite the neighboring friends to join your business.

      The more of you gather together, the wider variety of goods you will offer to the customers.

      Your friends probably also have ideas of what they could sell, helping you at the same time.

    • Spread the advertising leaflets about the sale few days before the stipulated date so that people could learn about it.
    • Do the sales in spring.

      As a rule, such sales are popular in spring, because people clean the space from unnecessary items in this very season.

    • Before you sell this or that thing, you’d better ask for permission of your parents.

      Do not sell clothes, toys or other items without the relevant parents’ permission, especially if they bought it to you.

  3. Selling handicrafts as a business idea for teens.

    You may learn how to do the things, which will be in demand.

    For example, try to do the jewelry, sew clothes or manufacture the furniture.

    You are able to have a pretty good income on it.

    If you know how to do things, which will be useful to other people, you may start your business selling those items.

    However, be ready that first you’ll have to invest money in the materials that you need to produce your handmade articles.

    Write out the value of each thing.

    Then sum up all the expanses.

    You’ll receive the sum you spent on making an item.

    Selling your handicrafts, you should put the price, which won’t be less than your expanses.

    • Handmade jewelry.

      If you have a good taste, you can do the jewelry and sell them on the Internet, to the friends or supply the shops with them.

      There are plenty of websites, which offer you the needed fitments to make jewelry for wholesale prices.

      Buying goods wholesale means buying big lots. A wholesale price differs a lot from the retail price.

      Thanks to it you’ll get income by producing and selling jewelry.

    • You may be a talented artist. Paint the pictures and sell them.

      You may ask your friends and acquaintances which pictures they would like to have.

      Having painted something definite, something your friends like, you have much more chances of selling the painting to them.

      Create an account in social networks, where you’ll demonstrate your works of art.

      Due to it, others will notice your talent.

  4. One more business idea for teens is to offer tutoring service.

    If you are attentive at the lessons and are quite organized, you may try to give lessons in school and set a definite price.

    However, tutoring for money may be forbidden in your school.

    Learn the rules of your school and follow them.

    • Learning this or that subject, you should take notes.
    • When you are done, gather them and print.

      Do a few copies.

    • You can sell your work to the students, who need this information.

      Change the price according to the volume of your work.

  5. Open a stall with lemonade and start small business.

    Such stalls are very demanded in summer.

    That’s why it is a nice way to earn extra money.

    Together with your friends you are able to make lemonade and sell it in your neighborhood.

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    • Do not be limited only by lemonade.

      You can offer wider variety of drinks.

      Besides, you may add cookies, cupcakes and cakes to your business.

    • Open the stall in the place, where you’ll have no competition.

      It must be a lively spot, where many people pass by.You can open a stall in the corner of the street.

    • Make your stall unique and attractive.

      Come up with creative ideas.

      For example, you may do it in vintage style.

      Decorate your stall with a banner, which had its name on it.

    • Write down all expanses.Record how much you spent on the ingredients and put such price markup, which will allow you getting income.

      Nevertheless, you should not be overdiligent.

      You won’t have income, if no one buys your lemonade.

    • Write the range of goods you sell in your stall.Be very serious about it.

      For example, you can put a billboard, consisting of two posters and write there all range of goods you offer.

      Due to this, the passersby will learn what you are selling in the stall.

    • Moreover, you may ask your friends to advertise your stall.

      Make sure you have enough people, who know how to make lemonade and other delicacies.

  6. Edit made-to-order photos as a business idea for teens.

    If you possess enough proper knowledge and skills, you can offer the services of a graphic designer.

    You are also capable to take pictures and edit them.

    Taking pictures of goods for sale is one more brilliant idea of business for teens.

    Besides, with the help of scanner, you can easily turn the old photos to a digital form.

    You can also offer your services of organizing and holding theme parties, discos, and even lessons of photography to the beginners.

    Some websites, such as , where every person may offer his services, allow doing business and getting profit.

    You can offer the services of a graphic designer or programming, and many-many more.

    Before starting such work, you should notify your parents about it.

Business ideas for teens on the Internet

  1. Creating your own blog or a site as a business idea for teens.

    Nowadays, it’s popular and fashionable to be a blogger, moreover among teens.

    It’s significantly important to chose your content and develop in this sphere.

    On the Internet you are able to find plenty of information about how to start your blog or site and how to make money on them.

    Just as well as with YouTube, you won’t get income at once, but it is a good way of a passive moneymaking.

  2. Record a video on YouTube.

    You should tape a video, describing things you are good at.

    If you have a hobby or you are talented in something, you are able to record a videotape about it.

    For example, if you already sell handmade jewelry, you should make video-lessons, with the help of which other people could learn the craft.

    Pay attention that just publishing videos you won’t earn money at once.

    However, if you have many reviews, you can make money for advertisements, which will appear during the viewing of your video.

    In such case you are able to make some money.

    You must know how to demonstrate your talent and skills, but do not treat it like a way to earn money.

    • You video may cover various topics, like how to do a hairdo or makeup, gather furniture and handmade jewelry.

      You might also take videos, which will demonstrate your business, products or the process of work.

    • For example, you may do a funny advertising reel about how you provide with the service of walking over the dogs or tape a video how to cope with this or that task.

      Maybe, you are able to gather Ikea furniture, so make a reel about it.

      You may also create simple teaching programs for kids and adults about how to gather furniture.

    • Make sure you made a good reel and you look like a professional there.

      The main point is that videos must demonstrate your gifts and talents.

      Thanks to it, you’ll be able to share the valuable information and show others that you are an expert in your field.

Here you’ve got the whole list of business ideas for teens.

You only have to choose, what you like and start acting.

There is nothing better than financial independence and parents, who are very proud of you.

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