Best Businesses to Start in Small Towns

Do you want to learn the best businesses you can start in small towns? Then this article is for you. It has 7 the most topical and promising ideas.

One can start a profitable business in a small town, which won’t be worse than in a big one.

Many people think that it can’t possibly be economically rational in a small town.

All people, who think this way, subconsciously focus on failure and do not consider the positive moments of this question.

You can build a profitable business and be rather successful in a small town as well.

The most important here is to know which activity will be suitable for your conditions and which won’t.

We offer you the best businesses to start in small towns.

So, if you live in a small town, you should not think that you are able to start your own business only in case you move to a big city.

Advantages of small towns in building best businesses


  1. You do not have to organize separately the Assets Logistics, because everything is nearby in such a town.
  2. The least number of competitors, with which you may sometimes even set at defiance, if you properly calculate the development strategy of your firm.
  3. The presence of cheap labor power.

    This point may be called down, making references to the unqualified workers, but who stops you from teaching them?

    In addition, you may find plenty of young specialists, who work not in their specialty, and offer them profitable cooperation.

  4. There is a possibility to find cheaper materials and work with the best long-term instalments.
  5. In a small town it’s not so difficult to earn great reputation and allure clients by dumping the rivals’ prices.
  6. Comparing to big cities, small towns usually have low renting and buying prices for the commercial real estate.
  7. It’s much easier to find the best place to locate your company’s office.
  8. The degree of protection from risks of business smashup because of low demand is much higher than in a big city.

The main criteria of choosing the best business, which you can start in a small town

If you plan to start a profitable business in a small town, you should additionally take into consideration several the most crucial factors:

  • The work, to which an aspiring businessman is going to devote the most part of his life, must be his hobby and interest him a lot.

    When you work for yourself it’s extremely important how much time, pains, efforts you take to make your business thriving.

  • You should start doing what you know best.

    It’s almost impossible to learn all details of unfamiliar business in a short term.

  • One must have a clear and distinct plan of investments and the potential income, because such plan will give a good start to the future business.

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  • Do not expect to have an instant payback – business building may take you from a half of the year to two years.
  • The proper assessment of the demand of the business you chose in a small town is the basic factor of profitability.

The best businesses to start in small towns

  1. Clothes fabrication.

    As a rule, a small town has not got a great variety of shops, where people can buy the best clothes.

    Very often people face the problem that they simply cannot find the suitable item either in size or in style.

    The advantages of starting such business in small towns are:

    • The fabricated clothes will suit the size charts, to which the customers are used to.
    • The same point of view on the comfort and quality, understanding the Russian culture and needs and satisfying them in the best possible way.
    • You can find professional tailor’s cutters for a small charge, and if you are lucky, you may interest even a young designer, whose creations you’ll produce.

      They will differ by their brand awareness and functional zest, which will definitely be the best advertisement for you.

    • You have a wide range of specialties to work in – from children’s clothes to linen, from fur clothes to evening dresses and suits.
    • If you open a show-room together with the manufacturing department, you can attract even more local fashion-mongers.
  2. Installing and setting home appliances.

    Nowadays, every average family has pretty many items of home appliances and electrical tools, without which people can’t simply imagine their lives anymore.

    Though those appliances are rather rare purchases, they are still renewed from time to time: either because of the breakdown or simply because their functions and possibilities became too old.

    People go shopping to buy new appliances, but far from all of them can properly install them.

    Some machines even need special settings, for instance, modems.

    If you have such knowledge and skills, you are able to start your business setting and installing home appliances even in small towns.

    Such business has two best options of its organization:

    • If you want to provide people with wide range of services (i.e. work with almost all kinds of machines), you should start your own firm and hire a couple of employees, each of whom will be a specialist in a particular kind of machines.

      You will never find a person, who is good at everything.

    • The second option is to provide services on your own.

      In this case, you should pick the sphere, in which you are the best (refrigerating machinery, computers and office equipment, TV-sets and so on) and take orders only on it.

      If you take everything at once, you’ll understand how bad such idea was and you’ll simply push away your clients in case they notice any flaws in your services.

  3. Hairdressing saloon.

    Hairdressers’ services are in high demand in small towns as well as in big ones.

    However, they have their own peculiarities:

    • Firstly, you must compare the potential income and the sum you’ll have to invest at the beginning.

      If it’s quite rational to open a big hairdressing saloon in a big city and invest much money in it, in a small town you should open only small hair studio, otherwise it won’t be profitable.

    • You won’t have so many clients, as you would have in a city.

      Moreover, people are likely to go to the definite hairdresser.

      That is the second peculiarity: you must find good specialists, who will win over the trust of the clients by providing the services of very high quality.

  4. A café for children.

    Small towns usually lack entertaining establishments for children, and children live everywhere, you are sure to understand it.

    It’s rather difficult to start such business, because you need to get plenty of various permits, connected to opening a food service establishment.

    It really takes much time to open it, but the result will surely be worth it.

    If you properly organize everything, you will become a successful entrepreneur in your town and have a regular income.

    The most important thing here is to make the café interesting for children.

    Do not be limited only by children menu and interior.

    From time to time you should come up with interesting events (competitions, small performances), because of which children will make their parents go to your café again and again.

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  5. Auto repair shop.

    In order to start the technical service center and tire fitting, you must get the huge place and many instruments.

    Moreover, you’ll need the equipment to hold the computer-aided diagnosis, calibration of alignment and winding engine.

    This business requires constant concentration of the facilitator – one should find the good professional employees, maintain the working equipment in good condition, secure the fast delivery of the required details and pay salary to plenty of workers and write reports on everything.

  6. Dry cleaner’s.

    Dry cleaner’s is one of the best ideas to start business, because it’s a profitable way to make money without huge investments and with fast payback.

    In small towns such service will definitely be in demand among the population.

    Even if there is already a small competition in this sphere, you will still be able to attract the clients by the service of high quality and the wide range of related services.

    There are two options how you can open a dry cleaner’s:

    • Laundry-dry cleaner’s.

      Such form of laundry offers its clients the full range of various services (washing, removing stains, ironing).

      The client brings his clothes and 2-3 days later takes it home already washed and ironed.

    • A mini-laundry at home.

      The sense of such mini-laundry at home is that the client loads the linen on his own, waits when the washing machine is done washing and takes his clothes home.

      As a rule, the payment for such service is made at the entrance (one has to buy a token or a card).

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  7. Language courses and helping pupils to enter the university.

    If we speak about a very small town or even a settlement, the business will be in demand due to one single reason.

    Young generation is mostly ambitious and almost all people wish to love and work in a big city.

    The best way to move to the closest big city is to enter a university there.

    That’s why teenagers from small towns are highly motivated to enter the university.

    If you were good at school and know the school program very well, you are quite capable of preparing pupils for the exams.

    Tutoring is not a cheap service nowadays, that’s why you should not worry about income.

    People should also consider opening language courses as one of the best business ideas.

    Parents, who live in small towns, usually aim to give their children the knowledge, which is not worse than children in cities can get.

    They send their children to the private lessons to the teachers of different subjects.

    That’s why you should offer your services of a teacher on different courses.

Every region has its peculiarities, and no one can definitely say which of the best business ideas to start in small towns will suit you.

The most significant thing is that you have some experience in the chosen sphere and some money for a start.

All the rest depends on your hard work and patience.

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